Thursday, December 31, 2009

31st December 2009 Part 1

Today my beautiful friend L met me and we had coffee and did some shopping. We went back to Hermes (I'm telling you-I'm like a Moth to the Flame People) because I was hoping she might buy a bag. My lovely pink scarf covered in silver keys hadn't arrived (Damn you Australia Post). Some Hermes experts might know the name of it: the keys are kind of grey and the scarf is a true lolly/candy pink. The Ladies from Hermes have read my blog and even printed it out so if you are reading now Hello! And thank you for being so helpful. It might take a decade or 3 but I will not rest until I own my own Birkin. Are you reading this Mr FF?
I wore my new Chloe dress from the Jean Brown sale, you know, the one with the Resort Style gold buttons down the side. I love it. I might wear it again today. Would that be wrong of me? It looks fab with my gold Rachel Ruddick cuff. When I bought it from Jean Brown, they embossed my initials on the inside for me which suits me because I love monogrammed stuff.
I met L in 1998 and we became friends immediately. When we were single we went out every Friday night together. Those were the days...I was a bridesmaid at her wedding. Lucky for me she chose gorgeous hot pink outfits. We spent New Years 1999 together too at Noooooooosa.
Don't think I'm not going to make this dress transeasonal and wear it over a skivvy and tights in winter, because I am. God Bless you Chloe and whoever is designing you these days.
Happy New Year!

Last Day of the Year

This spooky clear alien form jellyfish is Pink instead of blue. Mr FF was stung by a blue bottle (for those who don't know this is a blue jelly fish with long tentacles) this morning. It makes me nervous about swimming in the ocean-he said it really hurt. Luckily it was his leg- his hands weren't injured so relax- he is still able to take Photos. Thank God.
We're having a resort style dinner and watching fireworks for New Years Eve. I might wear my Christmas Milly Barbie dress. But before that my Friend IL is coming over and we're going out for shopping and coffee.
FF x

Clutter and Hoarding are the Devil's Work


At the moment I am at the beach and but the second I get home I am going to have a serious declutter. I've bought so many clothes and shoes lately and that means that stuff has got to go from the FF wardrobe to make room for this new clobber. I either sell the designer stuff I don't want to colleagues or give things to the Salvation Army. I have a depot near my house where you can drive right up to the dock and offload stuff which is handy.

When my home is cluttered and there's stuff everywhere that I don't use or like, it makes me feel anxious and I absolutely hate being reminded of Bad Decisions I have made. I want physical Reminders of Bad Decisions Banished!

I ask myself 3 questions when it comes to deciding whether to keep things:

1. Do I love it?
2. Does it flatter me?
3. Is this the image I want to project?

A reader asked me if I ever had decluttering/culling remorse and the answer is yes but out of the say 50 outfits I culled last September I only went looking for 1 to wear. It happened about a month ago. I did have some regret. It was a beautiful green dress with a flippy skirt arrangement but the truth of the matter is I had not worn it for over 3 years and it just wasn't worthy of what I call "the Archives". So the regret soon faded. Plus it was a little tight and frankly, I do not not want to be reminded of a thinner svelter me. I'm honestly not going to be that size again so that's one of the reasons the dress went.

I generally am a pretty tidy person but even I find that things are piling up and getting out of hand. Next week I want to:

*clean out the fridge freezer and pantry
*go through the my second kitchen drawer that has become messy and filled with miscellaneous clutter
*go through my concertina file where I keep receipts and stuff
*contact the girls in my magazine club and get rid of my magazines
*dismantle my Christmas tree and store all of my decorations
*have a sort through my linen cupboard and give anything unattractive to the Salvos
*sort through my makeup
*cull the contents of my china cabinet
*get rid of clothes and shoes that I haven't worn in ages
*I'm a prolific reader and I'm going to donate read novels
*declutter the FF Garden and give it a good prune and fertilise
*return my neighbour's wheel barrow which I should've done weeks ago (Sorry D!)
*get rid of cookbooks I don't use

I want a peaceful home and just can't create this with mess and excess stuff that I don't use or want. Plus my home is the size of a postage stamp. Space is at a premium.

