Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pies. Pucci. Presents from Maitai.

Behold the Magnificence of my Beef Bourguignon Pie!
The puff pastry stars were an inspired touch I think.
This is me earlier today
It seems to be summer (finally) so naturally I thought "FF you better get kitted out in some Old School Pucci" So I did.
I accessorised with my old Bally bag and my blue pashmina arrangement (the Coalface Office gets chilly)
Today something very exciting happened at the Coalface-I got a surprise present in the post from Maitai! I know. I was thrilled too. It was beautifully wrapped.
It was 2 gorgeous scarf rings. I definitely want to get my mitts on more scarves now. Thank you Maitai, I love them! Look at the perfect wrapping:
I feel that a large Hermes Kelly black and orange scarf is calling my name. Loudly.
Meanwhile, speaking of orange, it's warming up so I wheeled out my Revlon Make Mine Mango polish (a good substitute for Chanel's Orange Fizz and much less 'spensive)
I am fond of orange. Look at my specs-
I like it scattered about the FF garden too
and I quite like bits of it on a heel. Pucci slides I have missed you so much over winter!
Wondering why I'm actioning so much baking? Well it's not just because the Universe is Directing me to. I'm re-reading Amanda Hesser's Cooking for Mr Latte. She writes about falling for her husband and the food she cooked him during their romance. She has recipes at the end of every chapter. I haven't actually used a recipe but I've been inspired to bake.
like these little raspberry almond tarts.
Hello Gorgeous
Did everyone catch the debacle over announcing the wrong winner on Australia's Next top Model? Very dramatic.
And can I just give a HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO THE AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR? 97cents against the US Dollar!
Hooray!! I'm off to action some net shopping from any USA site I can think of. Let's hope it lasts. Fingers and toes People.


  1. OMG - coincidence! I just finished re-reading my old copy of Elizabeth David's "French Provincial Cooking" at the weekend and as the temperature dropped here I asked Mr EM to make his signature dish of beef bourguignon last night. He makes it in a Le Creuset casserole but I have to admit that your pie is truly Magnificent!(Though I am puzzled that you felt inspired to cook such a 'wintry' dish in what must now be enviably warm weather Down Under?)

  2. Elegance- wanted to use up the leftovers from last night cassrole. Waste not want not!!!!

  3. Dear FF, wow, delicious pastry cooking, those stars are inspired, and the raspberry tartes are divine! I find pastry stressful, so hard to get it off the bottom of my slippers.. MaiTai's parcels look soooo smart, MT is a goddess, I am upping my campaign for a Hermes scarf from lowlevel grimbling to medium volume whining..then I will go all out and threaten to make my surprise pastry tart unless a scarf is the cover of Mr Latte

  4. The Next Top Model debacle was brilliant TV. I watched it on YouTube about half an hour after and was biting my nails.

    Your raspberry tarts look great.
    And so do you.

    How lovely that you received a present. Can't wait to see you wear them :)

  5. Blighty- I use ready made pastry!!!

  6. FF I do believe this old school Pucci frock is my absolute favourite on you.
    Surely Santa will leave a Hermes Kelly scarf under the Fushiadome christmas tree. Or is Christmas too long too wait?
    Now here is a blast from the past. I've rediscovered Carnation light and creamy evaporated milk and am utilising it in many dishes. My pantry will have a meltdown if stocks run low. 11/10 convenient.
    Watched a bit of Parliament today. Shock horror the pollies were almost civilized and I do think the Speaker was enjoying himself immensely.
    I caught a video clip of ANTM. Wish I was a body language expert.
    Orange frames and matching case = perfect.

  7. Dear Ms FF, You are the epitome of Glamour in your Old School Pucci! I think that even though it is bad for your 'do, you are a warm weather girl - you seem very jaunty these days. I am glad about the Aussie dollar and hope that it is the indication of a change of luck for you. I love the pie with the stars. My girls have demanded more prosaic meat pies which means that I have to make puff pastry because they don't have ready made puff here which is very puffy and besides it is all made from margarine which I think is the Work of the Devil. I last made puff pastry one morning here during two aftershocks 6.9 and 6.1 with a lot of little ones thrown in. I had already started and could not contact anyone because the phones were out and it is dangerous to use the stairs in an earthquake (the things you learn)so mustering all the sangfroid I possess, I kept going. It is surprisingly easy, very rewarding and I must confess, ultimately soothing...

