Sunday, December 20, 2009

Embrace Resort Wear People

I am not one bit afraid of lycra zebra print, in fact I wholeheartedly embrace it. I bought this dress for $30 from a Nana-Style boutique attached to an elderly relative's retirement village. I actually won a Melbourne Cup Best Dressed competition wearing it with a sort of feathered hat arrangement in 2006. I know. I was just as surprised as you.
I wasn't kidding when I said that Mr FF and I coordinate our outfits.
This was Killer Duck Ravioli with poppy seeds

Urgent Memo to the Weather from FF: You had better pull yourself together emotionally and stop this rain nonsense Pronto. Do I make myself clear? Good. Now let's try harder tomorrow.
Your Slightly Irritated Friend, FF xx


  1. FF looking killer in the zebra print! Sorry its rained on your parade but remember it is good for the FF garden x

  2. FF you do indeed look Killer! Like someone else commented in a previous post, I'd love to hear your recs for pulling off lycra undergarment-wise? Hope the weather clears. :)

  3. Also, LOVE that YSL clutch!

  4. You actually make that $30 dress look expensive! Love the zebra print.

  5. The secret is Sensible Underpinnings. Emrace your zebra print people x

  6. duck ravioli - divine! lovin' the y-mail too. xx


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