Monday, November 17, 2014


Remember this old Camilla Beach House caftan frock arrangement? Well I wheeled it out today to action some grocery shopping and meet my friend T for a coffee.
In garden news, my aggies are coming into flower:
And M gave me 30 bromeliad pups on the weekend. Goody! Nothing better than free plants. I've shoved them in the garden so fingers and toes they strike and don't get dug up by any filthy marauding bush turkeys.
It was 40, yes 40 degrees yesterday. With about a billion percent humidity.
I cannot describe the speed with which my makeup slid off my poor old face.
Met the kindy mums for lunch at Shouk. If you go there, order this refreshing minty icy drink.
You won't be sorry. Because is is Delicious.
Meanwhile, Mrs Danvers, (my fictitious housekeeper who I stole from the de Winters of Manderley) has been buying up big on the outnet.
She's purchased this $5000 Valentino frock down from $17000:
I know. She'll look amazing in it. 
Facebook is awash with photos like this of the Beast driving Mr Obama across the river to G20
And here's something you don't see everyday- Mr Putin being driven past Top Shop on Elizabeth St. 
Feel free to share any of your own G20 celeb sightings.
Said Yes to Polka Dots
And red polish (OPI's Big Apple Red)
And to Bee Bangles
And to old school patent YSL clutches
Nice to see Old Kate actioning an updo
And how good does Old Mary look here?
In Food News, Mr FF cooked a fabulous Mussel lunch.
And thank you to R for letting me know that season 2 of this just started on BBC first on foxtel. 
Scary and disturbing but so so Good. 
Apparently the bloke who plays the serial killer is a real life model.
Happy Monday People. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Colour, Sequins and G20 in Brisbane.

I went to the Happiness Place Christmas Party the other night. As expected it was absolutely fantastic
Meanwhile I have eaten my 1st panettone of the season, Thanks W !
It's going to be 38 degrees this weekend. I know. I'm scared for the garden too. 
Salad's are accordingly, in order.
Vegetarians, do not look away, but enjoy this meat free salad-tasticVisual:
Bought some pink tree light thingies from Bunnings. Seemed wrong not to.
Sometimes, only Sequins will do.
L looked 11/10 in this fabulous Pucci-esque arrangement. 
She throws the very best parties. Thanks L!
Garden looks dry and dire. I know. I'm sad too. When in God's own name will it ever rain properly again?
Meanwhile I'm watching David Cameron address Parliament live on SBS. 
G20 is this weekend here in Brisbane and it's a public holiday today.  But relax- Woollies at Paddington is open People. It's so flash and modern these days you won't recognise it, but beware- the lift is out of order. You've been warned. 
Brisbane is awash with visiting politicians, their entourages, barricades, police, motorcades, security details, people wearing impressive looking ID cards around their necks, choppers and planes. All the Big Names will be here (Obama, Putin, Cameron). 
 Just in time to enjoy the 100% humidity and 38 degree heat. 
In tv news I am addicted to Gillian Anderson in The Fall and in book news I cannot get what Annabel Crab says about women needing wives out of my head. 
There are some scary statistics in that book.
Stay hydrated.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

24 Hours in Sydney.

Nothing screams Summer like a Frangipani does it?
Meanwhile I spent 24 hours in Sydney. The whole thing was 11/10.
We had a beautiful lunch at Bambini Trust
This is quite the entertaining read- her mother survived 13 months in a concentration camp and inspired her to be brave and always look for the best in any situation.
Had dinner at est which was super fancy and gorgeous. Don't even get me started on the food, the wine, the 2004 vintage Dom, the flowers or the superior people watching. 
And they place everyone's food down at exactly the same time. With a kind of Flourish.
Vegetarians Avert your little Eyes! Now! Because this was venison:
Blurry, but you get the gist- the white flowers were all so nice
Got my mitts on some of those hot pink patent Valentino rock studs
I know. They are Stunning. The colour is called Fuxia. Seemed wrong not to bring them home
No doubt I'll live in fear of getting their (crosses self) tiny heels caught in a filthy foot path hole
Am sick and tired of billions of rotting, weeping jacaranda flowers falling all over my driveway. 
How much longer? The leaf blower never gets a break.
Say what you will about Chatsworth, they do a very High End Tree.
And can I just say that I CANNOT put this book down! I find myself nodding my head and agreeing with everything Annabel says. Right down to her comments about the comical prices of child care, the constant maniacal juggling and the never ending Guilt. 
You must all read this book and tell me your thoughts. 
I've been to Bunnings and bought some sort of free standing tree arrangement covered in pink lights for the purposes of Christmas decor. Better figure out where to put them.
Yours in Valentino Rock Stud Awe.

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