Thursday, February 26, 2015


In Accessory News, I wheeled out my Red Phoenix FF necklace earlier in the week.
Say what you will about it, it's been a Veritable Stalwart, never disappointing, and never ever giving me a single moment's worth of trouble.
It's about to turn 5 years old. I know this because I got it just after my nephew was born in early 2010. 
Here's the Visual Proof:
Meanwhile, there was what could only be described as Chaos on Tuesday night because the Foo Fighters were playing at Suncorp Stadium (which will always be Lang Park to me) and traffic ground to a Halt. I always think about those miners who were trapped underground in Tasmania and asked for some Foo Fighters music to be sent underground while they waited to be rescued. 
And because my Obsession and Devotion to Bees and Bee Motifs knows no bounds, I am luffing my Joan Rivers bee brooch sick! Thanks L. I will treasure it always.
Wheeled out a scarf. Seemed wrong not to.
Love Julia Reed's books about food and entertaining and the crazy things her parents got up to and this one is no exception. Read it. You won't be sorry.
Stole Mr FF's copy of this:
And baked the fig jam and ricotta torta on page 132. You press the dough into the cake tin and slather it with ricotta and fig jam like so:
then you shove more dough on top
and you end up with this attractive  arrangement:
then you sprinkle icing sugar on it:
and then finally, you Apply to Face
It was Delicious. 
I reckon it'd work a treat with raspberry jam too.
In sad news, I am fighting a determined and strategic Rommel- style battle with gallons of white oil against the black sooty mould on my poor gardenia plant. Wish me Luck.
And because this is an inclusive blog, here's something for the Vegetarians-
Feast Your Little Meat Starved Eyes on this:
I have absolutely zero else to report except that I'm thinking of making the treck to Ikea on the weekend.
Cheerio, and Stay Calm. That is All.

Monday, February 23, 2015


 Say what you will about my friend M she knows how to wrap a present. Dying to read this gorgeous book that she bought me from the Met in New York:
 Luffed catching up with her and B yesterday 
Rain's finally stopped. Thank God. My hair couldn't take it one second more.
Actioned some zucchini fritters. So tasty.
Said Yes to the following things:
 Lunch with Old Friends
 Pink Candles
 So attractive shoved in my newly polished candle stick whatsy.
 Been polishing? Me too.
 Went to a really fun 50th Birthday Party with all the Big Names and an excellent speech.
 Shoe Solidarity:
 Enjoyed this:
 Sequined Spots can be Divisive but I say Why Not?
 Catered for some Vegetarians
Saw Foxcatcher and marvelled at how good and downright creepy Steve Carrel was in it. 3 Stars. 
Meanwhile I'm watching the Real Housewives of Melbourne. Goody.
Thoughts on the Oscars and everyone's outfits?
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