Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

Don't let my Tan throw you People. Today was our Movie Club End of Year Break Up. We watched Broken Embraces with Penelope Cruz who is so so so Beautiful. It was a good movie-you should definitely see it. My only criticism if that is is very long. You can't see my pedi but trust me-I was wearing OPI Chocolate Moose.
Afterwards we went to Cru Bar for a few soothing cosmopolitans and to workshop the movie.
I wore a black silk Castle Starr frock with beading that I bought from my friends at in about August this year. It has 2 pockets and is sleeveless and love it. Unfortunately, it was 35 degrees and boiling hot and very hard to maintain a sense of Glamour. Sadly, my dyed blonde 'do non-performs in these circumstances. More's the Pity.
I wore these shoes. They were cheap, I've had them for ages and I love them.
In the words of Penelope Cruz, Adios x


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