Monday, April 21, 2014


I have had such a good Easter, I don't want it to be over. My sister was meant to go back to Hong Kong this morning but we couldn't bear it so she's still here til tomorrow. Sad.
Loathe the Tyranny of Distance.
Had not 1 but 2 Easter egg hunts
 Relived the magic from 1984 when our parents took us to see a double feature of Tootsie and Gandhi and watched Tootsie with my sister 30 years on. So funny.
Dustin was So good. 
 Had forgotten that Old Andy made a cameo
 So this was my Easter morning.
Actioned some pancakes
 Actioned some Theming
Actioned a Baked Ham
 Actioned this double layer chocolate fudge cake covered in ganache
 Had a beautiful lunch at the Zsa Zsas
 All the Big Names came. Here's M:
 I wore Leopard and some Gold sequins. Well it was a Red Letter Day.
 Zsa Zsa made a Killer roast pork loin. Check out that high end crackling-
 BEST potato salad EVER
 Best fekkah salad ever
 Warning! Don't let my nylon over processed hair throw you
 Hooray for horseradish
 Today Mr FF looked after all the kids and my sister and I shopped for the country. We had such a good day and now we're watching Four Corners (what amazing men) and talking about the war and Normandy and St Malo and Band of Brothers and Anzac Day…All the Big Topics.
We've had lunch at Wagamamas in Dubai and London but this was us today in Brisbane:
 Mr FF made a killer pasta for dinner
 Lobster and bug meat was involved. Seriously it as 11/10.
 Gorgeous Maitai's done a post about people who use her accessories (Maitai Collection #10) 
Scarves are always imbued with memories for me. I like to remember where I was, and what I was up to when I bought them.
Got this one at Heathrow after my garden tour in mid 2013:
 This reminds me of a trip to Melbourne with friends:
 And this one I bought when I was pregnant with my son in late 2010 when Hermes opened in Brisbane
Meanwhile the Tour's almost over. More's the pity.
Isn't she fab?
Back to the Coalface tomorrow? Me too.
Why must time go so fast?
My sister asked me tonight how we got so old so fast. Good Question.
Tomorrow's a Grand Cardinal Cross. I know. I'm worried too.

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