Friday, April 30, 2010

Amaretto Sour Drink of the Gods

I am at my launch having 11/1o FUN and someone just bought me an Amaretto Sour YUM. Meanwhile don't think my Mum wasn't online to buy an FF Necklace because she did! Sales are going well. Hooray xxxxx

Launch Mania

Don't think I'm not drinking a cosmo with tonnes of fabulous girls at this Necklace Launch Thing, because I am! Talk about Glamour!


I wore this Play Clothes arrangement to the Coalface today. Tonight I'm going out to the FF Necklace Launch Party with All the Big Names. I hope it'll be fun. There'll be gift bags! Enjoy your Long Weekend People.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dinner with Buphee

Say what you will about this Ali Ro silk top arrangement from our friends at, but it's been versatile. I wore it in summer and I'll shove a black knit under it to make it do double duty season wise. It looks Killer with my FF Necklace which will be on sale (Warning- shameless promotion) as of tomorrow night from Red Phoenix Emporium.
Just look at all this Chunk and Shine People.
Meanwhile, I drew everyone's name out of a tastefully decorated cardboard box arrangement from our friends at Visy to see who won the 1st ever give away from this blog. I waved my Fun Fairy Wand thingamy for Good Luck.

And the winner is So Frenchy So Chic! Just leave me a message on this post with your address, name and mobile (I won't publish it) and Willow will send you the necklace. If I don't hear from you we will redraw. Thank you to everyone who entered- it was the most comments I'd ever got, way over 100, maybe 140?
Tomorrow is the FF Necklace Launch Party. Willow has been putting together gift bags with tonnes of superior goodies.
I might wear a 3.1 Philip Lim frock.
Meanwhile tonight Buphee (Not Her Real Name) and her husband JP who are out from Vancouver took me to dinner at EUROVIDA. JP went to school with President Obama's brother in law, you know, the one who is Canadian and married to his Indonesian sister.
I had such a good time. They are excellent company, tell superior dinner party anecdotes, make me roar with laughter and told me lots of good songs to download onto my ipod. The night was 11/10.
The food was wonderful too.
this is haloumi
and salt and pepper calamari
eggplant chips (you might call this aubergine)
ye olde lamb chop.
Thankyou Poppy Buxom from The Beauty Boomer who is quoting me on her blog ("it's nice to have an interest...") and also well done Bron McClain, who always comments here and is starting her own blog. Sometimes in cyber space we really are all one big happy e-family.
My sister is back in Honkers and Grandma has rallied.
All part of life's rich tapestry.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Here's the FF Necklace. Thankyou for all your lovely comments about it and if you want to try to win one, don't forget to post a comment on the post below this (the one called Behold the Magnificence...). I'm drawing the winner's name out of a box tomorrow and will announce it tomorrow night. The necklace goes on sale at Red Phoenix Emporium (my friends Willow and Lotus's online shop) on Friday night.
Here is my favourite baby:
Remember I bought these Dorothy shoes?
Well I wore them today.
Yesterday I wore a conservative cashmere twinset get up arrangement with a Fendi scarf to the Coalface which got me thinking.....
Maybe it was time to dress up Nephew FF in my Fendi scarf and my sister's specs?
I think these photos are 11/10 funny.
I'm all for a cheap laugh.
My sister leaves tomorrow to go back to Honkers so it was all a bit sad today. My parents live in the country and they drove up today to have lunch.

I made souffles but by the time I remembered to take a photo there'd been some deflation. Annoying. My Mum drew this picture of her dalmation Jake for my nephew. It's going to be framed and hung in his nursery in Honkers.
bye x

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Behold the Magnificence of the FF Necklace

People. Prepare yourselves emotionally: This is 7 week old Nephew FF modelling the FF Necklace from my friends Willow and Lotus at Red Phoenix Emporium! They are both stunning.
This is my sister wearing it so you can get the gist of the length on a grown woman as opposed to a new born baby:
My 3 favourite bits are the big clover whatsy, the big FAUX sparkly stone thing next to it and the FUCHSIA pink bead (Faux Fuchsia. Get it?).
During the organic design phase when Willow, Lotus and I were being all Collaborative and Visionary and Challenging the Paradigm Necklace-wise and using every Nonsensical Fashion Word we could think of, we decided we wanted the FF Necklace to have what can only be described as Chunk and Shine, and Chunk and Shine is what we got.
I wore it all weekend. I got a lot of compliments.
I think it looks good with black, browns, your neutrals, your solids, your patterns and colours. This is the Magic of the Necklace.
This is the Magic of the Chunk and Shine Concept. It will work with anything.
They'll be on sale at Red Phoenix Emporium as of Friday night.
But wait. There's more!
In the Faux Fuschia Blog's 1st ever Competition, I am giving away an FF Necklace from Red Phoenix Emporium to one lucky reader. I know. It's exciting isn't it?
To enter, you have to send me a photo of a new born baby wrapped in a high end designer scarf.
To enter, you have to just post a comment on this post and I'll be pulling everyone's name out of a hat or a box TOMORROW and announcing the winner Tomorrow Night (Thursday Night in Australia).
The FF necklace makes a very attractive tinkly kind of sound too which I'm sure you'll love. Plus it is really light.
Thank you everyone who wrote kind and generous comments today. You know who you are. I was very touched. My sister and I visited Grandma today at the hospital. It was very sad. I had to dig my fingernails really hard into my palms to stop myself from crying (Thank you Kate for this useful tip. It kind of worked). Your messages were generous, and I felt the e-love.
Thank you.


I just got a comment saying that the photos of my Nephew in Pucci are off putting and asking what sort of "message" I was trying to send and whether the "message" was "look at Me I can afford Pucci".

If you read this blog, you know that this is a sad time for us. My Grandma is dying. I'm worried about her suffering. I'm worried about how my Grandfather will cope. My sister and her newborn baby are about to leave the country to live overseas. Everyone is anxious.

That day, I was getting ready to go out with my sister and her baby and on a whim I dressed him up and it lightened the mood for a few moments and made both of us laugh. Which we needed to do because we are sick of crying. And I thought he looked cute so I posted the photos. So there's no message except I did it to cheer us up and thought it was funny.

I am at peace with the fact that I own Pucci scarves.

If you aren't, well that's an issue for you.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Long Weekend

I went to Mark and Greg's home on Saturday night.

It is a Vision of Loveliness. This is the mural in Mark's daughter G's room:

I love their garden

I think this is a spider plant. The recess of my mind tells me that it is cleome and can tend to take over.

I had brunch with my sister G on Saturday at Eurovida, which I love 11/10. This is what the sky was doing:
The lady who owns and runs it is so lovely, and the service and food is excellent. Run don't walk.
Here are some snaps from Friday which seems months ago now:

On Friday almost my entire Friday-Lunch-Crew-Since- 1994 were reunited. It was very Moving.

This is my friend Buphee on the right (not her Real Name). She runs with a new Friday Lunch Crew in Vancouver in Canada these days, but for a long time she was a Stalwart.
Yesterday I had lunch with Nephew FF and his parents at La Bon Choix.

He leaves the country on Thursday. I'm going to miss him.
Speaking of which, Niece FF phoned me on Friday night. She was eating an icecream in a cone and wearing a dress with pockets. I miss her too.