Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bastille Day 2016.

Happy Bastille Day! My table's set and the cassoulet's almost ready. Do you know how hard it was to find a duck around these here parts?
Technically, it's an Inauthentic Cassoulet, but who wants to be Technical?
In the Spirit of Waste not Want Not, I've used up my left over bread to make breadcrumbs to shove on top. 
Liberty! Fraternity! Equality! And Decent Silk Scarves, Souffles, Croissants, and Champagne for All!
Let's re-live the Bastille Day/Miscellaneous French Stuff Dream with a stroll down Memory Lane:
Gee that Spode's come in handy
Luffing this cold weather sick? Me too. So cosy.
Stay Grateful and Productive.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


 Happy Wednesday! I've just taken my bread out of the oven (visuals on instagram) and it smells delicious.
Meanwhile, in exciting movie news I saw Maggie's Plan with my friend L and really enjoyed it. Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore are very entertaining. It's written and directed by Daniel Day Lewis's wife. The whole thing's a bit Woody Allen and you'll enjoy it I think. 4 stars.
Hello Zebra Pegasus.
 I haven't bought Australian Vogue is years but with Old Mary on the cover it seemed wrong not to.
Say what you will about her, she's kept herself thin.
 This is a fantastic memoir. What a career. Can't wait to read about the Christie Keeler trial.
Read this and liked it despite not really liking some of the characters. Lots of fascinating expat insights.
 There are many scenes set at the American Club in HK. 
Cue the Visuals:
Best view.
Love this card that B sent me form Liberty! So sweet
 They are multiplying. And getting Bigger.
 Last night on the Book Club on the ABC they reviewed Love in a Cold Climate published in '49 by Nancy Mitford. 
Such a good read. Cue Nancy's grave:

And Asthall/Alconleigh.
It stands up so well in its 100th re-reading.
Framing like mad? Me too. Only took me 5 years to get those baby photos professionally framed.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm obsessed with baking bread. So comforting and soothing during Life's Challenging Times.
Stay sane.

Monday, July 4, 2016

He Who Seeks Beauty Shall Find it.

See this gerbera? I dug a clump out from my late Grandma's garden and planted it in my own and now they bloom here. Good. I think she put them in in the the early 1950s.
Meanwhile so much has happened- the Election Drama, The end of season 6 Game of Thrones, the Queen's Birthday, Brexit, Bill Cunningham's Death, the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, School Holidays (Hooray!), the Advent of Scarf Weather...
No Filter:
Said Yes to some High End Fancy Pants Cheese from the New Farm Deli-
Reading this and Luffing it Sick-
Went to the last day of trading ever at Easton Pearson and picked these awesome silk beaded tunics for $100 each.
It's the end of an era.
Say what you will about that giant oversized Rachel Zoe smock arrangement, it's stood the test of time.
Behold the Magnificence of my new Pucci giant scarf. Thanks for the tip off H!
Stay warm and Remember, Scarves really are your Friends.