Thursday, December 17, 2009

Surround yourself with the Things You Love

I know it's not fashionable and everyone raves over white, beige and neutral shades and a minimalist look, but I like a colourful home. And why is no one buying antiques these days? See that chest of drawers? Well it's 150 years old. I found it in a 2nd hand shop. I stripped back 8 layers of paint, sanded it back, stained it, and scrubbed the handles with a metal brush with my own BARE HANDS all by MYSELF on the Australia Day long weekend of 2004. You can just imagine the level of Chipped Polish and exhaustion at the end of it. I did all of this on the small veranda of my tiny apartment where I lived back then. It was intensely satisfying. I store some of my Christmas decorations in it.
I love Persian rugs. I bought this at an auction in 2004 for $300. It's from Iran and hardly anyone bid on it. I don't know why- it's so Attractive and Soft.

People Afraid of White Turkey Feathers Look Away Now! Do not Read On!

This White Turkey Feather Wreath was a present from my sister. It's from London, from the White Company. I think it's designed just to be used at Christmas time. I however like feathers, so I keep it up all year round.

I painted this. Really. In about 1995.
I bought a large bunch of holly from my local supermarket for $6 to do some Festive Decorating. Those leaves are super sharp. You've been warned.
Keep that Nail Polish Unchipped People!

Cheerio x


  1. Hello i discovered your blog from the vogue forum and i now follow it religiously, i think you may of become my new idol, i just love the way you do things and present yourself, you are great inspiration.

  2. Thanks Anon, welcome! Glad you are inspired x

  3. I adore antiques. Am planning on getting a couple of nice pieces to go with the rest of our modern furniture for some contrast.

    Loving your blog FF!

  4. Thanks KC- I think antiques are lovely mixed with modern things x

  5. FF I have a similar dresser that I bought in 1981 when you were playing with Barbies. It has moved with me over the years and I will never ever get rid of it!
    I like to mix modern with some older pieces too. Ib think it works well in the heat of Queensland

  6. Hi Kate, mixing the generations is the Key! xx

  7. ''It’s awesome to surround yourself. Surround yourself with people you love, you admire and share.' - Garance Doré'

  8. FF I love Designers Guild and when I saw this silk throw I thought of you.


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