Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Books. My Geraniums. My Favourite Lunch. My New Tops.

I own a lot of coffee table books and never get sick of leafing through them and getting ideas to implement in the ongoing decoration of the Fuchsiadome. I think you tell a lot about a person's interests by having a look at the the books they own.

Say what you will about my candy pink geraniums-they put on a good show in boiling hot drought-style conditions. I grew these from cuttings.

I have had sushi every day for lunch for the past 3 weeks. Maybe because it's so boiling hot.

I bought this pink silk beaded top arrangement from Forever New on Sunday. Don't let my Malibu Barbie tan circa 1977 throw you. I cannot wait to wear it.

I bought this black Studio 54 number for $15 from Temt. I love it but am trying hard not to think about the fact that it was probably made in a Chinese Sweat Shop by someone with dreadful working conditions who may have had to sleep under their sewing machine. This is the ugly side of Cheap Fashion- you know that someone somewhere has been paid very little so you can buy something cheap. I struggle with this.


  1. Thankyou! Should be good for summer! x

  2. hi!! your blog is fantastic, and you look amazing! we like a lot of the same things - i too have many of the same books for example! keep enjoying you wonderful weather - its only 3 degrees in england xxmichelle

  3. FF I am loving your use of black polish in these pics. I have been finding it really hard to work this colour in this heat as I generally go for super amounts of layering to pull it off. I think your use of block colouring is making it work. Carry on.

  4. Hi Elle/Michelle, I love it that someone in England is reading! Thankyou!

    Lotus I wear dark polish all year round-thanks for the compliment xx

  5. I love the clear cuff in the Malibu Barbie outfit! Can you share its origins?

  6. Hi
    It's Carolina Herrera and Mr FF bought it for me as a present when he was on a golf trip in Scotsdale Arizona this year. I love it Sick. I have a tiny wrist and it's not too big x

  7. I'd be loving myself sick in it too. Thanks for the info!


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