Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I can make you look Younger in Seconds People

Just turn those harsh wrinkle enhancing overhead lights off and turn your lamps on. Unless you're performing say surgery or applying slap or cooking there is NO NEED for bright overhead lighting. There are so many Benefits of Lamping It Up:
  • The house will look cosier
  • you'll save on electricity bills (essential in this QFC Climate of Fear)
  • you'll look youthful
  • no one will be able to see whether you've dusted or not
  • Try it right now and report back.


  1. This is so true... I could do with a nice flattering light following me around all day long.

    In my lovely old office, there was a very flattering mirror in a low-lit loo.
    I recently moved into a new office, and the nearest loo has the most shockingly stark natural light possible. It has made me realise I've been deluding myself for years about the state of my wrinkles.

  2. I have been a devotee of this mantra for many a year now.....those evil Halogen down lights....

  3. QFC - is this a FFism that I'm not aware of?

    Thank you for advice. I plan to get several lamps for my new study.

  4. Sorry I am a terrible typist and meant to say GFC. Oops. Halogen overheading lighting is unflattering in the extreme. Avoid it.

  5. This is very "A Streetcar named desire" where Blanche only wanted to be viewed in dim lighting with Chinese paper lanterns covering bulbs :)

  6. Blanche had a lot of problems, but was one the money with this idea! x


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