Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Blue Frock and Other Stuff

How nice is this huge sparkly Sportsgirl necklace arrangement?
I wore it to the Coalface with this excellent voluminous blue silk smock frock by BCBG by Max Azria that I sourced from about 18 months ago and for some crazy reason have never worn. Don't ask me why because now I've found it I love it! It's everything a frock should be-silk, lined, covers a multitude of sins and it has side pockets! What's not to love?

My polish was Chanel's Splendeur. It's the perfect dark pink, but sadly, it does tend to chip easily.
Someone asked me what food memoirs with recipes I have. Well this one doesn't have recipes (that I can remember anyway) but it's an excellent memoir about a girl who grew up in New York in a restaurant family. It's a great read.
and one of my favourite books ever is this one by Jennifer Paterson, who was one half of the Two Fat Ladies. Some of the food isn't for me (eel pies and that sort of thing) but I loved Jennifer. She was so funny and glamorous what with her red nails and lipstick and dyed jet black 'do and cocktail rings.
She went to the Brompton Oratory every Sunday for mass. I always think of this when I go to the Oratory (which admittedly isn't that often given it's in London). She used to ride there on her scooter. She and Clarissa Dickson Wright didn't know each other until the producers of the show brought them together. They had great on screen chemistry.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough:
Tamasin Day Lewis (Daniel's sister) and her partner Rob go to Italy to travel round and stuff themselveswith local delicious food. The only sad thing is that after I'd read this book I found out that Rob left Tamasin for another woman! Poor Tamasin. But the book is wonderful. I hope she found someone else.
She used to have a cooking show on the Food channel but I haven't seen it in ages.
Nephew FF sent me a thank you card today! Well my sister sent it on his behalf. I don't know why more people don't write thank you notes. It takes seconds and people love receiving them. I don't really buy into the whole "I don't have time" thing.
Meanwhile Wally's been much on my mind.
There were rumours that she was in a fact a hermaphrodite.
On the back of my book about her by Michael Bloch there's a quote from James Pope Hennessy that says "I should classify her as an American woman par excellence were it not for the suspicion that she is not a woman at all"
Poor Wally. But she did have superior jewels. And good outfits.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pies. Pucci. Presents from Maitai.

Behold the Magnificence of my Beef Bourguignon Pie!
The puff pastry stars were an inspired touch I think.
This is me earlier today
It seems to be summer (finally) so naturally I thought "FF you better get kitted out in some Old School Pucci" So I did.
I accessorised with my old Bally bag and my blue pashmina arrangement (the Coalface Office gets chilly)
Today something very exciting happened at the Coalface-I got a surprise present in the post from Maitai! I know. I was thrilled too. It was beautifully wrapped.
It was 2 gorgeous scarf rings. I definitely want to get my mitts on more scarves now. Thank you Maitai, I love them! Look at the perfect wrapping:
I feel that a large Hermes Kelly black and orange scarf is calling my name. Loudly.
Meanwhile, speaking of orange, it's warming up so I wheeled out my Revlon Make Mine Mango polish (a good substitute for Chanel's Orange Fizz and much less 'spensive)
I am fond of orange. Look at my specs-
I like it scattered about the FF garden too
and I quite like bits of it on a heel. Pucci slides I have missed you so much over winter!
Wondering why I'm actioning so much baking? Well it's not just because the Universe is Directing me to. I'm re-reading Amanda Hesser's Cooking for Mr Latte. She writes about falling for her husband and the food she cooked him during their romance. She has recipes at the end of every chapter. I haven't actually used a recipe but I've been inspired to bake.
like these little raspberry almond tarts.
Hello Gorgeous
Did everyone catch the debacle over announcing the wrong winner on Australia's Next top Model? Very dramatic.
And can I just give a HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO THE AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR? 97cents against the US Dollar!
Hooray!! I'm off to action some net shopping from any USA site I can think of. Let's hope it lasts. Fingers and toes People.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wallis's Jewels and Other Big Issues

I dropped and broke my laptop on Monday morning. I know. I was mad too. So this post is coming to you from my fancy pants new fangled modern laptop that I had to replace it with. I'm sure we'll be very happy. You can buy a laptop for under $500 these days. Who knew? This pink iceberg looks nice doesn't it? Pity it's leaves are covered in evil black spot. My ranaculous are still providing Joy and happiness. Look:

The Duchess of Windsor's jewels that were bought at auction in the 80s are up for sale again! They're beyond my means but I'm thinking if we pool our cash in a conglomerate style fashion maybe we could get our mitts on this Cartier charm bracelet:
I bags wearing it first though.
Say what you will about Wally, she knew how to keep herself slim and she knew how to keep a man's attention (credit where credit's due). Apparently after he abdicated she used to have the former king's schedule typed up every day to keep him busy even though it said stuff like "9 am golf 11.30 am meet tailor" instead of "Meet Prime Minister, Open Parliament, Greet Visiting Head of State " etc
Wally was no beauty but by God she had superior clothes and jewels.
Meanwhile I wish the Universe would stop directing me to make bechamel because frankly I'm getting sick of making it. Last night after the Universe spoke to me and told me to action bechamel AGAIN I made this seafood lasagna arrangement with lots of dill.
I didn't use tomatoes. I was in a sort of blonde mood. It was delicious.
I cooked up prawns, Salmon chunks and scallops and firm white fish with dill onion and celery and mixed it through my bechamel then layered it with lasagne sheets and shoved it in my (pristine) oven til it was golden. Try it. You won't be sorry.
And on a sad note, Catherine Walker, Di's favourite designer died on the 23rd of September of cancer. I have her beautiful book.
Diana was buried in one of her dresses.
I loved seeing Diana in her clothes, but what strikes me now is how Diana kind of dressed older than her age. Often you see her in very formal mature get ups ands then you realise she was about 25 at the time.

look here's old Fergie. Catherine Walker started out making maternity clothes which is how Diana 1st found her.

Thanks Mark for letting me know.
It's raining, so I'm making a beef casserole with lots of red wine. Maybe I'll make some mashed potatoes too.
Thank you for everyone who's asked about my grandfather. He's still in hospital which is no good. Getting old is no picnic People.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Snippet of the FF Life

Ranaculous are on sale at Coles Supermarket for $7 a bunch! Run don't walk.
I love their bright faces. You know how I love a sweet treat? Look at this Portuguese lemon tart thingamy:
I ate it after I saw this movie. I liked it and give it 3/5 stars, but apparently if you have read the book, it's not much chop.
Vegetarians and Ham Haters Look Away Now!
This morning for breakfast I glazed my sister a small leg of ham with ginger ale, Dijon mustard, cloves and lime marmalade. Oh. And brown sugar. Nigella uses coke but ginger ale is what you want. Trust me. Bake it in a hot oven til It's looking golden brown. This is it before
and I baked her some tasty white breadrolls with sesame seeds on top, so she could make some hot ham rolls for breakfast. I use the recipe on the back of the yeast packet. You should too.
We are both very very sad because today she and Nephew FF fly out to Hong Kong. I am really going to miss them. I have loved having them on the same continent. Nephew FF has put on a truckload of weight (everyone does when they stay under my roof) and grown 3 cms. In a month.
I miss my summer clothes too. Will I ever get to wear them again?? As in why is it still not summer?

I miss you frog green and black Tibi summer frocks.

The FF Garden is channeling Nephew FF and growing at the rate of knots too. Like the Black Knight salvia.

I like a tidy house but a really messy garden
I'm a fan of all things Mitford, so I bought Debo's book yesterday. So far I love it.
and I might read these magazines later on. That little girl from the City looks pretty.
Enjoy your Sunday.