Monday, September 13, 2010

Colour Cushions Carbs and Courreges

I wore this heavily discounted Diane Von Furstenberg top sourced on sale from Jean Brown to the Coalface today. I luff it 11/10.
I luff this geranium that's popped up too
Here's some more evidence of my commitment to never knowingly undercushioning-
Ok People On Low Carb Diets Look Away Now!
Because tonight, inspired by Rick Stein on the Food channel I made potato dauphinoise.
In Heaven Dr Atkins is weeping bitter tears of disappointment, but I don't care, because People, It was Carbolicious.
Maybe I'll have a cup of tea in this product tomorrow
My 93 year old Grandfather who has always enjoyed robust good health has broken his hip and is in hospital. He had to miss the Christening which is sad because my nephew is named after him. I hope he gets better very soon. I hate to think of him in pain.
Meanwhile you know how Mrs Beckham's been wearing vintage Courreges?
Well it reminded me of a photo I took when I visited Paris back in 2003. Look-
It's the Courreges shop! I remember loving that window display. I love Paris. I was taking photos of tasty looking food way back then too. I give you my Parisian pastries:
I have a confession to make.
My oven is filthy. All those roast chooks have taken their toll. How do you clean yours? I'm seriously thinking about getting a Specialist Oven Cleaner Person in. It's prohibitively 'spensive-$130- but frankly I can't be bothered actioning it myself. What domestic tasks are you putting off?
And can I just say Well Done and Keep Up the Good Work to the Australian Dollar?
93 cents against the Greenback! Impressive. Those who want to Internet shop should hop on their keyboards now.


  1. I hate cleaning the balcony. The pigeons poop just puts me right off.

    I love the geranium, I should take a photo of my orchid. It's very pretty

  2. I'm getting someone in on Wednesday to clean my oven for me before we put our house on the market. I cannot face doing it myself. I say, go for it!

  3. Hi FF! we clean our oven with a spray. It is a white foam we let sit and after 20 minutes I simply whipe away all the dirt.
    It was the first think to get when I had a boyfriend who lived in a flat share back in the 90's. How gross that oven was ...

    I always thought it is poisonous but the eco-tests say it's safe.
    I don't think you need a pro oven-cleanser in person. A spray should do the job.

  4. Dear Faux Fuchsia, I cannot remember when the last occasion was when I looked inside an oven. However, I am sure that should the occasion demand that I should do so [and I really cannot imagine what occasion that might be] it would be sparkling, kept in tip top condition by my housekeeper in Budapest and by Mrs N my daily in London. Perhaps, dear Faux Fuchsia, you would find that investing in domestic staff might work out as economical in the long run. It would certainly save you purchasing rubber gloves which are not really a fashion statement, are they?!!

  5. Loving the great for the gfc shopping budgeting I should be actioning {in your words}!!xxx

  6. I have had my fan oven and hob cleaned twice in the past two years by a professional oven cleaner,he calls himself the oven gleamer! It cost me around 80euros each time and I took photos of my oven afterwards it was looking like brand new and believe me it was an ugly sight before he got to work!This Christmas I will engage him again to do the dirty work!

  7. FF, we got a professional oven cleaner in about 2 months ago and our oven (which we had tried everything to clean) looked brand new when he was done - so I highly recommend it!

  8. Hope your grandfather will get better soon!

  9. There are people you can pay to clean your oven? Why do I not know about this????

  10. hi ff,

    the potatoes look good. i think i'd call an expert if the oven is that bad.

    sorry to hear about the elder tom. hope he gets better soon.


    ps ~ did mark leave a comment on my blog?

  11. Love your blog. Beautiful photography. Delicious potato dish. (Atkins in heaven? He should have eaten more vegetables!)

  12. I have a self clean is a life saver.
    I would be concerned about your lovely nails FF, hire the professional!

    In fact after my guerilla garden session this weekend my nails are a disaster...

    I hope that your grandfather's hip heals, and wow he's 93!

  13. Is it vintage Courreges or her own line?? Looks fab anyway xx

  14. Dear FF, I am with you on the oven thing, I have been thinking of getting mine professionally cleaned for the past 3 years, but I don't want to rush into anything! Love your DVF top, fab, I have been trying on tops today to the point of exhaustion, i will try to do post of it as took photos in the changing rooms... separates are the Way Forward for me, I feel. My geraniums have given up the ghost due to too much rain but on the bright side I have some hideous looking mushrooms growing in my front lawn. xx

  15. Blighty block your ears now but someone once told me what goes on in an oven in the middle of the night if its dirty. Can I just say cockroach party? FF action the professional oven cleaner you won't know yourself or your oven!
    Sending positive vibes for a full recovery to Grandfather FF.
    I am very pleased the Aussie dollars has listened to your coaxing and risen to the occasion!

