Monday, May 30, 2016

The First Monday in May Movie Review and Other Stuff.

Finally, FINALLY the temperature has dropped so it is Officially Scarf weather. Hooray.
So cue the Grand Uniforme Visuals:
 Whipped up some Sand crab lasagna-
Said Yes to Yellow-
 Had a beautiful lunch at Hatch and Co with the Gorgeous L-
 The food was delicious and looked beautiful 
Sometimes, weirdly, Nacho Figueras (polo player and Ralph Lauren Model) or maybe the person who runs his instagram account likes my photos. Particularly table settings and flowers. 
I know. 
I'm as perplexed as you are.
 Went to a Northern Italian Lunch
The food, as expected, was 1 million/10.
You know how I love a fashion doco? ( Valentino Last Emperor, Diana Vreeland- the Eye has to Travel, Bill Cunningham New York, Lagerfeld Confidential, The September Issue, Dior and I and the Women He's Undressed are my favourites) Well E sent me some tickets to see the First Monday in May all about the Met Ball and it was 5 stars. You will all luff it sick. Anna Wintour and her sharp bob really live the dream. You get to see inside her town house and let's  just say that her Clarice Cliff pottery and jewelled necklaces are pretty impressive. Galliano talks about being a pariah and there are tonnes and tonnes of beautiful clothes and flowers to look at. Run don't walk!
You will not be disappointed.
Cue the Met visuals!
Look- this was it in May 2003:
And this is me on the Met steps on the same day. I'd just arrived from London.
Those were the days.
Did anyone watch All the Way about Lyndon Johnson? Walter from Breaking Bad played LBJ and was brilliant. What a complex figure. I need to read a Lady Bird Johnson Biography stat.
I've used my iron to death and now it's gone on to the Big Laundry in the Sky. I know. I'm sad too but it kept blowing the safety fuse. Any advice for a replacement?
Stay warm. That is all.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sisters, Boarding School, Good Food and Nice Outfits.

 My sister was here for her school reunion and we had the best week.
 Popped in to see Old L at Joli Boutique. She looked gorgeous in Pink.
My sister bought this pretty dress-
Love this plant stand. My Mum remembers it being in her Grandmother's house at Derby St at  Highgate Hill in the 1940s. I wish the original pot hadn't broken.
Said yes to yum cha
 And a tiny bit of ex pat shopping
 Popped into Gasworks for sustenance
Actioned some Yeast Cookery
Went on a tour of our Old Boarding school. They have fancied that place up like No One's Business! So many changes. Apparently the food is actually quite delicious now. 
Who knew?
 Sometimes, 27 years after I left I still dream about it.
 The Family that Says Yes to Embellishment Stays Together
 The Moon was spookily attractive. Look:
Sunrise in Brisbane:
 And Sunrise in Hong Kong:
 Miss my sister. 
Boo Hiss to the Tyranny of Distance.
Stay Connected.