Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stuff I've Enjoyed Lately

Here I am with my Fellow Leos Willow and Lotus at dinner. Gee that YSL clutch arrangement's been good to me.
My frock's by Birger et Mikkelson. It doesn't have pockets but it is silk. Look you can't have everything. It was 'net sourced and heavily discounted. Because that's just how I like to roll. Someone told me the other day that beaded sparkly clothes are Out. I know. My blood pressure skyrocketed and I had to clamp my hands over my ears and scream "Don't Ever say that to Me!"

Thank you for your Birthday wishes and happy Birthday to All the Leos out there.

I hope you were spoilt and showered with gifts and that your Hair Behaved.

Red Phoenix Emporium have produced and provided me with some fabulous beads that look the Bomb with Missoni cardies. I love them.


If you're doing a low carb diet just avert your eyes right this second.

Because here are some Hardcore Delicious Carb snaps that might put anyone except the extremely disciplined off their game.

My lovely neighbour gave me this milk jug/vase. I love it 11/10. So lucky so for many reasons that she moved in next door.

My favourite thing I got for my birthday was this:

It's a card from the Baby that he signed with a foot and paw print. I know. He is beyond clever and it is beyond cute.

He's swathed in orange velour and elephant motifs these days. Look:

Meanwhile Adrienne from The Rich Life on a Budget saw this sign in California and thought of me:

I love the idea of a Fuchsia Trail. Speaking of fuchsia, the Queen looks wonderful in this snap in my $17 air freight issue of September Tatler. I love it how she always matches everything.

I'm a Joiner so I do too

Bunches of a dozen roses are on sale at Woolies for $8. I know. Shockingly cheap. Run Don't Walk People.

Do you love a passionfruit patty cake from the Shingle Inn? Me too.

One of my favourite movies of all time is Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. I'm watching it now and loving it sick.

The acting is brilliant and so's the script.

And in International News my Mother met the Blogger known as Blighty in downtown London this weekend with All the Big Names and they went to Kensington Palace together for a look-see. Can't wait to hear all the details. Isn't it nice the way blogging unites people the globe over?



  1. Oh FF

    This post made me smile for so many reasons. L, W and yourself are all looking gorgeous.

    I am very excited about the new season RPE.

    I am in search for stretch or longer line Missoni. Have emailed Target Australia to Make This Happen.

    Baby F's foot printed card is perfect. I am inspired.

    Have a wonderful week and belated Happy Leo Day!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. I love how the Queen matches everything too. It's as if she is above whatever is in fashion and just knows what she should wear.

    There will always be a place in the world for sparkly, beaded clothes. Ignore the naysayers.

  3. Me too!
    Belated Happy Birthday Wishes!

  4. FF - that footprint card is beyond divine! Great to hear you had a fab birthday and I must say, all the meals look terrific. How fun is champers with friends! Definitely good for the soul. Loving the woolworths special deals too. Fifi

  5. This is a message for Baby FF "What skin products are you using because your skin is perfection? Are you like other celebs and simply put it down to 2 litres of water a day? Please advise".
    Matching is underrated.
    I used to go to the Shingle Inn with my grandmother when I was little- I remember feeling very special getting all dressed up to go into town for fancy morning tea. A comfort to know it's still there.
    Mouse xxx

  6. Beaded sparkly clothes are never out of fashion - bet the Fuchsia Trail is lined with sequins. Happy Birthday!

  7. I am smiling too. Loving the Lippy. The shot after the Queen is lipstick perfection in my book. Paw print is way too cute. Happy belated birthday.

  8. So glad to hear you had a lovely birthday and the card from BFF is just precious.

    Am loving those pinky green roses and Baby's rosy cheeks are pretty special too.

    I am not saying anything about the three lovely bags in the first pic...

  9. Nothing but nothing beats a Shingle Inn passionfruit cupcake.

  10. Blighty here, reporting back ! Your Mum is 11/10 Super Lovely, we had the best time, now and again I even let her get a word in..and your Sister is 11/10 Super Lovely too. And Niece FF!! (and I got a goodbye cuddle from Niece FF which quite frankly Made My Day). The Princesses exhibition at Kensington Palace was totally bemusing, did not understand it at all as was too busy chatting but your Sis and Niece FF workshopped it with me afterwards so I would know what i had missed... we also hit up old Libertys. I so wished you could have been there too with your scrumptious young man (dressed in orange velour or not). Give my love to your Mum when next you see her, during her World Tour. xxx

  11. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!

    May this next year be filled with cakes, carbs, sequins, glasses of bubbly, Missoni and kisses from adorable baby FF.

  12. Blighty!!

    I knew you guys'd hit up Liberty! So jealous I missed you all tripping the light fantastic in KP etc.

    I think you've met every member of my immediate family 'cept my Dad. I'll see what can be arranged.



    Hi there.

    Just saw this post about missoni for target and had to leave you a comment.