I had a huge declutter in spring that lasted about a month where I sold things online, to colleagues, at a car boot sale and gave about 2 carloads of things to charity. I really reduced the amount of things that surrounded me. I found it very emotional. I had defined myself by my possessions for so long that once I started giving them away I sort of didn't know who I was anymore. It was scary and yet the absolute right thing to do.

I watch that Australian guy Peter on Oprah a lot and got some great ideas from him. I haven't read the book but people who have like it a lot.

I see decluttering as a journey- it'll never really be over for me. And it's like going on a diet or giving up smoking-you've got to be ready for it, you've got to want it.

Any questions?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Studio 54 FF Style

See my divine new Malene Birger frock in the window?

I had dinner tonight with Mr FF and we are going to have an early night since we won't be having one tomorrow. I was a little bit Studio 54 in my $15 Temt one shoulder lycra top and my Club Monaco hotpants that I bought in Hong Kong in August. I call them my Birthday shorts because I wore them to Macau on my birthday. I love these silver and black Sergio Rossi satin slingbacks Beyond Measure. I got them from Jean Brown ages ago and never ever get bored with them. I'm standing outside my new favourite shop Christensen Copenhagen, you know, the one stuffed to the gills with discounted High End Danish frocks.
Enjoy your last day of 2009 tomorrow People. x

Goodbye Rain, Hello Sunshine

This is more like my idea of a beach holiday-blue skies as far as the eye can see. This is what People Want when they are at a resort-sunshine. Well Done Weather.

Don't be frightened by my Malibu Barbie circa 1977 tan. I am very responsible and always use SPF 30 and reapply all the time. Does anyone remember their mum slathering them with Coppertone from the brown bottle with the yellow lid in the 1970s? I still love that smell- it's so evocative of time spent on the beach as a kid.
Cheerio People x

A Blog I love

I love looking at other people's blogs and one I especially like is une femme d'un certain age.

The blogger kindly mentioned my blog today as one of her Blogs de Excellence, which was very kind so I'd like to return the favour. My friend K put me onto it, and I think you'll enjoy it too. Une Femme's a glamorous women in her 50s who I think is an American in Paris. Likie Maitai she'll teach you how to tie your scarf and make you laugh. Enjoy.

Finally! The Sun! And a spot of Shopping.

Sun's out! Hooray! I've put ark building on hold. This is my new Milly top that Mr FF gave me from the Jean Brown Sale. I love the little beads.

Discovered the best shop called Christensen Copenhagen. They stock a lot of brands I love like Pucci, See by Chloe and Missoni. I got this Fabulous By Malene Birger frock for a steal- it was heavily reduced. I love its voile collar and giant buttons and crazy Carmen Miranda sleeves, plus, it has the Holy Grail of Frock accoutrements side pockets! Say what you will about the Danes-they know how to make a Killer Frock. Well Done Malene Birger, where ever you are.

Off to the beach again. x

Are You Paris Hilton?

Last night at dinner a little girl who I had never seen before in my life who identified herself as being 5 years old approached me and asked:

"Are you Paris Hilton?"

No. I am not Paris, I am FF. But given that I am Old Enough to be Paris's Mother, I am going to take this as a compliment.

It was sunny when I woke up but now it's miserable and grey. I'm off to a hardware shop to source the necessary material to build an Ark.

Cheerio People.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FF Channels Ivana Trump and revisits Hermes

Tonight I met my friend K for a drink and then I went out for dinner. I was going to channel Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter et al in Dynasty circa 1985 but then I thought look I'm a dyed blonde, so I channeled Ivana Trump circa 1985 way before Marla Maples appeared on the scene when she was Tripping the Light Fantastic at Mar-a -Lago in Palm Beach and sporting lots and lots of Bright Colour, a real tan and truckloads of jewels.
I wore my new pink silk Forever New top, nude patent heels, white capris, my Gold Bally bag, loads'o'bling, OPI Pazitively Pink, Chanel Coco Pink lipstick, 3 kilos of slap, Opium edp and my new Flash Hermes scarf. For a Brief Moment in Time, I was Ivana Trump People. It was Very 1985 People. Which is good- I spend today listening to Duran Duran on my ipod.
Mario Testino aka Mr FF took this snap of me and K. Arty isn't it?

