Thursday, October 23, 2014

I saw Princess Anne

 So yesterday, I was in a taxi going along Roma Street at about 5.50 pm racing to collect the last child left at the Orphanage when I realised that Princess Anne was in the next lane. That's right People. 
The Princess Royal Herself.
There were 2 black Range Rovers with flag thingies on the bonnets. We were parallel all the way til the start of Milton Road. What are the odds? 
I luff her. She's always been the Hardest Working Royal and done her bit for charity.
 Meanwhile, what the hell is happening in Canada? Just terrible.
 First hippeastrum has bloomed. I believe these were originally from the garden of Auntie Ida, my Dad's late Godmother.
 Embraced Halloween Theming  (being a Joiner and All) and bought these pumpkins at the newly renovated  fancy Woolies at Paddington. 
I don't want to give anyone a stroke but they have new fancy pants trolleys with Coffee Holders (!) and where the bakery used to be, there's a coffee shop thingy. I know. 
It was a Through the Looking Glass Moment. 
For the uninitiated this supermarket was like London circa 1944 and hasn't been updated since 1989. 
 Grew these babies form seed:
 Anna Spiro's house is in Country Style-
 Cushion Envy!
 Said yes to a sort of Thai chicken thing
 Actioned some coconut rice
 Hello Darling
Rachel Zoe lunch tomorrow. Goody.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Anna Spiro's Book.

 So last night I threw on this Easton Pearson caftan arrangement and hot footed it down to Black and Spiro for the launch of Anna's book Absolutely Beautiful Things.
 Anna looked gorgeous and so did the shop, the book, and the guests. Anna made a wonderful emotional speech and talked about how her parents instilled in her the importance of working really really hard. It was a lovely night. Can't wait to read this-
 Isn't the cover pretty?
All the Big Names were there carrying some pretty flash bags
When I got home I watched the brilliant documentary about Gough Whitlam called the Power and the Passion. What a life. 
Vale Gough.
On a Baking Note, here's a cake I threw into the oven on Monday. I don't know what was going on but I basically turned my kitchen into a mess hall and cooked from sun up to sun down. So productive and soothing.
Obligatory heavily discounted Camilla caftan:
This is a good book, and I'm enjoying it about fifty times more than I thought I would. The first chapter was basically about decluttering. You can imagine how much I loved that. Read it. You won't be sorry.
Ham Haters avert your eyes! Now!
This baguette arrangement fashioned with my own paws was 11/10.
Dropped the ball on the intensive liquid fertilising plan and took to white oil and pyrethrum instead. You aphids should be scared. Because Your Number is Up.
In Movie News I saw Force Majeur. It's a Swedish film and I loved it. During a controlled avalanche at a French ski resort it looks like there's going to be a huge disaster. The mother's 1st instinct is to protect and save her children, but the her husband grabs his iPhone and bolts to safety thinking only of himself. The movie follows their lives after this event. It's a cracking good film with excellent scenery. The kids are real life siblings and act their socks off. 4 stars.
And on a sad note, we have to say good bye to Oscar de la Renta too. 
I was just thinking how well he looked in this photo with Mrs C in this month's American Vogue. One of my favourite books is about his life and has amazing pictures of his homes and gardens. You got the sense that he was a true gentleman.
Vale Oscar.
Keep it Together.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Heavily Discounted Camilla Caftans.

On Thursday night at 5 pm I lined up with the long suffering Mr and my 3 year old at a warehouse at the show grounds for the Camilla sale. 
It was every woman for herself. 
In a heavily- discounted- caftan- arrangement sense.
 In other Brisbane Developments, Forever 21 opened in the mall, Anna Spiro's book launch is this week, they are finally renovating Woollies at Paddington (I know. I can hardly come to terms with it either), the Sunday Snail's going to reveal the most stylish people in the state tomorrow and Rachel Zoe's lunch is on Friday. Goody.
 Can you believe this super market orchid is still going strong?
 Baked a ricotta cheesecake this morning . It's got a massive grand canyon style crack in the middle but no one seems to mind. Thank God.
 Had friends over for breakfast and then gardened, cleaned and ironed like a Maniac. So comforting. Kind of felt like I'd scaled Everest.
Nail polish is well and truly Chipped.
 I've lost a bit of interest in ye olde blog of late but say what you will- it is a handy tool to find out what you were doing Back in The Day. 
This time in 2010 I was in Honkers.
In 2011 I was living the maternity leave dream and waging a bitter war against filthy bush turkeys. They scratched up and destroyed these parsley seedlings:
 In 2012 by this time I'd already actioned my Christmas tree
 And last year I was in Melbourne with my girl friends trying on these eye wateringly 'Spensive pearls. 
Yours for only $88000. 
We're having roast turkey for dinner.
That is all.

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