Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Like everyone else I am glued to my tv watching the riots in the UK. I cannot believe what I am seeing. The world has gone stark raving mad. What the Hell is Going On? Did you read how a violent mob smashed their way into The Ledbury in Notting Hill and robbed people? The restaurant staff rushed to help armed with things like brooms and rolling pins and ended up locking patrons in the wine cellar to try to protect them. A customer had her wedding and engagement rings torn off. She blogged about it here. Those poor people who've lost their homes and businesses. When will it end? The scenes of looting and destruction are revolting.
And I don't know about the rest of you but I am really really sad that the 1 week old baby whale that was separated from it's mother beached itself again and has now had to be euthanised. Awful. All this bad news is making me want to comfort eat like a maniac. I'm trying to make responsible choices but frankly I feel like having carbs. Preferably with huge amounts of sugar.

Avocados are on sale at Woolies for $1.75 each if anyone's interested.

My friend L and I were reminiscing about my 30th birthday party the other day. She wore Easton Pearson. I wore a crazy satin outfit by Bang. I had (crosses self) brown hair back then. I made that 3 tiered pink cake arrangement myself. It was orange and almond.

That necklace thingamy was from 9 West. I wore it til it broke.

While we're strolling down Memory Lane, let's relive the Magic of my 2nd birthday

And here I am at my 4th birthday. Mum made the farmyard cake from the Woman's Weekly birthday cake recipe book. Grandma knitted me that poncho.

Jasmine's in bloom.

Stay safe everyone in the UK.



  1. I just can't imagine you with brown hair, blonde looks so natural on you.
    I hadn't head that about the Ledbury, good God, I know it well. We've seen some pretty anarchic scenes and mob rule, it's appalling.

  2. Like you I am appaled by the riots in London. What is wrong with these people?? Oh yes, that poor whale. So sad.
    Have a happy birthday week FF.

  3. Can't believe what's been going on in the UK. London was quiet last night but Monday night was truly shocking. People have had their shops/livelhoods destroyed and there homes burnt down. It's so sad. Poor London.

  4. Horrendous isn't it! I live four blocks from one area of the riots and it was all crazy. I tried to purchase some food from the high street yesterday and all the shops were closing after lunch at the request of the police and boarding up their windows. Really sad about the people who have lost their homes and businesses. I am going to the Ledbury very soon and am mortified at the brazen and cruel attitudes of the rioting youth. It appears that most of them just wanted to cause damage but mostly steal. Really awful. Fifi

  5. I loved your hair dark. But it's beautiful now too.
    Avocado toast tip- sprinkle with z'aatar, plenty of lemon and S and P...yum! And if you've any persian feta about the traps- slap some of that on too. I have this for lunch all the time. Love Mouse xx

  6. Bravo! I can't even look at my 30th photo! My 90's brown bob thingy is so plain. I much prefer my 'over processed blonde do' of today. London = crazy!! Send in the army. sad.

  7. Fifi Be CAREFUL.

    My Mum'll fly into London this weekend. Let's hope the riots stay away from Liberty and The White Company in Marlebone and the Brompton Oratory. Because I know that's where she'll be.

    I am just horrified at the complete lawlessness I am witnessing.

    I feel so sad for the baby whale. It was only 1 week old. Poor whale.

  8. Fingers and toes, it all ends soon in London. It seems the community is fighting back in latest updates. Loving the community service announcements re avocado prices and archival footage.

  9. Safeway are selling reprints of the Womens Weekly birthday cake book.

    The riots are worrying me. Several of them are near where one of my best friends lives & one was literally around the corner from where she used to live.

  10. Awful - i had tears in my eyes reading the first two esp the baby whale - what is happening to the world - gone mad - on a lighter note the fashion is a goody - love the silk pyjama suit - glad i found you via unne femme x

  11. I couldn't have imagined you with brown hair, but I have to say, in the photos you look fab with it. But blonde hair is more FABLAS, I think.

    Yes - very sad about the little whale. Perhaps there was something wrong with it and that's why it beached again. It's not much consolation, but at least it didn't beach somewhere distant from humanity and die a long and lingering death on his own.

    There is no excuse for what is going on in English cities at the moment, it's just about smashing their way to the stuff that they feel entitled to have. The thought of actually WORKING to EARN it has probably not entered their heads. But sincerely hoping that it resolves soon without further loss of life.