  14. I thought there was a good chance you and Mum shared a birthday, taking into account the superior hair, fashion, shoes, lipstick and nails that Leos adore. Even at her age a weekly mani is a must.

    Have watched Guess whose coming to Dinner to many times to remember and I still cry Every. Single. Time.

    Baby FF's foot and paw print would look super in a beautiful frame.

  15. That card is adorable. If you haven't already, get yourself a huge plastic box with lid and start throwing precious keepsakes like this card into it.
    Happy birthday to you! Your necklaces are gorgeous.

  16. dear ff,

    happy, happy birthday. how did i miss it? blighty is so lucky! baby looks so cute and cuddly in orange velour. and i see your beautiful lips are as beautiful as ever.


  17. Hiya K,
    Did not phone you this weekend as promised.
    Instead, first thing Saturday morning I thought it would be fun to break something - I chose the right elbow.
    Expect a phone call now Mon or Tues.

  18. Happiest of Birthdays to you!!

    Your posts are always such a delight. Oh, the birthday card with the baby're raising him right, FF. Everything looks so splendid, even (or especially) the carbs.

  19. I love it that you give the Queen wardrobe props. She looks divine.

  20. Have I wished you a Happy Birthday yet?!!!

    I can see it was great, love your friends, your card (precious!), the food and your sweater set and scarf are gorgeous!!


    Art by Karena

  21. Oh a Fuchsia Trail in California as well as the restaurant in Seattle!
    Interesting how we think of you at every turn, you can see that your impact is far and away and beyond.

    Baby FF's footprints are precious, there must be a clever someone who helped him "sign" the card :)

  22. Many happy returns! How sweet was that pic of your on your 2nd birthday last post? I bet you turned heads when you and your cute sisters were out together.

    So glad you've had a great birthday - your sons card is one to treasure esp. when he has feet the size of boats in a few short years time! xxx

  23. It was such a fun dinner and I am glad the necklaces match the Missoni brief :)

    @FromNorthQLD OMG Louise I hope you are okay?!? Sending get well thoughts from Bris.


  24. Dear Ms FF, Such a lovely newsy post! Blue becomes you and yes Baby FF beyond clever and beyond cute. I never bother with what is in or out and am glad that you don't either. My eldest is outraged that anyone was so rude to you and says that She wears beaded and sparkles (and as far as she is concerned that should settle the matter!) I love the new Red Phoenix necklaces - I now have two and wear them almost every day. They make me feel beautiful. Did you hear about Louise? I think she is channelling Evel Knievel! love Lindaxxx

  25. Luv reading your blog! You make me smile every day!
    Just thought you should know that Missonni is going to be selling a home goods and possibly fashion line for Target stores in the States starting in mid-September!
    Donna in Chicago

  26. Judging by the looks of that gorgeous card from your little man, I'd say that your big man must be quite the thoughtful catch. Thank you for sharing the pic of your card, it gave me the warm and fuzzies :)

  27. Hi Faux Fuchsia,

    Long time reader first time commenter.

    Thank you so much for your blog, it lights up my day!

    Have you seen this??

    Maybe Australia will be next!

    Special K

  28. Dear FF - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope that you had a lovely time. It was my birthday on Saturday and my hair didn't behave at all.

    Your little boy is just beautiful in his ensemble.

    Ignore what anyone says about sequins - you wear them fantastically well. I, unfortunately, look like my mother on a cruise in sequins!

    Happy birthday once again!

    Ali x

  29. No, no, please...please don't say that. Please don't say that beaded sparkly clothes are out.


    *in foetal position, in corner, rocking slowly and moaning*

  30. Look FF!,0,0#1

  31. gosh you are fabulous - love catching up with your latest. xx

  32. We had a glittery incident here yesterday that made me smile and think of this pots.

    Take care

  33. Sparkles will ALWAYS be in FF. I'm sure Ms Wintour was wearing a sparkly Prada number at Kate Moss' recent wedding and that's coming from fashion royalty. The barnet is looking mightily superior at this time of year. xx

  34. My husband had his birthday too, but he has no hair to worry about behaving, hahaha.

    I have the perfect response for you when told bling is out, just say "no that's wrong, only the cheap and nasty beaded sparklies are out -as they always have been."
    FF-Your's are not these so you'll be right.

  35. Happy belated Birthday! Baby FF's card is simply adorable, hope you had a wonderful day celebrating x

  36. Happy Birthday!!!
    I love the way that the FF baby signed his card.

  37. Fabulous post... a little bit of everything. Great to catch up! Loving the orange and elephants. Elephants were big back in my bubs days too... although I was more a baby blue velour and elephants kinda Mum. Couldn't get enough of that baby blue velour. It was the late 90's though. I'm over the baby blue now thank god.... finally.... took me years.
    A-M xx

  38. love your blog, and baby is adorable!

  39. belated bday wishes FF!

    have been a bit MIA lately due to a house guest!



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