Monday, May 31, 2010

Hats and Clint Eastwood.

Yesterday I went to the V and A Hat Exhibition at the art gallery again to hear my friend Amber talk about the History of Hats and Fashion. I wore this brown velvet Sonia Rykiel number. Apparently velvet's "back". I had no idea it'd been out.
Speaking of Hats:
Happy 80th Birthday Clint Eastwood!
Don't forget to watch 5 nights of Classic Clint Movies this week on Foxtel People. I can't wait. Clint's hat is very chic.
and here's Tavi at the Couture. Her hat's by Stephen Jones. I wonder if she likes Clint too?
My garden is fairly dreadful at the moment but this zygocactus flower is the Business
My cousin gave it to me 5 years ago. It flowers rarely, but I love it.
Hello Joan Salvia
The little colour there is is coming from foliage
It's winter and I need comfort so I roasted this expensive piece of Frenched Rack of Lamb (vegetarians and people embracing food thrift who are frightened and emotionally confronted by meat retailing for at $42 a kilo had better Look Away Now)
You know, I used to love coming home after a day at the Coalface and Opening the door to the Fuchsiadome because it felt so comforting and soothing:
But since the Suspected Rodent Invasion I just cannot relax. I feel anxious and tense and nervous.
I hate feeling this way.
But let's look on the Bright Side, in 12 Followers time we'll be at the magic number of 500 and how lovely are these new kitchen light shades?
The cast of SATC 2 were on the View today. They all seemed very happy and friendly, there was no sign of the alleged rift between SJP and Kim Cattral. But they are actresses. Maybe they were pretending to be nice.
I'm seeing the movie on Thursday night.
Behold the adorableness of Niece FF:
She likes to call me on her pink Princess phone and tell me to turn on my computer so we can skype. I love that pink phone 1 million/10. My Mum gave it to Niece FF for her birthday. I want one for myself.
Message to My Rodent Interlopers:
Enjoy your last Moments of Peace Guys.
The Rat Guy from the Pest Control Company will be here soon and then the Reign of Terror Begins.
You've Been Well and Truly Warned.
Remain at Your Own Peril.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

26 Followers til 500

The blog turns 6 months old on 4 June 2010. I'm not good at maths but surely we can round up 26 more Followers by then. Let's Do it! Not for Me. For the Blog. Your Blog Needs You People.

Movies.Food. Weekend.

I just finished watching the 1st SATC movie on dvd but with the voice over commentary of Michael Patrick King who wrote and directed it. I found this really interesting. I never missed a tv episode (except the last because I was overseas in Dubai but I did eventually see it) Thanks M for lending it to me
I love the SATC franchise. I bought the videos, then the dvds, then the book. I met Candace Bushnell twice. I bought her books. All of them. I was excited to see an episode being shot when I was in New York.
Apparently a lot of people hated SATC when it was on tv. I'm not one of them.
The friendships were realistic. It showed women in their 30s and 40s looking great. It understood Singles. It realistically portrayed breakups. The whole thing spoke to me. Can't wait to see SATC2 on Thursday.
I ate this for lunch on Friday. I went out with some Coalface Colleagues. It was tasty but messy (the pasta not my fellow Coalminers).
On Friday night I went to Montrachet for drinks.
I love Montrachet. It is my favourite restaurant. Don't try to got there for the next 6 weeks though. It's shut.
On the way home I spotted this crazy flowering agave arrangement. It looked alien.
Yesterday I felt seedy and worn out.So when someone suggested Yum Cha, I ran, I didn't walk.
Behold all of this Restorative Yum Cha Goodness People:
This duck was Ducktastic

