Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Real Princess

I hate to introduce a sad note, but it's 13 years since our Real Princess Diana died. I was in a nursery buying plants on a Sunday when the girl behind the counter told me. She let me use her office phone to call my friend J who confirmed it. I was so sad and so shocked. We all felt we'd grown up with her. All the tv stations ran the story and everyone was talking about it. I was in disbelief but when I saw the flag draped coffin being carried across the tarmac I knew it was real.
My mum bought us every magazine she appeared in during the 80s. I loved looking at her clothes and jewels. It's hard to explain to young whippersnappers the force of her glamour and the obsessive interest that the world had in her. I went to work on the Monday and couldn't take it so went home early. It sounds crazy but her death really affected a lot of people.
She was so beautiful, so glamorous, so human and so flawed. I always wonder what she'd be doing now had she lived, what she's look like, what she'd be wearing, and who'd she be married to. She was in her late 30s when she died and at her most lovely I think.
I miss her.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Noooooooooooosa. Let's Live the Dream People.

I went to Noooooosa on the weekend with my girlfriends. We lived the Noosa Dream like No One's business. I love the beach, any beach, even in winter. We stayed in a resort. I love a resort. Which is good because about 75% of my wardrobe could be accurately described as "Resort Wear". Like this excellent heavily discounted Diane Von Furstenberg top arrangement from Jean Brown.
I love resort landscaping too
You know my views on a variegated leaf. I'm a fan.
Gee this Goat neutral cardy thing from Jean Brown's been good to me. It worked hard all weekend. I've worn it over a beaded top
over a Chloe navy stripey frock
and over my DVF top. This is the magic of the top. It goes with everything.
The food at Nooooooooosa is excellent. Look, just look at this fabulous dessert arrangement from Season (thank you J who bought me this amazing dinner)
and what about this artistic pudding? It was filled with ice cream and had some sort of sticky toffee sauce

Don't think that Noooooosa is Varmint Free though-look what I clocked wandering about the traps in Hastings Street. It's a greedy mulch destroying scrub turkey.
Meanwhile, these are the usual sort of bottles found in my home
But there have been Some Signifigant Changes Afoot.
These are the sort of bottles making an appearance now:
Nephew FF's in the House! Look how big he is!
I am so bored by the 3 Independents making demands and the fact that we still don't have a government. When will it all end?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Old Testament Gardening Conditions

I am not kidding when I say I garden in Old Testament Style Conditions (drought, floods, possums, bush turkeys, cane toads, a plague of locusts). I give you Exhibit A:
I just hope he wants to stay outside and doesn't figure out how to get inside. Fingers and Toes.
My friend M is back form her trip to Italy. I missed her a lot. She came for dinner tonight. Don't think she arrived empty handed either. She gave me these lovely pink presents -
I can't wait to wear that scarf (it's Italian!) and I love love love the coin purse 11/10.
Today was freezing and miserable so it seemed sensible to go red polish wise. This is OPI Big Apple Red.
Because I am embracing neutrals I wore my Goat cardy from Jean Brown. But I was still freezing. The weather is crazy.
It has the best buttons ever. Niece FF hates and loathes buttons (I know, I'm shocked too- usually we're in sync with everything) but I'm a fan.
M likes rhubarb so I made mini rhubarb crumbles. I don't know about the rest of you, but crumble's what I want when the temperature drops and it's windy and grey. So comforting and so soothing. Plus the pinky red colour is excellent. Don't forget that it's mandatory to use oats in the topping.
M's Italy photos are so beautiful I thought I'd post some.
This is George Clooney's house on Lake Como:

I've never been to Italy and want to go. I think I'd love it. The food sounds wonderful.
When are we getting a Government? What's going on? How long will it all take????

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Snippet of My Life

I went to my friend Whippersnapper S's Kitchen Tea on the weekend. It was lovely. I wore an old Sportsgirl glittery beaded top arrangement. It's been good to me. I'm loving neutrals at the moment. Don't ask me why. I just am.

The party and food were excellent-her Mum went to a lot of trouble and everything was beautiful
She was showered with superior gifts.
ZZ gave me these earrings for my birthday last year. I love them 11/10
I wore my Sensible Chloe Birthday shoes.
I love their pale pink perspex heels, but they are so high walking becomes very complicated. As in I can barely action it at all. But they look good and that's the Main Thing.
Then I went to Mark and Greg's for an election barbie a la Don's Party (but with less bad behaviour and better food). Their garden is stunning as always.

They even made this wonderful steamed pudding. It looks so perfect- it's the Pudding from Central Casting
I loved watching the election coverage. The panelists were very feisty and Mark and Greg made me laugh with their running commentary.
Aren't these azaleas divine?
and they have attractive products as far as the eye can see like these artistic painted twig arrangement.
I wonder when we'll know who's forming the next government?
I've not been this interested in politics ever. It's all very dramatic.
Enjoy your week.
PS-Edith who lives in Hungary (you know my views on Hungarians- I Luff them 11/10) has just become the Blog's 600th Follower! 'Citing Times. Thank you Edith and all Followers!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Down to the Wire!

Can you believe this election? I've been glued to the tv all night long at my Don's Party-esque barbecue (love it that so many of you know Don's Party!). Who knew it would have come to this nail biting finish? Who's going to win? I've been loving all the snarkiness between the panel members on channel 9. This is the most exciting thing in Australian politics in ages.

Election Day!

Have you voted yet? I'm just about to go out to the local Senior Citizens Club to cast my vote. I hope the Scouts have set up a fund raising sausage sizzle. Are you all going to election barbecues a la Don's Party (no one will get this reference probably) tonight? Mine will be tamer and with better clothes. I can't wait!
How nice is this cleome?
You might know it as a spider plant. And look at my baby nasturtiums-nothing's eaten them (yet). Fingers and Toes.
This is a kalanchoe flower. It looks like an alien form.
and this is another sort of kalanchoe. Say what you will about succulents they can handle drought like No One's Business.
My jasmine's gone beserk.
it smells wonderful at dusk.

My bromeliad is about to flower I think, look:
Hello Joan Salvia. You're a Stalwart of the FF Garden. We love your weed-like ability to thrive in Old Testament Style Conditions. Keep up the Good Work.
Meanwhile yesterday I was showered with polish. My new friend M gave me this OPI polish-
and Whippersnapper S gave me a fab Mac polish and handcream. It's her Kitchen Tea Party (Shower Tea?) today. I haven't been to one in years and can't wait. I might wear my new Sensible Chloe shoes.
Judes from Atlantis Home's been baking what she calls lemon bars.
I made her recipe- it is deadset easy and tasty.
In Australia we'd call this a lemon curd slice. Either way it's delicious.
Don't Forget to Vote!