Saturday, May 23, 2015

Much to Discuss.

Say what you will about there FF Garden, it does a nice line in Peace and Seduction roses. Well Played. And keep up the good work.
Meanwhile I am emotionally bereft that Mad Men has ended. You know how much I luffed it. At least it wasn't like the Sopranos- it was clear where everyone ended up and no one was left wondering. Didn't little Sally cover herself in Glory? I'm happy Joan's got her career, Roger got Marie, Don got enlightened and figured out a coke commercial, Peggy got her guy and Pete and Trudy said Yes to a new life in Kansas. The outfits were always awesome but Trudy's look hopping onto the jet was 11/10. 
Exhibit A:
I want that coat. And the matching hat. But she can keep Pete. He'll revert to type in 6 months time.
Well done Charlie from Selling Houses who actioned this loveliness at Chelsea:
I  love the Chelsea Flower Show. I've only been once but hope to make it back again one day.
The Q's a big fan too. Love the brooch-
My friend P, the one who I met in the Chanel concession in Bon Marche in 2013, is tripping the light fantastic in the South of France sent me this gorgeous postcard-
Here are some of her travel snaps-
Aren't they divine? Wish I was there P!
Happiness Place at Paddington is having a fab sale. Run Don't Walk!
Went to a super cute birthday in the park last weekend
In exciting book news (like there's any other) I bought this-
And finished this which was excellent
Sheila had an amazing life and hung out with these two-
Read this. Didn't love it didn't hate it. Has a twist which I'm glad I hadn't been told about. 
And this is interesting. I haven't had a facelift botox or fillers but I rule nothing out. Nothing!
Pastry isn't one of my talents but I did my best and actioned this tart arrangement:
So comforting in Times of Winter.
In the memory lane part of the blog I found this photo of me about to settle down and watch Kate and William's wedding-
Still have that dress.
And I hate to introduce a sad note, but I miss this little cap:
In closing, I've just made some smokey baked beans for my friends who are here for breakfast, because that's just how I roll.
And when it comes to chaos, filth, mess and squalor, Just Say No.
That is all.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

25 Years.

I got this beautiful card from Linda in Ethiopia (the Blog Stalwart formerly known as Linda in Chile) and her girls. They also sent my son the cutest books- he loves them- Thank you! And come and visit me again soon. I will provide Cake.
Meanwhile the other night I threw on this arrangement:
And hot footed it to the V's who were celebrating 25 years of marriage 
Said Yes to a Brooch. I read they're back in fashion but for some of us they never went  out.
Actioned some Matching. 
Because that's just how we roll around these here parts.
Everything was picture perfect
And the food was Delicious. I wish I'd got a photo of the desserts, because they were really really good.
M's dress was vintage from the 60s I think, and absolutely divine
Love seeing what Old Harry's up too. This photo is particularly sweet:
In the travel part of the blog, this is what my spiritual home Hong Kong looked like yesterday. So pretty. Wish I was there.
And my friend P is tripping the light fantastic in the South of France. This is where she had lunch the other day:
In sad news I am bereft that Mad Men has only 1 episode left. At least we won't be left with any doubt how the characters end up. I loved Betty's scarf, scarf ring, hair and suit here:
After reading Good Living Street, I pulled out Heddy and Me to re-read. I know I bought it back in 1997 because I'd written the date inside the front cover. I cannot recommend it enough.  It's a fantastic memoir about a Hungarian woman's survival in WW2 and her life in post war Sydney written by her daughter. I googled to see if she was still alive and found out that in the early noughties after the death of her husband she killed herself. By throwing herself under a train. I know. So sad. If you haven't read it run out and source a copy right now. You won't be sorry.
After the Horrors of the Met Ball it's a relief to see some nice frocks at Cannes. Thank God.
Stay Calm.

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