  8. The pie looks amazing and I love the starry touch.
    Oh Mai Tai's wrappings are just so lovely as is she.
    Ha! i did see that debacle it was on the news here in Blighty this morning, arrgh what a cringe.

  9. I've bought ingredients for a seafood lasagne, inspired by you!

  10. hi ff,

    good to know that maitai doesn't wrap her gifts in hermes! pretty snazzy though.

    i have to say that you look great in that pucci. it's one of my favorites of all your dresses.


  11. I love orange too - very summery - can't wait to use my orange bag again when I return to the sunshine in Australia soon! Love your inspired pie!! Good, been wanting a book to enjoy for a while and the Cooking for Mr Latte sounds fun - thank you....x

  12. Little known fact. Amanda Hesser's Mr. Latte is Tad Friend, who wrote Cheerful Money, the defining tome about High WASPs. How's that for confluence?

  13. That beef bourguignon pie is truly beautiful. The stars make all the difference.

  14. Lucky you...lets see those scarf rings getting some action!
    I do believe that you are deserving of the Hermes scarf...justify it with the CPW factor if you love it.
    Nice specs too!

  15. Dear FF, Oh the pastry looks divine! As does those little tarts! MMMMM. Is it the Julia Childs' Beef Bourguignon recipe?
    You really do show a Pucci off nicely!

  16. Oh yes make mine mango looks the biz! Big cheer for the Aus dollar - v glad for you xx

  17. Bodeci I don't use Julia's recipe. I have invented my own. It requires no measurements or anything.

    Linda that is a very dramatic story about pastry!!!!

    LPC I have Cheerful Money too. They seem like an earnest couple.

  18. Loving the Pucci frock - you have sparked my interest in Pucci but now to find the perfect piece.
    Also, congratulations on the thriftiness of making your casserole work 2 ways. I often make pies in my ramekins with leftover strog or any beef casserole also and when cool, tip them out and freeze for a snack/lunches.

  19. Thanks for posting Cooking for Mr Latte - it sent me on an internet journey last night to find more books that could be described as stories with recipes. My credit card got quite the battering. I think all of us who come here could be described as foodies (whether we can cook or not) and readers (amongst other things of course) so i would love to know if anyone else has any good recs for stories with recipes. I just ordered: Mr Latte, Eating Heaven, The Language of Baklava and The Food of Love. I have read in the past - Lunch in Paris, Pomegranate soup, Chocolat, Like Water for Chocolate, Monsoon Diary, Julie and Julia, My Life in France and more.
    FF - You might like this one

    Now I am hungry

  20. FF, how do you store all your nail polishes? In the fridge or just in a drawer? I used to store mine in the fridge when I was living in QLD but have recently moved to WA and find that I can store them in a dressing table drawer.


  21. I wish I could make pie!!

    Side note - The next top model stuff up was sooo bad... I felt so sorry for the girls and for Sarah. Awful!

  22. Hello FF!
    How on earth do you find time to work full time AND action all that cooking? Your meals as directed " by The Universe" always look so darn delicious!
    Do you mind if I ask where Mr FF is? I really like to see the two of you so beautifully co-ordinated ( and the back of his head aint half bad either!)
    Loving your blog- and thinking of your Grandpa- hope he's on the mend.xx

  23. Hi Bodie, Mr FF is about the traps but travelling interstate a lot for work and working long hours. We have not done that much outfit matching of late. For example today I wore a blue dress but he wore a pink tie....I have time to do everything because I don't have kids of my own and I action tasks very very fast. I also don't have a long commute to work. That helps. I honestly don't find cookign hard or time consuming and I use frozen pastry!

    India I have lots of memoir cooking books to post/blog about!

    Real Estate Girl pies are the key to thrift!

    Mrs W I felt bad for both the girls and Sarah too.

    Tracy, I store my polishes ina drawer. Maybe I should put them in the fridge? They do get a bit gluggy which I hate.

  24. Dear FF, it was with great joy and surprise reading this post that I realised we have the exact same glasses - practically twins! (I am the fellow Brisbane lawyer who commented on spotting you a few posts back :-) ) They do say orange is the colour of intelligence and ambition x

  25. Excellent choice of specs!!!!!!!!


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