Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let's Talk Superior Danish Products People

Hello. For the last two days I've frocked up in By Malene Birger. Maybe I will again tomorrow too. I only discovered her in 2008 but since then I've been a dedicated fan of her Danish Magnificence. Her clothes cover a multitude of sins which in my view is an added bonus.
Princess Mary's a fan too. (All the Princess Mary snaps are from the My Royals Blog which is on my blogroll to the right). Look-here's Ole Mary flying the flag for Denmark and tripping the light fantastic at a Malene Birger Fashion parade:
I'm not sure who did this chartreuse number-does anyone know? But I like the bag and shoes leopard combo
Malene definitely created this attractive red carpet style arrangement-
And here she is, the woman herself!
When I was reading Absolutely Beautiful Things today Anna revealed that there's a book coming out about Malene's decorating style! Goody. She has homes in Spain and Denmark. You can pre-order it from amazon. The Australian dollar is spookily strong at the minute (I know. I'm happy about this too)- Run Don't Walk People.
I for one cannot wait. Before she called her label By Malene Birger she had a brand called Day Birger et Mikkelson. I have some frocks by that label. This is the 2nd thing I ever purchased from netaporter in 2008
with a big belt it has a kind of 1950s pseudo Mad Men vibe (have you all noticed you can't open a magazine or read a blog without seeing Mad Men inspired clobber at the moment?) Meanwhile I am up to episode 7 of season 4 of Mad Men and am enjoying it but I think season 3 was better.
Here's another Day Birger number I love
it's the prettiest mauve colour
I embrace Danish foodstuffs too. This is from the baker at the Farmer's Markets. If you love poppy seeds pastry and sugar you won't be disappointed. Sorry Dr Atkins.
I own limited Danish homewares but I do have these green candlesticks thingies by Holme Gaard. Who are Danish. And have a Royal Warrant. Fancy.

Don't forget to watch Gok's Fashion Fix at 8.30pm, but remember to tape Heston's Feasts on SBS.


  1. You cannot go wrong with some Danish sensibility, clothes, decor or food wise. Lovely country lovely people and great frock arrangements.

  2. Oh I do love Mary.. so elegant and your frocks more so. On the subject of cooking... I took your advice and channelled my love of my family into my food offerings... am enjoying it more now that I have changed my mindset...... eating more...... hence the need for more morning walks. I had to laugh tonight, hubby had had a big day at the 'home office'. I suggested that he indulge in a bit of repetitive chopping to give the brain a rest and I told him "Faux Fuchsia says cooking is soothing"... he whipped up a therapeutic batch of spag bol and is all peaceful and calm now. Sad that Mr Fevola was headline news today with so much going on in Canberra. A-M xx

  3. AM, I am so bored by that Fevola story. I mean, who cares? I am shocked that he is earning a whopping $700K a year. Good to hear that you and your husband are finding cooking soothing!

    Make Do, I would love to visit Denmark one day. Fingers and Toes.

  4. Further ado on Mr Fevola - I am a mother of 3, do you think he may have a quick little flash for me? I really could do with a good dose of "exposed" excitement in my life......... ooo maybe I could even go to "A Current Affair" with my fascinating story. Actually whilst I was there I could give Tracey a few tips on her fashion choices, which in my humble opinion haven't been too savvy lately.


  5. I love the Danes & Scandinavians in general. Swedes make the best cars.

    I was really impressed with episode 7. I like Don a lot now.

    Have you been watching Real Housewives of DC?

  6. Hey FF. Long time no chat to you. Your blogs are keeping me happy and cheery, and up to date with FFglamour and the excitement of the big city.
    But... today in Townsville Chez Louise, we have outdone the Fuschiadome, size wise at least.
    This morning, our tiny Indian Ringneck, Dolce, was almost eaten by a huge python. MR Paddy's Sister saved the bird, killed the snake, and out of the snake's belly popped a rat, intact and deceased thank goodness!
    I know Blighty is going to love this, and Boy Won will be desperate to visit Townsville to see such feats.
    Oh the excitement, the gruesomeness, the brave bird and the amazing feat of pest control.
    I have photos too.

    Cheers, and as usual, thanks so much for your wonderful blogs.
    Paddy's Sister

  7. Oops, forgot what I really wanted to comment on.
    LOOOVE Marlene Birger, despite living in shorts most of the time up here, I actually own lots of her amazing blouses.
    LOOOOOOOOOOVE Denmark, and you would too. I can promise you this, go to Copenhagen and when you return you will never ever use the world Danish for any type of pastry you purchase in Aussie.
    Paddy's Sister

  8. Your dresses are sublime. I'm a fan of Danish mod furniture. Love teak and rosewood. Your candlesticks are excellent too.

  9. skol! my first visit here and love your style.

  10. I watched Mad Men the other night for the first time and must say, I really enjoyed it. Hate to admit this but being a child of the sixties I recall certain things, like the furniture styles.
    Scored some fushia pink rubber thongs for the beach and home at Coles this week. I would never have contemplated bright pink before becoming a FF follower!
    FF It upsets me to know you receive unkind comments. Why do people bother? :(

  11. Just read your comment on J's blog re sofa covers.
    Is getting the covers back on a little nightmare or a big nightmare? (I'm thinking of buying an IKEA model)

  12. Dear FF, my boss has been in the US this week and I asked her to please grab me a stick of "Chanel - Coco Pink" lippie and guess what - COLOUR DISCONTINUED! Don't you hate that, whenever you find a great colour, they discontinue it. In my case, I didn't even get to try it! Please let me know if you find a suitable replacement. Clare xx

  13. Those Scandinavians have such exquisite taste:).

  14. Oh I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Scandinavian - interiors, fashion, fjords - everything's so beautifully crafted. And Mr & Mrs TNMA's first holiday together was to Copenhagen, so there's a special place in my heart for Denmark.

