Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wallis's Jewels and Other Big Issues

I dropped and broke my laptop on Monday morning. I know. I was mad too. So this post is coming to you from my fancy pants new fangled modern laptop that I had to replace it with. I'm sure we'll be very happy. You can buy a laptop for under $500 these days. Who knew? This pink iceberg looks nice doesn't it? Pity it's leaves are covered in evil black spot. My ranaculous are still providing Joy and happiness. Look:

The Duchess of Windsor's jewels that were bought at auction in the 80s are up for sale again! They're beyond my means but I'm thinking if we pool our cash in a conglomerate style fashion maybe we could get our mitts on this Cartier charm bracelet:
I bags wearing it first though.
Say what you will about Wally, she knew how to keep herself slim and she knew how to keep a man's attention (credit where credit's due). Apparently after he abdicated she used to have the former king's schedule typed up every day to keep him busy even though it said stuff like "9 am golf 11.30 am meet tailor" instead of "Meet Prime Minister, Open Parliament, Greet Visiting Head of State " etc
Wally was no beauty but by God she had superior clothes and jewels.
Meanwhile I wish the Universe would stop directing me to make bechamel because frankly I'm getting sick of making it. Last night after the Universe spoke to me and told me to action bechamel AGAIN I made this seafood lasagna arrangement with lots of dill.
I didn't use tomatoes. I was in a sort of blonde mood. It was delicious.
I cooked up prawns, Salmon chunks and scallops and firm white fish with dill onion and celery and mixed it through my bechamel then layered it with lasagne sheets and shoved it in my (pristine) oven til it was golden. Try it. You won't be sorry.
And on a sad note, Catherine Walker, Di's favourite designer died on the 23rd of September of cancer. I have her beautiful book.
Diana was buried in one of her dresses.
I loved seeing Diana in her clothes, but what strikes me now is how Diana kind of dressed older than her age. Often you see her in very formal mature get ups ands then you realise she was about 25 at the time.

look here's old Fergie. Catherine Walker started out making maternity clothes which is how Diana 1st found her.

Thanks Mark for letting me know.
It's raining, so I'm making a beef casserole with lots of red wine. Maybe I'll make some mashed potatoes too.
Thank you for everyone who's asked about my grandfather. He's still in hospital which is no good. Getting old is no picnic People.


  1. Seafood lasagne, you had me at hello.

  2. Seafood lasagne! Genius! I am making that this weekend.

  3. Hey Faux,
    You are even funnier with your new laptop!
    Imagine Wally's face if she heard herself referred to as Wally.
    Great idea about buying the Charm Bracelet, it's a very religious one isn't it. We could all take turns wearing it to church.

  4. Wally... bless those jewels.

    FF there is a section in the new Marie Claire about Malene Birger's house. Lovely.

  5. Dear FF, I always think of Wallis Simpson as a somewhat enigmatic figure. Never really in the limelight but yet, as you say, with impeccable taste in clothes and jewellery.

  6. Your Back, Was missing your cheery blogging...
    Little prayers for your Grandpa, and hope your dropped laptop is at peace..
    L xx

  7. FF, could you please share your recipe for bechamel? Mine just seems to be missing something.

  8. Dear Ms FF, One of the excellent things about a 14 hour time difference is while I am getting a few hours of shuteye you have been industriously blogging. I love the flowers of your Spring blog but do you have a plan of action regarding the dreaded black spot? I have always felt a little sorry for Mrs Simpson as I do not think that she quite bargained for the life that she eventually finished with. There is an illuminating quote from her about her life: "You have no idea how hard it is to live out a great romance." I always felt that Princess Diana looked ill at ease in her early wardrobe - it was as if she were pretending to be someone else which of course she probably was. At least, Mrs Simpson knew that she was loved albeit maybe in a Pepé Le Pew way. I don't know which is worse...