I love these sesame pudding-y things with red bean paste 11/10
Afterwards I met my girfriend M for a soothing pinor noir. I have the same scarf as her.
It was rainy and cold. Perfect soothing pinot weather really.
This is what the sky was doing. It was all very wintery and atttractive
Remember I was saying how Tammy and Malcolm Fraser were wonderful gardeners? Well I found this image of Tammy in her garden (How lovely is her hair by the way?) Behold the Gorgeousness. Gardening on a large scale in country conditions takes a lot of hard work, patience and determination. It really is a talent. I've asked this before but why are gardeners always such generous and kind people?
This image is from Country Living Magazine.
Last year my young whippersnapper friend S told me to watch Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood (she's full of Good Ideas- she got me onto Amaretto Sours). I finally saw it the other day on dvd and can tell you it is excellent. If you love Clint (I do) you'll really enjoy it. It's got everything a superior movie should have-good acting, a redemptive theme, lessons in tolerance, a cute dog, moments of humour....Run. Don't walk.
My life is not Glamorous: I have a bad feeling that I might have a mouse or worse a rat (crosses self). Having lived through the Great Rodent Plague of 2008 and successfully won I'd like to let any rodents in residence know that they should enjoy the next 24 hours of their lives because next week my Rat Guy from the Pest Control Company is scheduled to visit. Prepare to meet your maker because I have a strict zero tolerance policy and will be enforcing it with a zeal the likes of which this suburb has never seen before (well at least since 2008). My Rat Guy says that you are never more than 3 metres from a rat anywhere in the inner city. Nice.
On that Happy Note, I've got to go to change the light shades in my kitchen. Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today I wore a dress as a top over a turtleneck knit and a skirt. I bought the dress/top thingy last year when I was shopping with my friends T and ZZ so it has good memories for me. It was on sale for $19. This is my fellow Coal miner Whippersnapper S today. She is very Glamorous. Today she reminded me of Blair from Gossip Girl.
Tonight I went to dinner at Peasant (for a change) with my friends J and IL. I have eaten there 3 nights in the last 6. May as well move in. I wore this kind of pale shell pink beaded top arrangement from Sportsgirl. I bought it last year with my friend M.

This clutch's been handy. On the Cost per Wear Theory Basis it's becoming quite cheap.
I ate the same sort of tapas type stuff
This is IL's paw. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding in 2003. She's off to Vegas and San Francisco for a holiday on the weekend. I hope the Dollar rallies for her.
Here are some more Jean Brown snaps. This is a 3.1 Philip Lim frock.
This is DVF. The sleeves are excellent.

I love this Stephen Jones hat 11/10

Hope Everyone is well and happy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hello. I wore this baby doll/tent style frock arrangement to the Coalface today. It cost $29 and has Bells and Whistles Galore- bows, collars, broderie anglais, sheer sleeves, the Whole Shebang. My Polish is OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark which is probably my favourite. My friend Mark told me it's Kim Kardashian's too. Who knew?

The top and sleeves of this frock remind me a bit of this Chloe top arrangement that you've seen me wear before. When you're onto a Good Thing, Stick to It.
Meanwhile, you know how I love Pucci (It's the Official Print of the Blog)
Well, a reader helpfully told me that is having a big Pucci sale. I looked but because I'm embracing thrift I won't be buying. Plus the dollar is rubbish these days. But if you go to the site be sure to look at This. That's right People, Nicole Richie is wearing the same Pucci print as me. I wonder if Rachel Zoe bought it for her?
Meanwhile Sex and the City 2 is out. I'm going to 2 screenings. One next week with my friend Amber to raise money for leukaemia and then the Coalface Social Club Screening the week after.
I'm looking forward to the clothes. I started watching the tv show in the late 90s when it 1st came to Australia. I'd just got divorced and was hanging with my single girlfriends, so it spoke to me. I missed the last episode in November 2004 because I was in Dubai. When I came home I watched it on video and felt kind of disappointed that Carrie had ended up with Mr Big. It seemed unrealistic somehow. I never liked Aiden, I loved Stanford and I thought Miranda got the best lines. I also was endlessly amused by Bunny and Magda (also brilliant lines) I've mentioned this a million times, but I've met Candace Bushell twice. I asked her if it was true that SJP was a wowser and CB said "What's a Wowser?" (Allegedly it's true)
Malcolm Fraser's resigned form the Liberal Party I see. His wife Tammy is a brilliant gardener and has a beautiful country garden chock full of roses that I love. I tried to find a photo to post but I couldn't.
Meanwhile don't think I'm the only person at the Coalface keen on clothes. My colleague N collects clobber from the Golden Years of Hollywood. He has an impressive collection. Go see it here.
Cheerio x