Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I planted lots of little mad hatter (cuphea) plants at the start of the year and they're finally joining up to become a teeny tiny hedge arrangement. Goody. 
In sad news though, the world has gone stark raving mad in the last few weeks. The television news has become virtually unwatchable. 
So this post is going to be heavy on the garden and bright colours.

 Hello Elina. I luff how black spot doesn't seem to attack you.
Succulents divide the masses but I remain a Devoted Fan.
Went to the Happiness Place Christmas shopping night which was a lot of fun. That's my gorgeous childhood neighbour from 1978 L on the right in the caftan! She found me again through this blog!
Luff me some leopard print sequins. So cheering and such a great neutral.
Whipped up a cocktail hat. Worked a treat with that YSL clutch from about 2007.
Said Yes to Missoni. With Lurex.
And can I just say how thrilled I was when these gorgeous day lilies from Grandma's garden bloomed? After I transplanted them I thought they'd died.
They are the best colour. And they'll always remind me of her.
You can't really tell but that cushion is covered in sequins. So pretty.
whipped up some béchamel.
And this lovely book arrived! So inspiring. Carolyn creates Perfection.
 My baby water lilies are finally growing! Happy Times.
Can anyone tell me the pattern on these euro sized pillows?
Started planning your Christmas table? Seems sensible to get organised.
Meanwhile, the last few weeks have been frantic what with work being super busy, illness, prep looming and all that entails and general non specific end of year rush stuff. This year has gone too fast.
So, stay disciplined and calm. Garden hard. Make your bed. Iron everything that is wrinkled. Post those christmas cards. And paint those nails.
That is all.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Miscellaneous Stuff.

I saw that movie Burnt yesterday and really liked it. Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller are together just like they were in American Sniper. The food looks beautiful and so does London (the real star). 
4.5 stars. run Don't Walk.
Loved the rain.
Luff this Old Castle Starr frock.
Old W looked the business in a pretty scarf
I think this is a perfumed beauty rose but I cannot be sure. It smells divine.
Had the best day on Saturday.
Said Yes to Beading.
Popped into the Happiness Place to see lovely L and S and all the Gorgeous Cushions were Running Free.
And can I just say how much I luff this book?
India's children are absolutely exquisitely beautiful. And so's her home. Enjoy.
Actioned a sequined fascinator that hopefully will work with leopard print frock for a pre Christmas Thingy tomorrow night.
Made a pizza with my little kid.
Here's a close up of my tree:
It's never rude or disrespectful, it laughs at all my jokes, appreciates all my hard work  and doesn't give me a moment's worth of trouble. We're very happy.
Stay Alert.

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