  9. Hi FF
    You are an inspirational little thinggy

    This week(and it is only Tuesday)I have

    Repotted the three big pots at my front door
    with lavender and hot pink geraniums

    Repotted the pots at my side door with the
    same things

    Purchased but not yet used general
    garden/lawn fertilizer to toss around

    Purchased new garden implements because the
    old ones can't be found(it has been so long
    since I looked for them)

    Roasted chickens without butter but with
    olive oil rosemary and onions(sorry about the
    butter butwe are old and don't need to be
    fatter than we are)

    Been to my coalface for two days

    Avoided walking(it is raining)

    And all because of you and your tireless efforts to be a superior being.
    It is hard to keep up with you and I am exausted by your weekly antics but please dont't stop.


  10. FF bags wearing it second! I'm certainly up for sharing the bracelet and I'm happy to type up the roster if anyone else wants a turn.
    Did you know that Edward used some of the Royal Jewels which he had inherited to make some of those pieces for Wallis? So in the end she got to wear 'royal' jewels.
    Sorry to hear about your laptop but I bet the new one is a whole lot more attractive and compact!
    Seafood lasagne looks divine and who doesn't love a bechamel sauce. Cayanne pepper goes v well with bechamel and seafood. Think lobster thermidor.
    I adore the Elvis dress of Princess Diana's and I recall how she thought it was fun and irrevarant but still regal. I'm glad I got to see in person some of Catherine Walker's frocks. They were so beautiful.
    In other news how good did the GG look today at the opening of Parliment? I think she is the most elegant of anybody ever in Canberra.
    Killer speech too!

  11. hi ff,

    love that charm bracelet and how she made his to do list everyday.

    i love a white lasagne, as i love all white things.

    you summed it up perfectly - getting old is no picnic people.


  12. Gosh that was a rollercoaster of a post. Much to fill ones head with. You might be onto something with conglomerate bidding - we'll need 100,000s of 1,000s fash blog peeps. Can you imagine wear it for 5 mins, quick snap for the blog post and off to the next wrist!

    Hope your Grandpa perks up xx

  13. FF, this may come as a small surprise to you but my (older generations) of family knew Darling Wallis quite well. My grandfather worked closely with her former husband Ernest Simpson at Simpson, Spencer & Young!

    You're right, her Cartier was superior.

  14. Its so true ... everyone dressed so much older in the late 80s and early 90s. It was a very conservative time. I look back on photos at my 21st and only one word describes the look ... TRAGIC. The poor guys that dated us ... we all looked like Nuns in our collared shirts, blazers and tailored pants ... YIKES. I look and dress younger now I'm in my late 30s. Have you got any photos from that time you can share?

  15. Wallis received many lovely gems from Edward...
    I do wonder if Wallis ate much she was stick insect thin...besides sipping martinis...maybe she just ate the olives.
    and wouldn't it be fun to wear one of her pieces of bling...someone could buy her jewels and start rent-a-bling...like that handbag site!

    The seafood lasagne looks yummy...glad to hear the new laptop is on the job.

  16. I think that Wallis was very much like Pamela Harriman- other women could never quite figure out what the attraction was, and why these two unlikely femme fatales, not great beauties-let's face it- managed to land such powerful men. Maybe they knew how to action a great casserole??!

  17. Dear FF, count me in for the Wallis bracelet conglomerate, I can chip in £2.50 but am prepared to up it to £3 if someone else is a bit stretched; what delicious food you are cooking, I may just make a slide show of your food pics and show it to my nearest and dearest as they eat their thin gruel; sorry, not keen on Wallis and that husband of hers, i think he turned into a sad sack totally reliant on her - apparently if she left the room he just sat there waiting for her to come back, like a lapdog..but she did have good taste and you have to admire her determination! Very sad to hear about Catherine Walker, had no idea, I thought she was beautiful and her designs looked lovely. Must go action gruel. xx

  18. The Duchess of Windsor, that woman really had the bling. Have you ever wondered if after all that sturm und drang after the abdication, if she was bored with her husband.

