Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Snippets of My Life.

This was me yesterday. I got the frock in Honkers in 2007 from Simple in Wanchai. The sales lady said things like "Big Size" and "Fat Size". It wasn't a shopping experience for the faint hearted.
and it's a Red Phoenix Little Bow Peep Necklace.
I made my sister measure how long Nephew FF is so I know how big to make his bunny rug. I think he's 65 cm. Mr FF says I'm using too much pink. He's probably right but Nephew FF does not conform to gender stereotypes. And he lives on the edge colour wise.
Vegetarians Look AWAY NOW!
Because it's 1955 in my home tonight. That means lamb chops, baby peas, grilled tomato, mashed potato and chutney.
I've been at my Aunt's. People send such lovely flowers when someone dies.

While I was with her the Universe directed me to action some foods that would freeze well and be comforting and soothing if she feels like eating.
are you thinking what I'm thinking? Getting a bit of a 1977 Retro Vibe?
while I was cooking I had a soothing scotch and dry (Cheers and Thankyou Uncle G for always maintaining a well stocked bar fridge!)
Behold the Magnificence of my 1977 style Beef Stroganoff! Some people have this with rice. They are crazy! Strog is much better with noodles.
Speaking of orange I've been thinking a lot about Falconware lately. Don't ask me why, I just have. I only have 2 pieces. This is from the 40s. I use it as a vase. I think I bought it from Lifeline. It's amazing what people give away.

If you shop at Liquorland there's 30% off red wine if you buy 6. I got 6 of these. So soothing in this freezing weather.
I meant to upload this earlier but I didn't so you can just see it last. I feel the rosemary is a very nice touch. If you really wanted a circa 1955 meal you'd eat your chops with a splash of worcestershire sauce and mint jelly.
Stay Warm.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Spode. Cushions. Comfort. New arrivals.

This is my favourite thing in my china cabinet. It's a Spode sucrier (think that is how it's spelled) from 1800. Mr FF bought it for me at an auction in 2004. He got into an ugly bidding war with a dealer. But in the end it was mine. We've been very happy. Wore this old frock get up below today over a cashmere jumper thingy. See my bee brooch?
I'm living through difficult times, so I need comfort and pampering. This Mor Feijoa Lime soap should be the ticket. How lovely is the packaging? It smells like summer.
and don't think I'm not going to action some grooming with this matching scrub product and body butter. I love the 1950s style packaging. I almost can't bear to unwrap them.
This soothing G and T should also provide some Necessary Comfort.
But don't worry. Standards aren't dropping too much. I would still never ever knowingly Under Cushion.

I love these bee cushions 11/10. Thank you Ikea.

Look at Nephew FF's baby rug in progress. But disaster has struck- I've lost my crochet hook Dammit! Can't recall the size either.
and look what arrived in the post today- An invitation to the Black and Spiro Opening!!! Hooray. I can't wait. Hope they'll have a fuschsia pink porcelain drum table whatsy for me. I also got these from those nice people at the (Prepare Yourselves Emotionally People)
Behold the Magnificence of my new fancy pants Pucci Jackie O sunglasses!!!!!!
I know. They're stunning. And unscratched. And perfect.
I lived on the edge today and spent a fortune on 2 air freight magazines (you'd better email me the link again People for the cheap ones)
Hello favourite Magazine On Earth.
Thankyou for all of your kind wishes about my Uncle.
If you live in Australia you can register to be an organ donor through Medicare and I'll post a link about where else you can register. For those of you who are Old School, it's no longer a tick on your license. Plus you'll need your next of kin's consent so discuss it with them now.
In the spirit of comfort and cosiness on this freezing day I'm roasting a $42/kilo Frenched cut rack of lamb (how crazy are lamb prices??? I thought I was buying meat not shares in Rio Tinto) But it does smell delicious.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I've spent the weekend with my Aunt C at the coast.
This is me the other night at Libertine.
It's very attractively appointed.
This is my $10 Kmart top. It looks a treat with my faux fur collar.
When Niece FF was a baby I crocheted her a baby blanket, so I'm actioning one for Nephew FF too. I started it yesterday morning and I hope to have it finished by the end of next weekend. I want it to be super colourful. Niece FF used to get her tiny fingers caught in the holes. Let's hope Nephew FF figures out a way to avoid this.
My aunt's no gardener but there are beautiful flowering plants about the traps.
Last night there was a partial eclipse of the moon. It was all very dramatic and spooky.

We've been throwing back these at Cocktail Hour:
I don't know what this orange flower is but it was growing on a vine over the fence so I've picked some and shoved it in a vase.
Last night the sky looked so beautiful. Maybe because it was so cold.
This has been a very sad weekend. My Aunt's gentle and kind husband, my Uncle G died suddenly at the end of last week. He was only 60. The phone rings incessantly.
She made the generous and sensible decision to donate his organs. I think this was the absolute right thing to do. Someone just asked me how I'm coping. I find that eating a lot of cheescake helps.
RIP Uncle G.
1950 to 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cushions. Infrastructure. Politics. Family.

Say what you will about me, but I would never ever knowingly under cushion.
These are difficult times. Being comfy and cosy is Key.

Oprah looked nice today. This shade of pink is particularly fetching.
This is a photo of me in April. I wore the same outfit to the Coalface today. Really.
It's a Nanette Lepore leopard frock arrangement.
Some people have jobs that take them to fancy locations like Paris and Milan to view the Collections.
I'm not one of them.
Yesterday the Coalface sent me to a Regional Centre to look at what can only be described as Infrastructure.
I know. The Glamour.

This is what I wore to the Regional Centre:
It's a camel coloured cashmere top thingy and an acrylic cardigan that I bought for $29 from Temt. Frankly, I'm not scared to mix my cashmere with my acrylic and you shouldn't be either.
We have a new Prime Minister and she's a girl! A lot of people criticise Julia's hair but I think it looks good. Last night I was watching David and Margaret review movies on the ABC at 10.20pm when dramatically the programme was interupted and crossed to Kevin Rudd at a press conference announcing the challenge to his leadership.
Today has been bittersweet for me. One family member received good news and another is seriously ill. It's also my Grandfather's 1st birthday in a million years without Grandma. He is a brave soldier.
We all miss her.