  15. Sunlight I've not seen the RHW of DC is it good?

    Louise that snake and rat story makes my blood run cold! Awful!

    Clare that is awful AWFUL news re Coco pink being discontinued. What will I do???

    Ann Marie I do find getting the covers back on really hard. Maybe I shrunk them, maybe my sofa got fat, I don't know. And hooray for yr new pink thongs (flip flops for those overseas)

  16. Thanks Brismod, I don't know much about Danish furniture- I'll google it.

    Welcome PVE. Thanks for reading.

  17. I love Princess Mary. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! She's one Lucky Duck.

  18. Dear Ms FF, The computer went bung this morning but I wanted to send you a happy message so here goes again. Thank you for the lovely photos of your gorgeous By Marlene Birger dresses. It prompted me to view her beautiful 2010 collections online and I think she is currently speaking to your foray into the elegant Neutrals. She does not appear to be one for splashes of colour so I doubt that she made Princess Mary's chartreuse number. I must confess that I love both the word and colour chartreuse as both such shout OTT opulence. However, like most rich things, it is probably best consumed in moderation. This morning, my eldest embraced Spring in a traditional Chilean blue/red/gold floral frothy frock with white apron. She looked a treat. She and her class were dancing the Cueca at school, which, as you know (but I didn't) is the traditional Chilean dance. All of Chile is gearing up to their bicentenary on the 18th. Judging on the past displays of enthusiasm, it promises to be a cracker...

  19. FF sorry to correct you but apparantly Mr Feola could have been offered $950,000 next year! Something is terribly wrong with this but with Mr Rooney earning 100,000 pounds a week (is this correct Ukers) maybe I should have married a footballer.
    My son lived in Denmark for 6 months and said it was the best place ever.
    You must go. Maybe as a side trip from the UK in November?
    Kate Bx

  20. Happy Friday, FF!

    Will have to look out for Malene Birger around Sydney. Everytime I read about the label, I am reminded of you.

    I am also for any item of clothing that hides conceals sin.

    SSG xxx

  21. SSG, Malene is often floaty and loose-excelelnt for Sin Concealment (ie the results of eating excess sugar and sweet treats)

  22. Linda in Chile,

    the dancing and festivities sound lovely, but what's happening with the Men down the mine? Someone told me they might be there for months. Is this true? Hope you are not missing lovely M too much. i was telling my sister that you grew up in the Midlevels the other day....x

  23. Your clothes are gorgeous! I've not heard of this designer, but then, that doesn't really surprise me - I live in the back of beyond!

    Thank God there were some danish pastries in your post! I've heard of them - and enjoyed 'em many a time :-)

    Beautiful blog!

    Ali x

  24. Dear FF - sorry have been 'absent from blogs' recently but am back... damn though I missed out on Gok last night - too busy watching my recorded UK masterchef series... (am huge fan) as I am of Danish clothing... I also have some of her Day Birger clothing and My wardrobe dot com has just got in the most wonderful Malene Birger dress with kind of 'ink splodges' on it ... (silk arrangment) think(as you would say) you should run not walk over there now! x

  25. Hi FF, Greetings from London where I am currently on holidays around a work trip to Italy (yay me!). Thought I would drop you a quick line regarding the new Manolo Blahnik for Liberty exclusive range (and limited edition I think). Have a look at the website ( I have just ordered some beautiful hankies and new Liberty print fabric designed by Mr Blahnik himself to sew into some cushions. Thought it might be something you were interested in, particularly the scarfs. If so, I can grab some more for you and will be back in Bris week after next.

  26. hi ff,

    thanks for the tutorial on all things danish. i really love the leopard arrangement of shoes, bag and green dress.

    re slipcovers. i will say that many years ago i had an ikea slipcover that did shrink a little and was a bit hard to get back on. but my newer ikea and pb slivcovers are quite easy going back on. no sweating or swearing involved.

    i love little tom. will you call him tommy b/c i love that name.

    also, thanks for the beet recipe. i roast mine with skins on, a little olive oil, s and p and a garlic clove on each one. can't wait to try your method.


  27. Dear Ms FF, The 33 mineros are an example to all of us. When contact was first made, they were heard singing the National anthem and their first question was whether the other men in the mine above them were okay. Although they may not be out for another two and half months(if all goes well) they have refrained from whingeing. Today, I was stunned to hear that as an act of supreme bastardry, someone had stolen three of the drill pieces (each worth AUD$120,000) which were being used to drill the hole that will get them out. Let's cross our fingers and hope that the drilling goes well and the mineros are all reunited with their families very soon.

    Yes, we really miss lovely M. But we are making plans to go to her wedding in December. I can't wait to introduce my girls properly to the Sunshine State.

  28. Hi FF,

    Did you go to the FrockShop pop up sale near the Tribune today? I thought of you because they have a bunch of By Malene Birger on sale. Had to hold myself back from a silky skirt reduced to $75 because am going on hols tomorrow! Will keep an eye out for some superior Fanel products on my trip :)


  29. Thank you for this wonderful post on all things danish. I grew up with Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, my favorite fairy tales of all. Never got past season one of Mad Men though, sounds as though I am missing out on something!

  30. Lisette,
    I you do happen to read this I would love it if you could pick me up a Liberty Manolo scarf and I would be happy to pay you for it on your return. Email me at but if it is too much trouble don't worry! I will look on line pronto!

    Semi Expat I love splodgy Malene fabrics!

    Lotus enjoy your trip!

    Maitai, I loved the Little Mermaid as a child.

    Thankyou to everyone who commented esp the 1st time readers !


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