Monday, April 25, 2016

Long Weekend for Anzac Day.

 Here's a Peace rose for Anzac Day.
And here's my poppy vase with rosemary to remember and olive branches for peace.
Anzac Day always makes me sad. I found out last year that my great great Uncle Tom (5th Light Horse, 2nd reinforcements) fought at Gallipoli and afterwards in the Middle East. He was court martialled and sent to prison for 90 days for forging documents to obtain 2 cases of whiskey towards the end of the war. Naughty. I wish the transcript of the trial was digitised so I could have a good read of it. His little brother Len fought on the western front and was wounded and had his leg amputated. After the war Tom was Len's best man at his wedding in Toowoomba. 
Sometimes they make cameo appearances in my dreams.
I wish so much I could have known them.
I wanted to make The Queen something nice for her 90th Birthday lunch and decided on sand crab pasta:
 And a chocolate fudge cake
 Decorated with garden roses:
 Luffed her birthday outfits.
 So Gorgeous.
 After the hell of this 2 hour traffic jam ( but at least I was with my favourite people on the planet)
 we made it to Noosa.
In Tv news I'm watching the brilliant Band of Brothers (for the millionth times) and marvelling that anyone survives war.
I saw the last episode of The Night Manager and I'm sad it's over. Sure it beggared belief and was unrealistic but I didn't mind one single bit.
And in thrilling news I watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones this morning. 
So many interesting developments. Esp with Brienne, Sansa, Reek/Theon, Danny and The Red Witch.
Stay grateful.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

90th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!
I'll bake a cake in your honour. 
Thank you for being an all round fabulous Monarch and rocking brooches, scarves and Standard Issue Queen Hair like there's no tomorrow.
Your devotion to duty and public service is second to none.
Luff You.
And happy Birthday to my friend  L who shares the Q's birthday.
Stay Happy.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday, and my review of The Man who knew Infinity.

Hybrid Tea haters just click away now because this is a photo of Double Delight. I've got to plant some more because they really thrive in my Old Testament Garden. 
Table's already set for dinner.
We'll be having roast beef. In case you're wondering.
Wasn't last night's episode of The Night Manager Gripping and Scary? That Roper is so cruel and evil. Fingers and Toes Mr Pine sorts everything out in next week's finale.
Said Yes to Ruffles.
In decluttering news, I filled 3 huge bags with my son's out grown clothes, books and toys and took it all to the Salvos this morning. Seeing all the little clothes that he used to fit into always makes me a bit nostalgic and a bit emotional. But on a happier note, I keep going into to his room to admire how much better everything looks. Now for the rest of the house.
Meanwhile, I spent a gorgeous morning with Gorgeous Friends. 
With high end no rubbish treats.
I covet little L's room. So much Pink. Look:
On Sunday I watched The Man who knew Infinity about a fellow called Ramanujan who travelled from Madras to Cambridge just before the 1st world war to study maths. It's part of a film festival called "Young at Heart" ( In know, I'd never heard of it either) . It was a bit long but it's chock full of lots of famous actors, good acting, maths theories I couldn't understand and lots of sweeping views. I give it a solid 4 stars. Enjoy.
Old Kate and Wills have ended their tour which is sad, because I liked seeing the places they went and of course, the outfits.
When I first saw this I thought it was sequins bit the round things are embroidered flowers:
Liked this navy and white frock she wore to the Taj Mahal.
Say what you will about her, she keeps herself Thin.
Preparing emotionally for the Queen's 90th this week? Me too. I am theming like mad. 
Crowns as far as the eye can see.
Don't forget Michelle Bridges will be on Australian Story tonight.
Stay Alert.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Outfits and Other Things.

 Say what you will above these seduction roses, they ask for so little and give so much. 
Fingers and toes the black spot doesn't get the better of them.
Meanwhile, look how many buds my baby camellia has produced:
So proud.
Wheeled out a maxi twilly the other day. Luff that Brazil Pattern.
In super exciting news this One is turning 90 next week!
She is so disciplined and committed to service and no one wears better brooches. NO ONE. 
Luff her. 
Last year she did over 360 events, sometimes up to 6 a day. Charles did over 450.
What a monarch.
Vegetarians look away because we baked a turkey.
This Venessa Paradise camellia has started to bloom. 
 She is Beautiful.
I like seeing what Old Kate's wearing on her Indian Tour.
I think they are visiting the Taj Mahal soon. Which reminded me of This:
And the Q in 1961:
And JBK -
Stay productive and hardworking. Idleness being the work of the devil and all.

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