Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Niece FF

The FF Niece liked lying under the Christmas Tree too

You can't have too many bracelets or bangles

Today is my niece's fourth birthday.

  • I won't be seeing her because she lives in the UK

  • She was here at my place for her third birthday last last year

  • I made her a 3 tiered vanilla butter cake with pink icing

  • I decorated it with silk peonies that my sister bought at VV Rouleaux in London (this shop is Killer check it out)

  • There was also some sort of dragonfly thing stuck to the top of the cake but I don't remember where that came from

  • She has a well developed love of Fashion and embraces bracelets, bangles, patterned tights, denim, flower clips, necklaces, sunglasses, sequins, handbags and faux fur. This warms my heart.

  • I've sent her a fake pearl necklace and bracelet ("Fearls") that I bought from an expensive designer emporium called Best and Less

  • These Faux Peonies have been rejiggered into Christmas ornaments for both of my Holiday Trees. Recycling is Key People

  • My niece has her own bottle of Chanel Nail polish and Superior Hair

  • We have a lot in common-she loves Christmas trees, nail polish and the colour pink too

  • She is my favourite kid on the Planet

Cheerio ePeople x


  1. Yay FF I'm so glad you have a blog! :)

    That cake is amazing, I wish I had someone to make me amazing cakes for my birthday.

  2. I get jealous of children because they always have the most beautiful hair.

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  4. The cake is any little or big girls delight. You can never have to much pink on a cake I say!

  5. Thankyou everyone! It was one of my best cakes ever x


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