Thursday, September 3, 2015


Luff this gorgeous straw hat that my Mum brought me back from London.
Meanwhile in Important Cushion News I counted 10 cushions and 4 pillows on the bed today. 
14 seems about right don't you think?
I wanted to bake my parents something for pudding so I adapted that Gourmet Traveller ricotta fig jam torta recipe by dividing it in half, using a lot less sugar and swapping the fig jam for Bonne Mamam raspberry conserve.
 Hello Darling. So comforting.
When we ate at Smolt in Hobart (which was really really good) there was a  risotto with scallops which I tried to copy.
I find all that stirring very calming.
 I'm almost finished this-
It's not my favourite but it's still very good.
Let's Cue the Swinbrook Church yard Nancy Mitford Grave Visuals just for old times sake:
In Happy News my friend R is back blogging! This was us below at the V and A in 2013.
She's changed her blog name to A House in Hobart.  Enjoy.
This looks promising -
 Can anyone tell me what this writing says?
 Gardenia hedge's is about to bloom. Good. 
And I hate to introduce a sad note, but I cannot get the images of that little Kurdish refugee boy aged 3 , still wearing his little sneakers, washed up drowned on a Turkish Beach out of my mind. 
As always I cannot fathom what some people have to live through.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


When I was in Hobart I took some cuttings of this little succulent. It's now potted up in the garden.
Fingers and toes it strikes and lives a long happy life.
It was growing outside R's boat shed. Cue the boat shed visuals!

Hobart's still on my mind. Specifically the weather  and amazing cold climate plants.
I loved this unfurling peony. I cannot imagine being able to grow these.
Hello grape hyacinth. I actually think I can grow you.
And this too:
It's a big call but I think this is my favourite necklace ever. 
We went to Smolt which was fabulous. The food was excellent. I wish I was there now. 
And in my garden I'm dividing and repotting like a women possessed. There are too many bare and empty spots. Fingers and toes with judicious planting these will disappear.
This has appeared on a hedge. Can anyone identify it?
Say what you will about seduction roses, they put on a Good Show.
And even though I swore I'd never bake again (being baked out after the Agrarian Kitchen vintage baking course where we were literally drowning in cake), last night the Universe told me to bake a teeny tiny roly poly. I did as instructed:
I'll show you the results tomorrow.
Any plans for Spring? Garden needing an overhaul? Sorting out your wardrobe? Decluttering? Going to see Colette Dinnigan's exhibition in Sydney?
Tell me everything.

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