Monday, December 14, 2009

Let's Talk Makeup and Bangles People.

Most of my lipsticks have been gifts from Mr FF (I know it's good isn't it?). I own a million colours but wear the same 3 most of the time. Red-Chanel's no 14 Passion. Pink-Chanel's 536 Coco Pink which is sadly only available in the USA and not online. Beige-MAC Viva Glam 2, a sort of neutral shade that I am crazy about. Let's hope none of these will be discontinued.

I wear L'oreal black pen tip liquid eyeliner 1960s style everyday on my top lids over the top of a black pencil eyeliner. I worry they'll stop making it.

I use Chanel pink sparkly liquid eyeshadow under my brows in no. 20. Mr FF got me onto this when he bought it as a gift. I have it in other shades but pink is best.

I don't leave my house without Clinique line smoothing concealer in 02 light for under my eyes.

Sometimes if I feel like it I wear a Dior eyeshadow in purple called Cardinal.

This fantastic Carolina Herrera clear perspex bangle was a gift from Mr FF from Scotsdale Arizona, which is famous for its golf courses but also has incredible shops (who knew?) Most bangles are too big for my child size wrist but this actually fits. I love it Beyond Measure.

I hope your Nail Polish isn't chipped.

Faux Fuchsia x


  1. Thanks for sharing your "slap".

    Momentous occasion last night as I stepped out of the house for the first time with red lippie (MAC Ladybug, I think it was called). It was liberating.

  2. Chanel Passion is a fave of mine. Have you tried YSL's Rouge Volupte lipsticks? The reds and pinks are divine.

  3. yes I do have a very bright YSL pink in a square gold tube which I love. But my heart belongs to Coco pink!

  4. Loving your slap posts! Always looking for inspiration from such well-groomed ladies.
    Do you wear foundation? If so, what brands do you reccomend?

  5. Truckloads of foundation-some clinique oil free liquid stuff plus oil free clinique pressed powder.

  6. I know it is the Bomb. Mr FF says it came in other colours- perhaps you can buy it online? It was from a Stand Alone Carolina Herrera Shop and purchased in August 2009 if that helps x


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