  16. HATE cleaning ovens - have to say I get a man in (MR SE!) who loves to action oven cleaning with specialist nasty smelling oven gel stuff.
    Your Rick Stein dish looks wonderful - adore Mr.Stein - I am sure you know he know has a restaurant in Australia...(Mollymook) And yes 3 cheers for the Aussie Dollar - doing pretty well too against the pound! x

  17. oh goody. i am so glad to know it's not just my oven which is filthy and not just me who is lacking the courage to go in their and get amongst grime to my elbows. i usually use oven cleaner and a facemask.

  18. Best wishes to Grandpa.
    There's a note in my kitchen reminding me to clean the oven. Been there for months. In fact I bought Mr Muscle last week to spur me on. Didn't know professional oven cleaners existed.
    Love VB in this frock and her shoes are divine.
    Potato bakes are the best.

  19. Wow I didn't even know you could get a professional oven cleaner person! I can't stand that job, one of my most hated cleaning jobs! Mmm Parisian pastries...

  20. Oh FF, I really sympathize re your grandpa - my mother broke her hip around that age and it was such a worry- but she made it through the op etc, and got back on her feet with a lot of rehab and determination! I'm thinking of you, and him; I can tell you love him very much.
    As far as the oven, well worth paying someone to do it- leaving you more time to keep on blogging and keep us blogomaniacs happy!

  21. Ooh love the images especially the Coureges.

    Speaking of Paris....I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  22. Go the professional, or I use the Seeleys oven cleaner. Its a gel and comes with a brush nozzle so its very easy to use.

    No spraying, so its quite easy and not too many harsh fumes.

    YUM on the potatoes!

  23. FF I use the Selly's oven cleaner with the blue lid. Heat the oven to 90 degrees before applying and it works wonders - just hold your breath.

    On another note, given your love of frocks, will you be partaking in Frocktober? I'm not sure if it is happening in your part of the world, but it will be fab.

  24. Go the oven cleaner, your days at the coalface are surely more than enough for any woman.

    After the professional does the deed it will be easy for you to maintain in the future.

  25. We have self cleaning ovens over here in the Colonies!!

  26. Dear Ms FF, While I have to confess that we have a lovely part time housekeeper, I quite like cleaning the oven myself - I actually find it soothing. Fluorescent rubber gloves are a must. These days I go mad with bicarb and vinegar and a green scourer thingy. I generally have a good go - make myself a cup of tea and then redon the gloves etc etc until it is vaguely presentable. It helps not to be a a particular hurry (do you think I need some more gainful employment?). One thing I don't like about commercial cleaning products for the oven is the nasty chemical smell afterwards which permeates the food for a while (I am a bit princess and the pea about these things) I am very sorry to hear about your grandfather. I hope he gets to come home soon. xxx

  27. Dear F-F,
    aah...I remember...I used one of those spray-on "no work" oven cleaners a couple of years ago....
    I took out the bits, sprayed them and put some bits outside (on newspaper) and did the rest in the laundry. Did it get the grime off? Yes!....but it also killed the lawn (we were about to put the house on the market so had to fill it in with new lawn), destroyed the bench-top in the laundry and abraded the taps. Cost me thousands.
    Never again. I now get an oven cleaner out every 6 months (looks like a new oven!) and take more care in between (foil over bits, oven bags, till I get sick of it and go back to my old ways and don't care...then get it cleaned again..)
    Sure it's a bit 'spensive, but, given the potential damage to your home (let alone your nails!), worth absolutely every cent!

  28. I have bitten the bullet and called the oven cleaner people and am waiting for them to call me back. Sounds easier to let someone else action it. Thanks for all your recommendations!

  29. isn't is nice the way my oven cleaning issue has all pulled us together as one big happy family? I do love a grass roots campaign style thingamy.

  30. All hail the AUD.

    I'm in two minds about the Oven Cleaning Angels. On the one hand I'd love for one to fly to my door as a surprise and do the deed. However, I don't know if I'd be flattered if one was organized as a surprise for me.

    Then again, one should never look a gift horse in the mouth, especially if it cleans....

    SSG xxx

  31. Simply love a dirty little secrets blog post. It is the best thing. Agree too about the concerns for your nails, FF. And think the award for best comment should go to Kate B, for trying to scare Blighty again. Was Kate the person who shot, or threatened to shoot, the snake?

  32. We got an oven cleaning man in for the first time last year and have never looked it FF!


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