Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oprah and Other Stuff I thought about today

Ok, so today inspired by Sydney Shop Girl's re-reading of this book I went out and bought a copy too. Hey, I'm a Joiner, and I feel I need to know what Ole Oprah's been up to before she hits our shores in December. I'm not happy about the already over burdened Australian Tax Payers footing the bill though- haven't we suffered enough? Also I'm not keen on milling round the Opera House in Sydney in 40 degree heat with 3000 other people so I might have to watch the whole shebang on tv.
Meanwhile my Mr Lincoln rose has still not been eaten! Hooray. And look at this Yesterday Today and Tomorow-covered in flowers! It's a miracle! And it smells like jasmine!
I saw this Hermes scarf arrangement today. It's called Tres Kelly. Maitai do you have it? Anyway, I love it. I think it'd look really nice with a black winter outfit.

and speaking of orange wonderfulness, look, just look at the orange flower my clivia is producing! I love clivias and they are well suited to my garden with their love of shade but their cost is prohibitive-$25 for a single plant My Friends. I know. Very Spensive. Up there with lamb, Rio Tinto shares or a YSL clutch.
Fingers and toes no one eats you overnight.
Leo Schofield had a whole bank of clivias at Bronte House in Sydney. Jealous. This photo is from The Garden at Bronte- one of my favourite gardening books ever.
and this orange book is what you want when you are craving the retrolicious food your Mum made in 1977-steak Diane, cheese souffle, sticky date pudding, macaroni and cheese, beef strog, prawn cocktail.... I feel comforted just thinking about it
You know it's weird. I love orange the colour but own so few orange things. These candle holders are practically it. I think they're Kosta Boda. I could be wrong.
Although I spose my childhood teddy bear could be considered a bit orange.
Our Leader rocked orange in Italy in the 60s when she was hanging with Mrs Agnelli
Look how nice these orange cushions look. This is Peggy Guinness. She's in an old book I own called Bright Young Things. It's about rich people living in New York who show you their homes and tell you about their design ethos and what books they like and stuff like that. The necklace speaks to me. Where can I source one?
SBS is doing a whole series of food and cooking shows tonight. Goody.


  1. OMG FF! Fab Food is my all time favourite cookbook....and I have about 500 of them. I'm somewhat of an expert on them. It's the only thing I can lay my finger on that I've lost in transport, post reno. I'm waiting, waiting for it to show up in some miscellaneous box. It's even got a recipe for Porcupine Balls!!

  2. Madame, you have excellent tatse. The food in this book is the food of the Gods. Hope you find your copy soon!

  3. I can confirm, yes, your candle holders are Kosta Boda - I have the same ones in blue. That scarf is amazing!!!!!

  4. ORANGE - now you are talking my colour. I have so much orange stuff, one day I'll start a blog and show you my orange stuff, including....... a photo of Arnie the crooked mouthed chihuahua wearing an orange Hermes scarf tied in MaiTai's waterfall knot.
    Back to this cursed Essay for Uni.
    xxx Paddy's Sister

  5. FF. I never, ever watch tv, but in the interests of essay evasion I just turned on SBS to watch one of your yummy cooking shows. SPAM fritters, eeeeeeeeeeck.

  6. Hello FF

    Thank you for Joining! All is well :-) I have discovered cut price OPI - off shore. Just placed an order. Will share the details when the parcel arrives but the site is Trans Designs and each bottle is around $5.45 USD and well with the AUD doing so well, it's practically 1 to 1!

    I do love the scarf. It's the time of the year when orange is almost as good as pink!

    SSG xxx

  7. FF! Am watching the SBS food-fest... are you? Did you hear Heston say... 'It's SPAMTASTIC!'... ?

  8. Why on earth are clivias so expensive?! I thought they were one of those things that every garden had & they just spread and spread!

    I could murder a cheese souffle about now!

  9. Hi Foody,

    some old gardens have a lot and if you could release some they'd be cheap! They are slow growing and slow to flower so I spose that is why they are so spensive. Like bromeliads.

  10. The Très Kelly is très chic indeed, dear FF, and the 70 square is such a nice size. Thought I'd let you know that is comes with a fuchsia (!) border also, and with a pink one too. Love the color scheme of this post though, and I bet you'd rock it in orange 11/10!

  11. Oops, forgot to answer your question. I don't own it...yet!

  12. Just wanted to share this nice clivia photo
    Altona, Vic.

  13. I don't think I actually own a solitary orange item (maybe it has something to do with my hair colour??) - other than my childhood teddy bear (that does look remarkably like your bear's long-lost twin I must say...)
    But - the tides have turned.
    After viewing all this orange wonderfulness I now feel the need to have some orange in my life in TODAY!
    I want to channel Peggy Guinness' look!
    Where would one get a necklace like that?...

    ...and all that retroliciousness has brought on a craving for Fried Camembert. With Cranberry Sauce. On iceberg lettuce.
    I wonder if the recipe is in that book? I am going to source it now!

