Monday, August 2, 2010


The universe told me to bake tonight so I did. This is a white choc chip blondie from the back of a chop chic packet. It's easy: 1 cup of flour, 125g softened butter, 3/4 cup sugar, 1/2 packet of choc chips, 1 egg. Mix. Shove in a 160 degree fan forced oven for 20 minutes.
I wore this OPI today-La Pazitively Hot Pink. It's Day 1 of the FF Administration Part 2.
I wore this cashmere twinset.
And dinner screamed 1978. It was very retro-licious. I had rissoles!
I'm tired. I walked home from work. I thought yesterday it was practically summer but today is cold and windy.
The winner of the How'd you find this blog competition is Clare, my neighbour from the 1970s who recognised me here. I was going to send you a polish but you might prefer instead to meet me for a drink next time you are in town. You choose! Just leave me your email address on a comment and I won't publish it.
Thankyou everyone-I loved reading your stories.


  1. Rissoles, like skivvies, are never out of style.

  2. I love the cashmere twinset whenever it makes an appearance! Rissoles is very retro.

  3. OMG - thank you FF! Will meet you for a drink when I come home for my Dad's 80th later this year. Haven't seen you since we were 5! I loved reading all the comments from everyone - must make you smile to see some many happy FF blog followers! Clare x

  4. your dinner DOES speak "1978". I love my mums old cook books, those where vegetables lacked any bold colour bold turned brown during the cooking process and were also pictured brown as they were. Not that your peas are brown of course! :)

    How I would love to find chocolate chips in Austria. People always say things like "oh, chop the chocolate with a knife, it tastes much better than the prefabricated ones. I don't know. Chopping with the knife leaves so much residue. the small chocolate splints...
    Did you bring the blondie to work? Sure the employess love you administrating the office like that. I would!

  5. Inspired by your post on the weekend, I got carried away and over-actioned. I am now suffering from OAS (Over-Action Syndrome) which means that just right now I would easily be beaten in a footrace by a three toed tree sloth. I loved the retro dinner - there is something very comforting about mashed potato with peas - and I haven't thought about rissoles since 'The Castle'. My problem is that I went to boarding school too and have very unhappy memories of rissoles - that and junket (what is that and why would anyone inflict that on an impressionable palate?). By the way, nothing like a boss in a twinset - I am so glad you don't embrace the black suit white shirt at your Coalface.

  6. Twin set... always a winner, especially in pink. Rissoles are a great winter comforter too. I love following some of the classic items you cook, it really brings back memories. I to remember junket (mentioned by Linda)or at least the tablets in the pantry. I think I used to like it though? I hope you have your 'do' under control in this wild windy weather!

  7. oh my gosh. that looks exactly like a dish my nana made for us when i was young. she also put gravy on her rissoles. they were always so yum. i'lll never be able to ask her the secret now. how do you cook yours? unhappily, i tend to burn them.

  8. Rissoles, a staple with 2 growing lads in this house. Personally I am psychologically damaged over rissole incidents (and pea incidents) from my childhood, so I don't partake... but they seem to help my boys grow bigger. Choc chip blondie looks scrumptious. How's the exercise and 'soothing' (Ref 1) cocktail abstinence going? I lasted 2 days off the grog but still exercising 'like there is no tomorrow' (Ref 2) A-M xx

    References: (1) Faux Fuchsia
    (2) Faux Fuchsia

  9. Linda in Chile I went to boarding school too and we didn't get rissoles. However I cannot eat scrambled eggs because of these years...shudder.

    A-M, am still walking and no cocktails but it's cold and I'm only human so I am not as committed as I'd like!

    Jenny, I loathe junket and this wind has destroyed my 'do.

    Hollypop-I did burn them!

  10. I loved the story of Clare finding your blog!
    Once again I was inspired by you and asked my blog readers how they found me :)
    Thank you FF. Hope you had a great day x

  11. This was such a fantastic idea K, I loved reading all the lovely stories! I thought Clare's was the bestest story too :) Congrats Clare!
    Your Monday looks just lovely hun xoxo

  12. that dinner really is so 1978, it makes me feel nostalgic just looking at the pic! (DH and I eat like that sometimes. we like that kind of dinner.)
    the twinset is a heavenly pink hue. there's just something about a cashmere twinset. xo


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