  19. Gorgeous ranunculas - they remind of poppies which I love... Count me in for the joint whip round for Wally's jewels... And love your lasagne - mmmmm!! x

  20. Doesn't time fly. I didn't realise Catherine Walker was in her 60's.. but I suppose the heady Diana days were almost 30 years ago! So sad. That lasagne looks the bomb. I hope your grandfather gets better soon...old age is so not fair. A-M xx

  21. I swear I have rosary beads stashed away somewhere that resemble Wallis's braclet.
    I think Wallis was shocked when hubby abdicated and her life went pear-shaped?
    I'm sad to hear of Grandpa still in hospital. Agree FF. Old age is the pits when brain and body are failing.

  22. hi FF, these are TRULY big issues.

    (1) Wallis was living evidence of the adage that good grooming is ALL. And her husband was as weak as water. The current incarnation of the Grooming Principle is Sarah Jessica Parker who really is not that great looking but is very well put together.

    (2) so sad about Catherine Walker, according to her obituary she had a pretty hard life, was widowed with two young children in the early 70s and worked so so hard.

    (3) I couldn't live without bechamel or its cousin white sauce (with cheese)- great for my little children.


  23. Your garden is beautful, FF. Just gorgeous.

    I know you had posted about this some time ago, but i was wondering if you were still thrilled with your Parlux hairdryer? I have recently lost a few kilos and am taking a bit more of an effort with my appearance and my hairdresser recommended I invest in a good hairdryer rather than just letting my hair dry naturally and ironing it straight.


  24. The boys must love the photos of Diana pregnant.

  25. The boys being her sons I mean.. not random men! lol

  26. Aww, sorry your grandfather is ill. Getting old...yeah...not a picnic, from what I'm seeing. My 70+ dad who's visiting us said the only good things about getting old are the senior citizen discounts & not having to commute to work, or work with "nitwits". I reminded him that getting wiser is a nice perk, too.
    I never tire of Diana pics. She was a mere 4 years older than me, and I remember thinking she dressed so....mature, and at times, dare I say matronly. I chalked it up the fact that it was the 80s, plus a person of her position had to relay a certain public image. It was either that, or- to my young naive mind- perhaps simply an English thing. (Of course later, we all know she was turned out in more chic and sexy attired.)

  27. Style odyssey I agree- it was the era and the role Di was playing.

    She wore it well- the boys would love those photos

    Plum perfect my Parlux is a GOD. Love it still.

  28. Jane agree with everything- Catherine had a sad life. She started her shop when the husband died young. She was v. elegant.

  29. Ann marie I think Wally was shocked and bored with her life...

    AM I always think of Catherine of being about 40 too

  30. Belle, I think Wally was ultimately bored and disappointed...

    Semi Expat I love poppes too but have no luck with growing them!

  31. Blighty, so far the Wallis Jewel fund has about $10 in it so far...we might be in trouble.

    Slim - Pamela Harriman was so interesting. Definitely not a cosy person or Girl's Girl. Apparently she made men feel like they were the only thing that mattered ( maybe there's something in that for all of us!)

  32. Hostess think Old wally ate like a Sparrow.

    Anon I will look for a photo of self at my formal in my green shot silk frock with puffy sleeves....

  33. Make Do thankyou for yr comments re my grandfather. Broken hips are no good at 93.

    Whitemoonrising that is FASCINATING!!!!

  34. Carly-seafood lasagne is the Key!

    Foodycat - can't wait to see your version of the above!

    Louise-glad I am giving you a giggle-I do try!

  35. Carpet Burns thanks for the heads up re Malene in MC! Can't wait.

    Edith I admire Wally's commitment to her look

    L candy I am touched that you missed me

    Kate- I mix 2 tbsp of butter on low heat with salt pepper and 2 tbsp flour then I add about 1/2 cup of fat milk and then however much cheese and then NUTMEG (the key)

    Linda in Chile I love that quote and agree with everything you say here.

    MOB WELL DONE on actioning all those tasks!

    Kate B, the GG loooked fab as always

    Janet gettiong old and breaking hips is the pitts.


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