Tuesday, June 23, 2015


So. Long time no Blog. 
I had lunch at beautiful L's gorgeous home at Newstead last week. You could see Old Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean ship arrangement just hanging out on the Brisbane River. Look:
Said yes to scuba fabric leopard print. Just because I could.
L made me crab and prawn sandwiches that were freaking delicious. I'm still thinking about them now. Can you please make me some more?
And this was a salted caramel cup cake arrangement that was 11/10:
She also gave me some really good books to read. Goody. 
Meanwhile, the other day, I channeled a sort of witch in a kind of wall paper dress. 
Say what you will about that Lincoln Park after dark polish, it  never ever gets old. 
This cheesecake got a bit battered, but still tasted good.
Because that is the Magic of Cheesecake People.
Went to Montrachet with all the Big Names. I don't want to scare anyone to death (and vegetarians should stop reading right now) but the new owners had removed the crumbed brains from the menu. I know. I was sad too. Apparently they're being brought back.
The scallops were good.
And  relax because the sand crab soufflé with the lobster bisque is still available.
Thank God.
And I hate to introduce a sad note, but my dear friend M has moved to another state to begin a new chapter. I miss her! We did everything together for a decade and saw each other a million times a week, and our homes were about 600m apart.
God only knows what I'm 'sposed to do with myself now.
In book news, I read this and really enjoyed it. It's a memoir about an American girl who moves to Paris in the 80s and ends up working as a journalist for Mr Fairchild, learning to speak fluent French and find her tribe and true self along the way.
Try it. You won't be sorry.
It's old news now but I am still shocked about the end of Game of Thrones.
Well that's about it. I've got to watch the final episode of the Killing Season (which I have been loving sick- interesting how Julia and Kevin recall things so differently) and then see what the Real Housewives of the OC are up to.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Long Weekend.

So on Friday night we hot footed it to Madame Wu's to celebrate M's new chapter. 
Great location, great food and excellent chat.
I met her in 2000 through an ex boyfriend and then we reconnected in 2005 on the unmitigated and unreliable Hell that is the 377 bus.
I'll miss her.
In important cheese news (like there's any other), I love that Heidi Tilsit. Who's with me?
My Uncle and Aunt visited and brought me family memorabilia like my great Grandfather's tobacco tin.
Love this photo of my Grandma with her mother
Saw Aloha. Everyone's given it terrible reviews but because I have very low expectations,  I kind of liked it. Bill Murray's dancing scene is hilarious, Alex Baldwin gets some good lines and everyone else is pretty gorgeous to look at. 3 stars. Afterwards my girlfriends and I popped into Yardbird. 
Order the sweet potato fries. You will be glad you did.
It's not related to the Yardbird in Hong Kong- I really really want to go there. Soon.
Fingers and Toes.
Then I threw on this Old School DVF arrangement:
And went to the Hilton for a high tea to raise funds for Precious Wings. It's a wonderful charity that helps parents of still born children and families who've lost children by creating memory boxes. 
Thank you C so much for inviting me. 
It was very emotional and there wasn't a dry eye in the house after the speeches.
Today I met up with my whippersnapper friend L for a hill walk, had a bbq, baked a pineapple upside down cake, made soup and bolognaise and watched Game of Thrones (Stannis you have gone too far this time and frankly, I don't care if you freeze to death), Indian Summer, the Real Housewives of Cheshire and Who Do you think You are while I ironed my body weight in wrinkled fabric stuffs. 
I know. It's Glamour 24/7 round these here parts.
So much tv, such little time.
Hope you enjoyed your long weekend. Stay focussed.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


 I'm waiting for my friends to arrive for dinner.
Vegetarians avert your little eyes! Now! Because I've shoved this little chicken with a smidgen of butter into the oven to roast:
Meanwhile, Stuffed by Patricia Volk was one of my favourite books ever and I'm  loving her memoir about her Mother Audrey sick. It's called Shocked and I think you'll love it. Audrey was Hardcore Glam, worked in the family restaurant business, wore Schiaparelli scent, loved clothes and adored reading. Enjoy.

I'm weirdly attracted to navy at the moment. I have no idea who I am anymore.
I'm going out tomorrow night and I'm planning an outfit around this glittery navy Anya H clutch arrangement 
This dress doesn't look navy but it is. And it comes with a built in necklace. I know.
So Time Saving.
Today I wore this top. But because my house is like the South Pole I also had to wear about 14 layers over the top.
I'm poaching quince (Fruit of the Gods!) for a shortcake. Worryingly they are still freakishly blonde.
I need them to look like this:
All very concerning.
I'm still loving Pucci. I saw Dorinda Real Housewife of New York was wearing it in the snow at her country manse last night. For me, it's more of a summer thing.
Meanwhile remember this black velvet Malene Birger smock thing that I wore on my 2nd last day at the Coalface before maternity leave in February 2011 when I was 9 months pregnant? Here's a visual from then:
Wore it yesterday too. Luff a smock. What else hides a multitude of sins and asks for so little in return?
Meanwhile, in nail polish news, here are my nails in Lincoln Park after Dark. I can tell that photo was taken at Zuma in Hong Kong. In 2013. 
It really is the best colour. And slow to chip.
Last night on Vikings it was revealed that they are responsible for the words egg, skirt, sky, and get.
Do their talents know no bounds? So. Clever.
Stay warm and keep those home fires burning.

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