Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Frock Olympics

Can I just say that if there was an Olympics for Frocks that this Divine Tibi number could win a medal with minimum training and hardly any preparation?
Let's go through it's Strengths People:
  • It's silk
  • It's lined
  • It's my favourite brand Tibi
  • You don't need to wear a necklace with it
  • It has 2 pockets on the seam (Thank you Pocket Gods. Keep Up the Good Work)
  • It has attractive beading and sequin type products scattered about the traps
  • You don't have to hold your stomach in because it's not fitted in that region (Hooray)
  • It was from our friends at so it was heavily discounted
  • It's trans seasonal (whack a black skivvy under it and hey presto it's winter)
  • It's flattering
  • you can wear it with bare legs or with tights
  • It looks Killer with my black and silver satin Sergio Rossi party slingbacks and silver clutch arrangement
  • you could team it with a large number of different coloured Nail Polishes (this is the Magic of the Frock People)
  • It's fat free
  • It doesn't emit carbons
  • It has a great sense of humour (Ok so I made the last few up, but you have to admit this dress is a WINNER People. A Winner I tell You.) Congratulations shiny embellished Tibi Frock. You are 100% deserving of your Frock Olympic Glory.
  • See how I'm drawn back to Hermes People? Like a Moth to the Flame. No good can come of it.
  • And while we're throwing about compliments, let's hear it for the Fabulous and Patient Mr FF who channeled Mario Testino as if his life depended on it and laughed maniacally with me during the process.
  • Keep your Polish Unchipped. You're Worth It.
  • xxxxxx


  1. Love that dress FF. Right up my alley. Am so jealous of resort holiday! :)

  2. It's a fabulous frock.

  3. Gorgeous! My wedding dress had pockets, no one could tell unless I showed them, but by gosh they were handy!
    Merry Christmas! xx

  4. FF I love that you embrace dressing well on holidays. There should be more of it (are you listening holiday makers to Southeast Queensland).
    Tibi dress definitely deserves Gold Medal status.
    I was drawn back to Hermes yesterday and bought my belt. Lovely ladies still talking about our visit the day before and what fun they had1
    Be warned. Another person interested in hat but they believe you are the right and just owner! Are you reading this Mr FF.

  5. Wedding frocks with pockets- Brilliant! Kate-it's not looking good re the Hermes fox fur hat- Mr FF laughed when I asked him! But I do want another scarf because to do the Maitai tops you need 2 not 1....will definitely be going back! I'm packing to go home but will be back after Boxing Day so will Assault Hermes Again Then (will call you to see if you are free) xxxxxxxxxx

  6. FF - that truly is a great dress (comment coming from a non-prolific dress wearer and loyal wearer of jeans). Love the photos - especially the hair swinging one. Mr FF aka Mario did a great job.

  7. FF - I've just realised from your description of the sequins that you missed something from your early blog on "translations". Some novices may be unfamiliar with "scattered about the traps" - thought you might want to do a translation on this one as it will be an important term for future FF blog reading!

  8. Thanks Irish- will definitely add a definition!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with your roast tomorrow xxxxx


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