Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Heart Honkers!

I am in Honkers and loving it sick. This is the view from my sister's flat in the Midlevels
Everything feels so familiar and comforting in Honkers
But I miss the FF garden already
Light packing is not my forte. It's been nightmarish. So is trying to use a foreign computer. My sister just deleted accidentally my outfit snap and we can't figure out how to bring it back. Must go and play with Nephew FF before lunch at Isola.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Aren't these Phoebe Stephens flowers the absolute bomb? They were a gift from my friends C and A and I love them. Someone told me that Phoebe used to do the flowers at Buckingham Palace.
I wonder what those lovely green things are?
Last night Mr FF and I went out to dinner at Montrachet. It's my favourite place to eat. We always sit at the bar and I always order the exact same thing.
This is Mr FF. He told me what sort of tie this was but I can't remember. It was Italian though.
Some people are scared of offal. I'm not one of them. I like the brains for entree. Don't be squeamish. They are delicious. Really.
Mr FF had this. He always orders different things.
then I have the twice baked sand crab souffle. This photo does it no justice.
and before dinner I went to hear Maggie Alderson talk about her new book that I'm half way through, Shall we Dance. She was lovely and had great stories, like how her sister is quite good friends with Ron Woods's ex wife and how when she was a lot younger she was arrested for wearing an obscene t-shirt that she'd bought from Vivien Westwood's shop.
I wore lilac Malene Birger, Maggie wore a Paul Smith dress and some groovy Top Shop heels (I asked). She said she loved my dress! Malene really never ever gets it wrong.
Meanwhile I'm settling in my housesitters S and K and their glamorous and slightly sinister dog X because I'm off overseas for a while. I know. So exciting. Let's hope that Ausralian Dollar stays strong.
I'm not sure whether I'll be blogging or not but if I do Willow'll be holding the fort and sorting out your comments.
Memo to X: Do not dig up the FF garden, or there'll be Tears.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Attractive Orange Flowers

How utterly lovely are these orange Lily things in my garden? Does anyone know what they are? I wish they flowered all year round.
Meanwhile Poor Ole Mr FF had to get a 1.45am flight home. I know! Such a late flight. I thought he would arrive about about 6am but still no sign. I loathe flying at weird times don't you?
Don't forget to see Maggie Alderson tonight at Mary Ryan at 6.15. I'h halfway through Shall we Dance and am enjoying it.
This week is speeding by.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed People

This photo from December last year of Ole Mr FF holding a panettone amuses me no end. From October onwards we eat them for breakfast. Or whenever we are hungry really. Mr FF got me onto them and now I'm a Fan. I've been searching for them and as of yesterday The Eagle has Landed and I found this this in the supermarket:
Look it's not our regular brand and Mr FF will probably turn his nose up at it as he is a Veritable Panettone Snob but I'm thankful for Small Mercies.
Meanwhile I was watching Q and A last night and an audience member threw a pair of shoes at the former PM John Howard. I don't care what your politics are, shoe throwing is just not on.
Happy Tuesday.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Life Snippet

Nasturtiums are always so cheery aren't they? I love them massed together. Did you attend a Pink Ribbon Fundraiser today to raise money for Breast cancer? I bought a pink sparkly bracelet thing and wore it to the Coalface.
Yesterday afternoon my Mum was up from the country, so I baked her some chocolate chip biscuits and made her a gin and a tonic and she helped me with some domestic activities. Then we leafed through my Malene Birger book together. I wish she lived here all the time.
I had this Atlantic salmon/asparagus /red grapefruit segment/red onion/cucumber salad arrangement with abasil yoghurt and mustard dressing for dinner. I know. Healthy.
then I had some of these:
after this of course
This is Our ZZ ("Hungarian to the Stars"). We did brunch yesterday. She's heading back to Budapest next month for a holiday. I'll miss her. She knows all my secrets and I treat her house as an extension of mine. I can get there in under 3 minutes which is quite convenient. She found it funny that a bunch of people who read this blog are now saying that they Luff stuff.
The FF Garden is Covering itself in what can only be described as GLORY. Late October early November is its time to Shine really.

