Saturday, August 7, 2010

It was better than I thought it would be!

The Valentino exhibition was spectacular. I'm not kidding, it was amazing! I am going to buy a season pass and go back a lot. The clothes are not behind glass and are exquisite. Run don't walk!
They wouldn't let you photograph the clothes. Oh well. All the dresses I've posted from the lovely Valentino book are there in the flesh. The coral perma-pleat number with all the coral beads I think was my favourite I think. The people watching was superior too. Nearly everyone got dressed up and wore red or a touch of red. Like me:
I wore Shoshana with perspex beads. Amber wore vintage YSL:
I loved her dress so much, I wanted to steal it. I met a lot of interesting people including some people who read this blog, Hello! It was an excellent party all round.
Afterwards Mr FF and I went to Peasant. I know. We're very predictable.
this pomegranate margarita was Killer. It's nice to keep a red theme going.
I wore OPI Big Apple Red on my nails
Hello Hair flip

We met the owner of Peasant last night too. He says he sees us all the time and gave us some Madeira on the house. He's a leo too (I know, what are the odds?)
Meanwhile here are some snaps form our Red Phoenix/FF Leo necklace launch at Jean Brown's Tribune:
new summer collection:
amusing speech bubble decor:
Damn Straight:

The shoppe was filled with tempting goodies.

Mr FF loyally wore a pink tie (it's Paul Smith)
Go to Valentino you won't be sorry!


  1. hi ff,

    you look as if you had a good time. i left you a comment on my blog, make sure to read it. i love amber's dress too.


  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed Valentino! I think I have convinced Mr Kitty that a trip to Brisbane is in order so I can see it!

    The launch looks fabulous! I will have to visit Jean Brown when I am in town but in the meantime I think I'll have to buy the Leo from RPE. Any idea when it will be in stock on their website?

  3. Oh I do love the summer collection, especially the tribute to your good self, FF.

    I am on the phone to Tribune... when I should be packing for Japan.

    SSG xxx

  4. I might be seeing the exhibition but i'd have to fly from adelaide so hopefully i'll have the time and money! I'm sure Valentino would appreciate the dedication. Shame you can't take photos though x

  5. I'm looking forward to visiting the exhibition. Even the huge red V is stunning.
    What a week of fabulous events FF, are you tired?
    Always impressed by your ability to change polish and order cocktails to match the outfit.

  6. Sounds fantastic - love the amusing speech bubbles!

  7. Fabulous! How envious am I - I'm so hoping the exhibit comes here. I'm going to watch the Last Emperor again for some Valentino magic xx

  8. Looks like you had a fabulous time... You were looking divine as well! xx

  9. Dear FF,

    I literally stumbled upon your blog this evening. I'm an art/crafty type and by looking at all the glam around here, am the antithesis of you. HOWEVER, I will come back over and over, again and again to soak up the polish and fake tan. I LOVE you!

    Your latest, most adoring fan,


  10. FF, you and Mr FF are always such a hot couple! The people at the Peasant should pay you for having you there! What an feast for the eyes :)

  11. Hi FF, have not commented here before! Was nice to meet you on Friday night - what a beautiful exhibition. Found a wedding dress for my 4 year old!! I think I was in grade 8 at S whilst you were a senior... anyway G was my Big Sister. Please say hello to her for me! My married name is Fraser but was O'Reilly.
    love the blog,

  12. It was so lovely to meet you too- I called my sister in HK and she said to say hello and remembers you well!!! She will be here for a visit soon! I loved all the clothes they were so lovely in every way xxxx

  13. Dear FF,
    Thank you for posting pics from the launch, looks super glamorous, and I think Mr Polly + our credit card were secretly glad I couldn't make it.
    I'm going to Valentino soon with my mum and aunt, really looking forward to it!
    xx Polly

    PS My nana is looking a little better, sitting up joking and laughing with her adoring family. Cherishing these good times.

  14. FF - Shoshana dress was a good choice I think. Saw the pics in the sunday snail today - looks like all the Brisbane "top ten" were at the opening. I can't believe your pic wasn't in there - what were they thinking?

  15. I am super jealous of the hair flip FF. I bought Mr Melbs a Paul Smith belt with a mini on the inside as he loves them. Big it up for the Brit designer x

  16. FF!!!!!! Hello celebrity!!!

    Everything looks fab fab fab - hello, I love the speech bubbles and I hope you will start to incorporate this genius decorating trick into the FF home. God you are good. So happy for you xxx

  17. Love your (and Amber's) dress! Am off to Brisbane next week, will try my best to get there!

  18. Hi Darl, I love all of your posts but my favourite was the one where you were remembering a trip away to visit Mouse in Sydney and comparing your oulife now to your life then. It was heartfelt and warm. It celebrated the joy of having friends to get you through the tough times and how things can get better. I know this is the real you.
    Love your short friend at the coast.
    p.s. I can't win because I am your real life friend and Privilege deserves to win for comment. It is 'visionary'


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