Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Beach and Resort Snaps

I bought this frock from a little boutique near my bus stop a few weeks ago for $50. It was a bit tight but I really really wanted it. I was trying to channel Jackie Kennedy in the late 1950s when she was hanging out at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port and wearing cotton sleeveless dresses with full skirts.
I love how resorts have beautiful landscaping as far as the eye can see.
Usually I'm with Dr Atkins when it comes to fruit (remember he said "I don't know why fruit gets such a great rap?") but when I am on holidays I live on the edge and eat it.
This is my ideal location.
This shell's coming home with me.
I know it's hard but keep your polish unchipped.
FF xxxx


  1. I have that dress :) I hope you're having a lovely holiday!

  2. I am having the best time, thankyou! It is a great dress isn't it?

  3. Love the frock, what a steal! Would look super belted too.

    I am tres impressed at the prolificity of your holiday updates, all while maintaining the same standard of fabulousness we have come to expect from FF Style. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi FF,

    I have a question for your ask FF section, which is now too far away for me to scroll to...

    I am 28. This morning I found my first grey hair.

    What do I do???


  5. Handfoot: I too have grey-I dye my hair for this reason. You should too, but if it is just one, yank it out! Good luck x

  6. Oh I love that dress! Is it Minty Meets Munt? I saw a model wearing it in a recent magazine and the retail price is around $90. Love a good bargain =)

  7. Hello K,

    Your blog is the "little blog that could". Look at you, with your nearly 27,000 views!

    Didn't Dr Atkins die from cardiovascular disease? Eat the fruit please.

    Merry Chrismas K.

    D xxx

  8. Deb, I ATE the fruit! You have a lovely Christmas too. Thr dress brand is Minty meets Munt-well spotted Bec! x

  9. That fruit platter looks delicious! Love the great holiday snaps x


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