Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Valentino Exhibition was MAGIC!

This is just a quick post to say the exhibition was amazing! As soon as I get home from brunch with my girlfriends (we might get a pedi too) I'll tell you everything. They wouldn't let me photograph the frocks but they are all the ones from my book. All sublime. xxxx


  1. Sounds great. I tried to see you on the news but it must have been early in the evening and not too many people around.... Looked quite spectacular!

  2. Dear FF,
    Totally unrelated, but I saw this morning that Mr Abbott is using your patented phrases -
    "the Opposition Leader said that Australia needed to consider such "visionary ideas''."

    I'm not normally a fan of Mr Abbott but if he has such style to be reading you daily as we all do, maybe I have misjudged him?
    Yours x

  3. I have noticed him use Visionary a few times during this campaign. Not in terms of fashion though, more about policies and stuff like that.


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