    Ali x

  12. I was bit astounded that the PM didn't announce that they would be facing terrorism charges, isn't that what they are doing- instilling terror?? what sort of charges might they face?? I like the way that the every day man is now banding together for the clean up, though Ibet the nasties are pretending to be good guys by day and having a good old laugh!

  13. If I were in charge of London the following things would be action immediately:

    1. tear gas
    2. the army
    3. bullets
    4. immediate and swift consequences for any looters/riot participants

    The situation beggars belief.

    I keep hearing footage of these riotors blaming the "government". For what? Honestly, I cannot believe what we are witnessing.

    Something must be done.

  14. I was watching the TV in horror at the London riots. Just shocking. I dont understand it at all. Were all of these people raised without any manners at all????

    I was scrolling down your blogroll and noticed again your amazing beehive gingers. I absolutely love this flower. they look quite striking in a strnage sort of way. Are yours still in bloom or are they more of a spring/summer bloom?

    Love the blog as always. Paid Woolies a visit tonight and picked up some cheap avocados for breakfast tomorrow morning. Hope mine are as perfect as yours look to be!

    Have a great night. Am also off to do my washing up. We dont have a dishwasher either but it is something my husband and i do together every night. We chat more over the washing up than we do at any other time of the day!


  15. Hi Plum
    Beehive gingers only come out in Dec/Jan and only if there is a lot of rain!!

  16. FF, i must have been channelling you!

    I literally five minutes ago just finished typing up my 30th birthday invites & envelopes to match on my vintage brother typewriter! Martoonies and Tom Collins are but a few weeks away for me.

    Agreed, these riots & the behaviour of the people in them are appalling.

    bf x

  17. Marylebone High Street should be okay as, as far as I know, it doesn't have a TV shop or anywhere that sells nasty 'sportswear'. I don't think looting kids are after high thread count bed linen, MB frocks or lovely Brora cardigans (showing lack of imagination to add to their other crimes).

    Police have had their hands tied up til now, but common sense seems to be prevailing.

  18. The riots are just terrible. I can't bear to watch any of it. And I can't believe you were ever brunette! Now if you mention the perm you had in the 90s I might have to have shock treatment! xx

  19. I will go against the grain and say that while I think the riots are appalling, I can understand where some of the frustration is coming from. While you or I might protest injustice by writing to our member of parliament, or writing to a newspaper, or signing a petition, if you're born into a different situation it's very easy to think that this whole system is working against you, and that you have limited power to affect change (and sometimes this is even true).

    It's amazing how people think that the bad things that happen to others (family in poverty, generations of welfare dependence, parents who don't value education, few employment opportunities) can easily be overcome, if only someone would 'get a job'. As though it's so easy.

    Personally, my principles would prevent me from rioting and looting, and if I did I'd lose my job since I work in a criminal justice field, but what have these people got to lose? It's not like their posh neighbours will think any less of them. That 'They should be home, where are their parents?' lady who's in all the news clips just really does not get it at all.

  20. The rioting in London is abhorrent, I agree, but these people are the poorest of the poor in London. It's all well and good for David Cameron to come out and say it's their lack of responsibility, but his government is also responsible with their austerity scheme, as well as begging people to plunge themselves into credit debt to save the economy, and the poor have been virtually ignored, blamed for their own situation. Tottenham Pastor Nims Ombunge put it best, "some of these young people feel they've got no stake in society and they don't think they're risking anything."

    Sorry for the long comment post. It's a sad situation all around, no matter from what angle you look at it.

  21. Let us assume that those rioting had no lovely 2nd birthday parties, or else how could they have grown up to participate in so much violence?

  22. Hi FF! Today, while reading your posting a question came to my mind: why would carbs be less good than proteins? I know what Atkins preaches but you don't follow his rules, do you? I never feel bad or feel the need for excuses when I eat carbs or proteins or fat. I only feel guilty when I've eaten too much. :-) I would love to read your personal opinio on carbs and why it always reads like an "apology" when you are cooking with carbs.

  23. The news from London is appalling, it reminds me of the Vancouver riots after the Canucks game. So senseless and completely mad.

    The baby whale story is very sad...our pods here have had a few newborn calves and there is a lot of excitement as the gestation period is so long and it is not obvious that the mom's are "expecting" so their birth comes as a surprise!

    Enjoy those tasty green goddesses of goodness!

  24. Lovely photos!
    Follow each other? :)


  25. Yes, I've been thinking the world's gone mad. I try to avoid the news, but there's a part of me that thinks perhaps I can do something...I don't help(?) if I know what's going on in this crazy world.
    Poor London. It truly boggles the mind.
    But on to nicer things: How cute were you are 2, 4, and even 30 (cute-turned-chic)...and beyond!

