Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Journey Continues: Being Visionary and Channeling Amanda Harlech Part 2

Friday was such a good day for me but by God it was Busy.
If you saw my former post you know I channeled Amanda Harlech (Karl Lagerfeld's Muse) for about 19 hours straight and tried to use Our Nonsensical Fashion Word Visionary as often as possible. I also tried be Be Visionary. You can see Amanda tell Karl his gold party jacket is visionary in the hilarious doco Lagerfeld Confidential. Run don't walk.
My day was quite social. I met up with the nice Man and Lady who are in Charge of the entire Coalface Operation for a coffee catchup and chitty chat which was fun, and then I did some work, and then later on in the day I went to a really nice lunch.
The Coalface arranged a table for me and some Fellow Women Coalminers at a Visionary lunch to celebrate International Women's Day. It was pretty Fancy:
The food was superior. And Visionary.
We got Visionary Gift Packs that contained exciting this like Chocolates.
Vegetarians Look Away NOW :
Amanda Harlech would probably not have eaten this delicious chocolate pudding arrangement: But I did. The channeling only goes So Far. You have to Draw a Line sometimes People. It was 11/10.
And then Mr FF and I went to the coast for dinner. This was our view. From our Visionary Resort Room. It was raining but I didn't mind.
These treats were in the room:
Ate them too.
Then we went to the Versace Hotel for a little pre dinner drinkie.
WARNING:People afraid of brightly patterned fabrics and over the top opulence LOOK AWAY NOW.
Look at all this Over the Top Elton John Approved Fabulousness. I stayed here once for Christmas and New Year's 2006/7. It was pretty glamorous.
Medusa Heads as far as the eye could see:
Visionary Really.
My cyber friend Janet from California wants to know if she is using the word "clobber" correctly. I think it's an English term and lot of Australians use it (not just me). I use it to mean clothes but I think it extends to shoes and bags. Yesterday on tv Gok from Gok's Fashion Fix (He is English. I love him.) was saying clobber a lot.
I have to go and clean my house now.


  1. As far as the eye could see...

  2. im from london and i asked my ma... she says clobber means 'stuff' depending on the way you term it , it could mean, bags shoes etc... or plain old junk/crap etc

  3. Love the dress, love the Pucci, love everything. Harlech and le Largerfeld would be as impressed as I am. I have no doubt.

  4. Yes agree 'clobber' does mean stuff but more usually relating to clothing, shoes, etc. - guess could be substituted for the word 'gear' - as in sport's clobber or beach 'clobber' - meaning all the stuff you would take with you down to the beach... That aside it looks as if you had a FAB Friday and stayed in a wonderful place for the night with Mr B, sorry, I mean Mr FF! Scummy food too.

  5. Oh and Gok is an absolute Fav. of mine too - such a sweetie...X

  6. I have to disagree regarding Gok. He seems like a lovely person but he has no taste. Everything looks to matched and costumey. Have you seen his show where he attempts to match designer clobber with his own creations. It's all garish and costumey- I'm convinced the show is fixed!

  7. Sometimes the outfits do look costumey- you're right. But it would be hard to compete with say, Philip Lim or Lanvin.. he just likes women which I like. Some gy men hate them. Mr FF has a gay colleaugue who loathes women. Gok seems to love them. Plus I like his weight loss story.

  8. His weight loss story is incredible! But yes, his encouragement of self-love is great. (Just noticed my typo- to=too)

  9. Love the upholstery on that chair. Everything sounds so delish!

  10. Clobber does mean everything and anything! Gok is a tad annoying after a few years, I'm just being a hyper critical stylist, he needs to move on! I love your dishes and daily events xx

  11. My mum always referred to clothes and shoes as clobber - get your clobber together - that kind of thing would be said.

  12. Love Gok he seems sweet



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