  14. I read the oprah book recently! twas excellent. Gosh Kitty Kelley has it OUT for her though. I heart Oprah but I hope I don't have to schlep to Sydney to be one of the gazillion adoring fans. She should really come and hang out in Melbs with me - I'll bake her cupcakes. Must pitch this...

  15. so much fabulosity in one post, FF. as always. :)
    i admire your green thumb. mine turned black when i moved to the tropics, then completely fell off and hasn't been seen since. seriously, though, i need to relearn everything i've forgotten in the past 12 years, before next spring. i need to plant things and not kill them.

  16. Your garden must be smelling amazing!
    I love jasmine!
    I tried a cheese soufflé for the first time about 2 months ago.
    It was the only vegetarian option at a place we went for dinner.
    I quite liked it!
    D really didn't like it.
    Maybe 70's style food is my thing.
    Mac and Cheese is another favourite!
    Actually, most things cheese are! hahaha

  17. hi ff,

    i have a yesterday, today and tomorrow plant outside my bedroom window and i adore the scent. also i have yellow clivia. see we are so much alike.

    i hope you give your little jet-setter a big hug from me.


    ps ~ did you ever ask mark if he commented on my blog?

  18. Hi FF,
    I can't wait to see what Oprah gets up to about the traps whilst down here. Please share your thoughts on the book by Kitty Kelley when you have read it.
    You should haul yourself up to the Mt Tamborine markets (held second sunday of every month) and you can invest in cliveas and bromeliads for only $5/pot. If you get in early you can choose pots that have more than one in them. They are very Healthy, Vibrant and Gorgeous. They are Very Beautiful, I purchased some on the weekend and last month, some of my bromeliads that I purchased are just about to flower, Spectacular. Run don't walk.
    My girlfriend has that necklace and she sourced it from Adornments in Paddington - just down from the antiques centre. Everbody loves it and she gets lots of compliments.
    I love your blog, it makes me happy, I always feel soothed and comforted reading it after a long hard day (my soothing drink helps too).
    Enjoy your weekend, Cheers Robyn

  19. The necklace looks as if its coral.I dont know where you would find any in Aus.Here in the Mediterranean most coastal towns have shops that sell coral although there are not many coral divers left.Its not cheap but the different shades make you wish you had a set of each.I love the very pale coral myself but its not so easy to find.Liz

  20. My YTT is in bloom also, they are such an attractive plant.
    I possess practically no orange anything other than an orange handbag that nearly went west last weekend during a frenzied clean out. But I decided to keep it for a pop of colour in summer. Must have known FF you would be posting about orange.
    Luff my old, like me, 70's & 80's cookbooks. I do find them very comforting and no nonsense.
    Childhood teddy bear is very gorgeous.

  21. oh yes, this scarf would look creat with any black wintercoat. :)
    A statement it is. A nice statement. Very nice!

  22. Dear FF, splendid orange themed post, and pretty flowery growy thingies, i love the jasmine; I could not cope with 100% humidity, I went to Singapore once and moaned about how humid it was, and then was told it wasn't that humid, and I could feel my pores clogging up. I suppose we get 100% humidity here, it's called rain. did you see there was an original Life magazine featuring Jackie doing up the white House in the castle I visited ? I thought of whipping it for you but Mr B gets so cross having to pay bail all the time..xx

  23. PS: I looked up the Hermes page und could not find the scarf. Instead I found this:
    Must be fun to wear!

  24. Dear FF, you have been blogged.

    Plus, I have a WW cookbook from 1982, includes all the essentials for a dinner party - coleslaw, waldorf salad and beef and red wine casserole, dessert is of course pineapple upside down cake.

  25. I just bought the Tres Kelly in the brown / fuchsia colourway, I love it, you have to get that one!

  26. Hiya I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! I adore your attitude to life and more to the point I am a slob with attitude and I'd really love you to come sort out my linen closet. Will go lie down with a martini now and retouch my nails. Pop round for happy hour some time now won't you?

  27. PS: FF, will you visit the UK this autumn? If so, when? Will Mr FF stay in Brisbane?

  28. One of our very own from Petaluma, CA (Sonoma County area) is getting flown to Australia to be on this Oprah program. I'm not sure what she did to deserve the paid for trip and appearance. One never knows how our media works here in the States.
    Love your Orange!

  29.'s not the exactly the same but you might like this necklacke...

    Also...have to say blog has been fabulous lately - i so love reading it.!

  30. My my, what a delightful little blog you have here!! 'Scuse me while I have a peek around.

  31. I had a sick day on Wednesday and watched THE Opera (is that spelt correctly??!!) programme. I had to turn it over as those millions of screaming women in the audience gave me a migraine and it hurt. I am not a regualar Opara (still not right...)viewer, are they always like that? X

  32. I think a collection of cliveas like Leo Schofield's should be called an outrageousness of cliveas. What a showoff! Mind you, I've always wanted that Garden at Bronte. The suspense is killing me about the oven cleaning lady.

  33. Hi FF

    Dogstar has some pretty funky similar necklaces. I was in the Edward St store yesterday and they had a red one very similar to the orange one in the picture. It looked like it was made out of rubber. XX


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