I thought this was a hippeastrum but a clever reader said it was a bella donna lily (I think). Orange and coral coloured flowers are the Bomb.
and my little white agapanthus flowers are about to burst forth
and so are my purple aggies.

Today I met my whippersnapper friend K for lunch. She got back from a trip to Honkers last night so we had a lot to catch up on
I'll be seeing the Perfection that is Niece FF in just over a week. know. I can't wait either! So I've bought her some tasteful accessories for her Barbie. I know she'll love the pink clutch and bag and the pink shoes. They are all very Her. I've got her some pink OPI polish too. It's handy having so much in common with her because it makes present buying super easy.
Monday went so fast. x

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Money Never Sleeps and Neither Do I

The handy thing about being such a bad sleeper and waking up ludicrously early is that you really are able to action lot of tasks. I'm not meeting ZZ ("Hungarian to the Stars") until 9.30 so I suppose I'll action some Miscellaneous Housekeeping until then.
I bought that crazy giant pink cocktail ring ornament yesterday. Niece FF would love to get her little mitts on it. I should buy her one.
Here are some more photos of Mark and Greg's garden (Janet this is for you!) I love their blue cornflowers
Meanwhile I think my Mum is due to come up from the country today. I want to show her my new Malene Birger book because I know she'll luff it.
I actually do own 1 Danish Christmas ornament. It's a gold plated heart from Georg Jensen that Mr FF bought me last year. At 1st I thought it was a necklace! I 'spose you could actually wear it as one.
Edith Hope asked me if I had been to Liberty in London- I have and I luff it 11/10. It's my favourite department store.
One of my lovely American readers (I know- people in America read this blog- Who knew?)asked me if I was in fact not Australian but Southern ( I'm thinking Steel Magnolias Southern).
Well, I'm not Southern, and definitely am Australian (and have the accent and sun damage to prove it) but I do like to cook and feed people, I'd never knowlingly undercater, undercushion or under-decorate my holiday tree, I like a cocktail and I consider mess clutter and chipped polish the Devil's Work. Does this make me Southern in an honorary sense I wonder? I've got this brilliant book written by a Real Southern lady Julia Reed (love all her books and love her articles in American Vogue too) Its excellent -she is very very funny.
Righto I'm off to do some gardening x

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas Decorations and Other Stuff

Finally I think my Holiday Tree has Sufficient Ornament Coverage. This has taken years to achieve. Meanwhile this is me with Ole Mr FF yesterday. I got up at 5am this morning to help him pack and drive him to the airport. On a Saturday. I know. I am a Saint. Saint FF. (Paris's Patron Saint is St Genevieve. Music's Patron Saint is St Cecilia. I could be perhaps the Patron Saint of Unchipped Nail Polish?)
I'm not scared to mix my high end fancy pants decorations with my low end el cheapo chain store stuff and either should you. And All is well with the World:
Mr FF cleverly matched his (Jason are you reading this?) Non Gaudy Tie (Liberty) with my silk twinset arrangement (by Jean Paul Gaultier and on sale for 10%of its original retail price!!!)
Say what you will about us we're Predictable.A weird thing happened this morning when I got back from the airport and was wondering what to wear to brunch with my girlfriends. I found a black jersey By Malene Birger frill top thing at the back of my wardrobe that I had bought from Christiansen Copenhagen about 6 months ago, forgotten about and never worn. How could this be???
Spring has sprung in my garden. Look:

after brunch the girlfriends and I went shopping for Christmas paraphenalia
then I popped over to Mark and Greg's to see what their garden was up to. It looked amazing.
Have you bought Maggie Alderson's new book yet? I got mine today. I'm taking it to her book signing next week. Can't wait to read it.
I was watching Nigel Slater on Lifestyle Food today. I love his cooking and a find his manner so thoughtful, calm, peaceful and soothing. Remember his memoir Toast?
My flowers send their love.