My new Hermes scarf sends its love. I went back into Hermes today to look at and try on my fox fur hat (still available! Run don't walk!) and to admire the scarves. Gee those sales ladies are nice. Bad news though-the Blue Birkin is sold! I'm sad too. Apparently they never hang about for long and sell like Hotcakes. Really. There is a huge market in $13000 bags. What GFC?
Keep your polish Unchipped People. x

Resort Wear FF Style

Who doesn't love swans? I know lots of Swan Trivia: the Queen owns all the swans in England. They mate for life. The Elizabethans stuffed them with things like chickens and geese and roasted them. This is a Resort Swan. I hope it's Happy. I hope no one roasts it.
I got this top from Netaporter. It was a dress and I hated it so had it cut into a top. I like the Frilled Neck Lizard collar. It's Christensen Sigersen. I think it's Danish.

You can't really see my toes but I'm wearing OPI Green-wich Village Green. My sister said she thought it looked weird and I tend to agree. Mr FF though remains a Fan- he loves it. I think I'll stick to pink. My sister and Brother in law have gone home to Honkers now which is a bit sad. We met them for Chinese food yesterday. The next time I see them they'll have a baby! Exciting.
I love bromeliads and grow a lot in the FF garden. I'd like one like this Resort Bromeliad:
I love this green silk dress. I got it in Honkers in 2008 I think it screams Hardcore Resort Wear. Unfortunately a Negligent Drycleaner got a bit of a mark on the back which irritates me no end. Mr FF swears he can't see it but I know it's there.

People doing the Atkins Diet LOOK AWAY NOW! Forgive Me Dr Atkins. I don't know who I am anymore.


Dear Weather.
There was a time when you refused to rain and created a drought which lead to Intense Water Restrictions and the death of about 40% of the FF Garden. What the Hell is going on with you? Your behaviour at the moment is the Absolute Dizzy Limit! I'm at the Beach, and I demand you stop this Selfish Rain and bring the Sun out Immediately. Enough's Enough. The next thing I'll have to build is a Ark. Thanks in advance.
Your Irritated and Water logged Servant, FF.

It's Raining. It's Pouring. FF is Not Amused.

I'm at the beach but it is rainy and overcast which is hindering my ability to lie on the sun for hours on end. I really hope the weather improves.
Last night I wore this sort of Barbie Inspired lycra frock from a fancy shoppe called Valley Girl. It cost $20.

I love oysters, especially ones a la Mornay. Delicious.
I long for Blue Skies.
This is Mr FF. He loves to boogie board.

It's mandatory to eat fish and chips at the beach.
Please let the weather be like this tomorrow.Everyone loved my gingers so I thought I'd show you them en masse.
At this time of year I live on plum pudding. I tip this over it. You should too. Don't tell Mr FF.I think it's expensive.
My Mum gave me these divine coffee cups. I love them, the pink stuff is rubberised so you don't burn your paws. They've got no handles. They look killer with OPI Pamploma Purple.
Pray for Sun.xx

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Beehive Ginger and Musings

Can I just say that the FF Garden has really outdone itself with this one- just look at this Magnificent Beehive Ginger Flower Thingy. It's so beautiful it looks Fake. The garden has cleverly produced about 15 of these. I let myself pick one. The stems smell like ginger. I wonder if they're edible?
I can't be bothered packing for the beach. I'm doing some lazy ironing. I hope the Packing Fairies arrive soon to help me out or I'll be in Trouble. I'm watching re-runs of this old BBC show called Selling Houses. I can't believe the squalor some people live in, and then they wonder why their houses languish unwanted for months on end. Talk about Clutter. Speaking of which 4 pairs of shoes entered this house recently so 4 pairs must also leave and make their final journey to the Salvation Army Depot. Hopefully I'm about to enter a Decluttering Phase. Decluttering always warms my heart and makes me feel in control.
Any Questions?