Thursday, June 23, 2016

Scarves, Comfort Food, Books and Friends.

 Long time no post People.
What've I missed? It's all scarves, the flu, Game of Thrones, Books, fearls, comfort food, sequins, the Queen's birthday celebration and Good Friends over here.
Sometimes my colleague brings me Lunch. I know. So Grateful.
 Fascinating Read, dying for the new biography of his life,
 Say what you will about Dolce and Gabbana, their candles are divine! Thanks C! x
 Best Memoir-
 My late Grandma's ancient garden gnome. Luff him.
 Reorganised the Hell out of my wardrobe. Have a huge bag to gift to the Salvos. 
Nothing like a Declutter to soothe the soul.
 Saw Queen of the Desert with Old Nicole Kidman. Enjoyed it. Beautiful scenery. 3 stars.
Luff my new furry wrap arrangement that I won in an instagram competition from gorgeous Tracey at White Label Noba
You can just tell we'll be very happy.
Sad about the last episode of Game of Thrones next week? Me too. 
Dying to know the Brexit result? Same here!
Want to see the Ab Fab movie before anyone else and raise money for charity? 
Click onto my face book page for the link.
Stay warm and respectful and remember Sequins are your Friends.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sting Like A Bee.

It's winter here and by winter I mean it's going to be 22 degrees today which is probably your summer. Cue the Scarf Visuals!
Cue the camellias!
Cue the leopard hats with pom poms!
Went to Anouk for breakfast for the 1st time in forever. It was as good as I remembered.
Had the best weekend because golf was cancelled due to the deluge and I got to spend the entire time with my favourite people. I know. Perfect. 
Knew those Hunter wellies would come in handy.
Went to Peter Baker Finch. Everything in there is so attractive.
Hope your house survived the rain. The damage beggars belief.
This is Nigella's saffron pearl barley dish from Nigelissima and it is 1 million/10. 
Esp shoved up against a roast chicken.
This torta was pretty good too.
Pucci is always a Sensible Plan.
All my favourites die on G of T so I expect this one will be next-
My nerves can hardly stand it. You can just tell something bad is around the corner.
Community Service announcement for lovers of Nordic noir!
This starts tonight-
It looks fantastic. I've sticky taped it to the tv so I won't forget.
I rewatched The Trials of Mohammed Ali on the weekend. You can see it on sbs on demand for free and it's my favourite of the Ali docos. The exchange with David Susskind needs to be seen to be believed and there's lots of interesting stuff about the men who backed his 1st fight and Nation of Islam.
What a life.
Stay warm and motivated.