Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello. And Thank You.

Thank you to everyone who left such lovely and generous messages about my pregnancy. I was amazed and touched.
Meanwhile my bee hive gingers are spookily channeling Rommel and amassing an army. Here they are looking all Sinister about to Make Their Move:
Don't you love these cheery plates? Me too.
Here's me in a Maternity frock from Target. It's a glorified t-shirt that I wear with leggings (which I make my cutting the feet off black maternity opaque tights) and ballet flats for play wear and it cost about $40, which I think is 'Spensive for what it is.

And here are some of my Christmas presents. I got this feathery pink cuff thingamy which I love
and this beautiful Tres Kelly Hermes scarf that I wanted for ages. It is the perfect shade of orange.
And I got some really good books. The history of Chanel No 5 is un-put-downable and I love Dreaming of Chanel-the illustrations are beautiful. The baby book was from The Baby itself (Really. The Kid loves to shop. On the internet.) The card said
"I trust You, but just in case, you might need this book. Love The Baby xxx".
And I got a feather pillow and some silk pillow cases in this lovely dusty pink colour that allegedly will help me maintain my 'do and prevent wrinkles. Goody.
Let's talk Turkey People.
The Before Shot:
and the After Shot. It was partially boned and delicious. And cheap. Much cheaper than lamb.
People doing Low Calorie Diets look Away Now.
Because look at this Eton Mess. So comforting and soothing during Life's Difficult Times.
Is anyone else craving soup? This is a sort of blonde French onion soup arrangement with gruyere crouton whatsies.
All it does is rain and half the state's flooded. My roses are covered in black spot and nothing is blooming 'cept this lone ranger:
I've been addicted to High Teas lately.
Why do teeny tiny things taste better I wonder?
Remember this YSL frock? Well it has become the Veritable backbone of my meagre Maternity Wardrobe. It's not silk, but it's lined, and it has side pockets.
this is The Bump-
I had a wander through the Magic of Jean Brown Today

I loved this McQueen frock

and these orange sandals were Perfection
One sad thing about being preggers is that you can't really tolerate super high heels. More's the pity.
And without the Volume and Roominess of By Malene Birger frocks, I would literally have nothing to wear. Or at least nothing attractive. This is my new Frock.
Accessories have become My Best Friend. By God you really rely on scarves, bangles, necklaces and Good Grooming when you can't wear 80% of your clothes. I think it was a lot easier to dress when I was in winter in Europe last month- I just chucked on maternity skinny jeans, boots, twinsets, cashmere jumpers, fur gilets, silk scarves and I was set. Summer is a lot more challenging for the Pregnant Woman Fashion Wise I think. Annoying given that it is now what can only be described as Summer.
I really am touched by every one's kind wishes on my last post. It made me teary reading all the comments.
If you were reading in June you know that my Grandma, who I loved beyond measure died, and then 2 weeks later my uncle died suddenly too. I remember my friend M said to me "when there's a lot of death in a family often some one has a baby".
I had absolutely no idea that it would be Me!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Pitter Patter of Little FF Feet....

Exciting News People! I'm 28 weeks pregnant and am having a baby in March!
I know. I'm really really happy too. I already know if it's a boy or girl. I don't know how people can stand not knowing. And I absolutely love being pregnant. Who knew? Every one's been asking when I would announce it on the blog, and I've always said "never!" but it just somehow seems like the right time now. Plus I've been looking back at all my posts for the past year and I've decided that I'd like a record of the last part of Pregnancy-gate. I cannot wait to meet my baby and to see its little face! I'll give you my thoughts on the Utter Vileness of "Maternity Wear" in the near future (For the Uninitiated, they are the Devil's Finest Work- not silk, not lined and no side pockets. Nothing. Shocking.)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Still Obsessed with Orange

I suppose most of you have actioned your trees by now.
It rains non stop these days which suits my beehive gingers
they actually smell like ginger too which is nice. I wonder if I can eat the stems? Anyone?
My shasta daisies are finally making an appearance. These make the best cut flowers
and I don't know what these are but they flower prolifically and are drought tolerant
and my spathalilums (know I have spelled this wrong) are going great guns

The other night my girl friends and I went to Tartufu for dinner. It's run by the man who used to run Fellini at Mirage
We all had veal with macadamia nuts and lavender sauce
and tiramisu for pudding
I met a lovely blog reader yesterday -Anne Marie (not to be confused with A-M from the House that A-M built!). She already knew Lotus so Willow and I met her for coffee. She gave me this excellent Royal Doulton decoration, which I love
and this fabulous OPI orange polish! A Good Mandarin in Hard to Find.I'm taking it with me when I get a mani and pedi today. Thank you so much Anne Marie- you'll be getting my thank you note soon
Meanwhile how good did Di look in orange? And don't you love her Dior bag?
and don't you love this coral necklace and fabric from Oscar de la Renta from '96? Is that Carla Bruni in the middle I wonder?
and Mr FF found me this orange mushroom decoration! 11/10 Mr FF
when I got home yesterday this was in my letter box
Linda in Chile and her divine children had sent the sweetest cards ever- I was thrilled to read them. Her kids are so well raised, as well as being gorgeous. I am seriously Impressed. I love it how they all said that they luffed things!
and that things were 11/10! So cute.
meanwhile, is Princess Mary still reading? Mary? is it You?
Do you all buy a Christmas Outfit? Last year's was red Mint by Jodie Arnold with beading. I've been wheeling this out a lot lately, I think the beading rocks.

By the way, my team and office got "most Stylish" at the Coalface Dec Comp. Everyone who entered won really!
This might be my Christmas dress this year. It's By Malene Birger (of course it is) and it was heavily discounted and it has a bit of orange in it and it's silk. It's got a kind of Daisy Buchanan/Gatsby floaty pannel arrangement vibe (without the Bad Behaviour and Car Accidents of Course)
Please don't tell Mr FF. I'm on a very strict budget. Ssshh.
I've defrosted the fridge, pruned the wild FF garden, done a load of washing and now I have to pop out and get my paws done and a pedi too. I've got a High Tea with my girlfriends so I'd better get moving.
And another thing. Lately I have witnessed some unpleasant Hardcore Bad Behaviour-sulking, rudeness, selfishness, tantrum throwing. Just acceptable from a toddler but really really boring when an Adult is actioning same. But I have also seen people wracked by grief and facing tremendous personal loss and fear who have behaved with dignity, strength, courage, grace and who have not forgotten the importance of manners. They are truly Inspirational.
Let's all aim for the latter.