Monday, September 29, 2014


 These $9 supermarket orchids are covering themselves in Glory. 
Meanwhile here's a visual of the beginning:
 The Middle
And the Final Result
Said Yes to Neutrals and wheeled out this Mexique scarf arrangement the other day
Vegetarians avert your little eyes!
Because I actioned some Ham Handling and Baked a Glazed Ham.
MV made me a perfect pav. Look:
You know how I loved Burial Rites? 
Well look, just look at this photo my friend N took the other day in Iceland.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
If you haven't read it I am so so jealous. Because you have a treat in store.
Love this snap of Old Debo:
Things are growing. Finally.
Cute couple. Looking forward to the American Vogue spread.
I cannot believe the photos coming out of Hong Kong at the moment.
The world has gone stark raving mad.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vale Debo.

 My friend N told me that Debo, the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire and the last Mitford sister died.
She loved Elvis and chickens and country life.
This is me at Nancy's grave in Swinbrook in 2010. It was freezing.

 My friend S and I even had a sticky beak around Asthall, the former Mitford home.
When I was at Highgrove on a garden tour last year they had a stone wall that had bronze busts of people Prince Charles admired and Debo was one of them. 
Vale Debo.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Picking Stuff Up and Putting It Away.

There are maybe 7 flowers in the entire garden tops but I'm Optimistic that one day, there'll be More.
Fingers and Toes.
Meanwhile I have calculated that I spend 97% of my time at home wiping up stuff, cleaning up mess, picking stuff up and putting it away. 100% Glamour 24/7 round these here parts.
Damn you Lego. And your sharp edges.
 And you too small, metal, easy- to- trip- on Cars. 
Where's Mrs Danvers when you need her?
On a happier note, yesterday I said Yes to a Hermes Scarf. With Sequins.
I'd be Nothing without one of those nifty Maitai scarf rings. Nothing I tell You! She's actioned another Maitai Collection blog post arrangement and been kind enough to include me, plus she's hopped on the Leopard Print Bandwagon.  I know. Sensible. Experience the Dream here.
Baked some Bread. So Comforting. So soothing. So Carbo-tastic.
Am so proud of my teeny rocket seedlings. Aren't they sweet? If I see anything eating them I will cry.
I love #book_chat on Instagram and this month I won! Cannot wait to read my prize. Thank you to @Julie Gibbs_ and @Kim Pearson Interior Designer. I love seeing what everyone else is reading and they've cultivated a lovely online bookish community of readers who are generous with their own book journeys. Got to love that.
Nothing else to report whatsoever.

Monday, September 22, 2014


My gorgeous friend A visited today and brought me some lovely flowering ornamental pear branches from her garden. So thoughtful. I baked her a ricotta cheesecake but despite leaving the oven closed until it cooled it ended up with a fault line  and looked like this Dammit:
I said Yes to Mauve. Seemed wrong not to.
And A said Yes to excellent accessories
A's young son Hugh has Alpers Syndrome and for the 2nd year in a row her family is raising money for research via the Tour for Alpers. Alpers is very cruel- it's life limiting, there is no cure and little is known about it which is why the family wants to fund some research. If you'd like to donate or read about Hugh's story written by his Mum A, here is the link
Where is all this promised rain may I ask?
I counted how many bromeliads I have planted in the last few weeks. It's 80. Yes 80. And don't think I'm going to stop there either.
In other garden news, I live in fear that a bush turkey will (crosses self) dig up all my sugar cane mulch and baby plants and cuttings. 
Everything in my garden is so low in height due to excessive pruning, lack of water and death. I wish my Black Knight and Joan salvias would hurry up and grow tall and give the poor old garden some Height. Here they are in long ago, happier, taller days:
That Mr Lincoln rose in the middle of the Black Knight is dead now. I miss it. 
Here's Joan, one of the best salvias really:
I can't wait to read Marella Agnelli's memoir Once I was a Swan. I think it's out next month.
What a life.
And I want to read this too:
Is anyone else going to the Rachel Zoe lunch at the end of October at City Hall? 
I Die.
Stay Calm and Centred.

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