  26. Like you, I would call out the British Army right quick.

    One of my brothers and his family are headed to the UK this weekend, for a first-time-ever trip. Oy. Perhaps they will get the Hell out of Dodge and head right on up to Scotland a bit sooner than they had planned....

  27. I'm not too sure about the time zone but..

    Happy Birthday to the guardian of all that is glamourous, let us bake and wear fuchsia and plump our cushions as if our lives depended upon it!


  28. Thanks Tabitha. Might do some baking myself x

  29. Paula the carb and Dr Atkins comments are mean to be funny. It's a joke. Best wishes x

  30. Happy birthday FF. Enjoy the day with your little man!
    Kate Bx

  31. I made that exact same farmyard birthday cake for my then 4 year old (now he's tall and 28 years old!) it was so easy and so effective. Thanks for the trip down memory lane FF. Sad re the baby whale but only thing they could do. The riots are so terrible, hard to find words to do justice to the mindless violence etc etc. My daughter in Norfolk says she's quite glad to be in the country even though there obviously vast swathes of London physically untouched. BB

  32. Dear Ms FF, I think we collectively are reaping the harvest of a generation encouraged to blame their personal circumstances on society, their parents, everyone but themselves and encouraged to take no responsibility for themselves. There is an English commentor called Theodore Dalrymple who has written from his own experience as a doctor in poorer parts of the UK about how these views simply entrench youth in these areas in poverty and greater disaffection. On a lighter note, I hope that these are the last of the riots and your mum has lovely time in London (rather like a visit from the Australian Queen Mum!). I envy her meeting Mrs B! Iove Lindaxxx

  33. Hannah at has a recipe for avocado chocolate mousse that she has promised to post soon and I think would be worth a try, but honestly avocado on toast is just the best.

    The riots are horrific. I have friends in some of the affected areas and their stories are so scary. But I'm taking heart from the story of the wombles and all the people who have helped with the clean up. There are more good people than bad, the bad ones just get the news time.

  34. Happy birthday Faux Fuchsia. I hope that it is or was a wonderful one, spent with those near and dear.

    I had not seen the story you linked to re: The Ledbury. I can't believe how calmly she recounted that incident. How remarkable that the staff were brave enough to try to scare off the crazed mob.

  35. I have been so saddened by the news lately. The anarchy in the UK just beggared belief! I mean the calculated effort was so sustained and frightening. Looting is one thing but burning houses down with people in them is Evil. Sorry to bang on about it...

    Of course your brown mane was glorious! At least you know you have options and can rock it both ways. My hair is SO dark (with matching brows of course) that alas, I will never know the pleasure of a blonde do!

  36. Hi FF,

    Firstly thanks for the message, all settling down here in Clapham. Your mother is going to be visiting some fabulous places while she is here. Hope she has a gteat time and that you have a fabulous birthday too. Fifi

  37. Oooh, speaking (as someone was) of an Australian Queen Mum - not quite the same, but Governor General Quentin Bryce visited my husband's workplace the other day. He was quite nonplussed but I was super excited ('it's the queen's minion', he says, 'it's the PM's boss', I say). Someone took photos, which reminds me that I have to tumblr them. I am no monarchist but I love QB.

  38. Still can't get over our opposite hair colors at each of our 30th birthday parties. Too funny!

    What is not so funny is all the rotten things happening in the world. It makes me want to play ostrich and bury my head in the sand, but we must hold our heads high and carry on, as they say.

    xo, A

  39. Happy Birthday, Faux Fuschia. May you have the best day with another gorgeous cake, and special presents from Baby FF.

  40. Dark hair suits you FF but I understand perfectly the attraction of fairer locks.
    This will be a birthday to remember as the first with your adorable little man.
    The London riots...words fail me. Well not really but I won't bang on here.
    BTW I've taken the plunge into blog land :o


  42. FF happy Birthday to you.
    I promise I'll ring you.
    You look like a model,
    And dress like one too.

    Will call you over the weekend.

  43. Unexplainable riots, mayhem and beached baby whales call for carbs and plenty of them.
    Nothing though calls for you to go brunette again, ever.

  44. Dear FF,

    hope your birthday was enjoyable. I just read that Target in the US is launching a Missoni range. 400 Glorious pieces... I hope that this makes your day!

    Miss J

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