Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

I don't really like Christmas Day. I like the lead up to Christmas and the parties and the tree and stuff but I always think the day itself,much like New Year's Eve, disappoints and Fails To Live Up to The Hype.
I gave Mr FF this Cartier clock thing. It folds down into a leather case so he can use it as the world's fanciest travel clock if he wants.
Mr FF gave me a Milly frock from Jean Brown. I love it. I'll have to think of somewhere flash to wear it.
He didn't get me the Hermes fox fur hat but he got me a fox fur bag (obviously not Hermes). I love it. I will use it 24/7 in winter. I have a Maitai-esque scarf thing that it will match with.
Hope your Christmas Day does not fail to Deliver.
FF xxx


  1. I know what you mean but... Merry Christmas FF!!

    Lovely presents - that dress is gorgeous. xx

  2. Great frock FF. I completely agree about the hype lead up and the let down of the day. Birthdays are like that too - the only exception was mine this year which has caused me to rethink this theory.

  3. Merry Christmas, FF, and great bag. I love it. You should have added that unless you're a vegetarian, your objections to fur make little sense

  4. Perfect turkey! Very festive. Merry Christmas


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