Monday, February 28, 2011

Watching the Oscars and Other Things

These flowering cordylines look good don't they? They're a bit orchid-esque.
Today was my 1st day of Maternity Leave.
It was also incredibly, swelteringly hot. I missed the Coalface's icy air conditioning.

I've been writing Thank you notes and looking at all the lovely baby things about the traps
I watched the entire Oscar ceremony and all the red carpet stuff. I don't know about the rest of you, but I, like Helena Bonham Carter on the red carpet, cannot connect emotionally to Ryan Seacrest. I'm dying to watch Fashion Police and hear what Joan has to say about it all.
Helen Mirren looked beautiful. Her hair is Perfection.
I liked Gwynnie's frock. She looked very Glam. I liked the 2nd one too, you know, the one shouldered one she wore to action the singing.
Loved Reese's Voluminous 1960s style pony.
And I thought Ole Sharon looked good, albeit a bit kind of Witchy. The stuff on the shoulder was very Black Swan.

I was going to wash the baby's clothes but apparently you need special baby friendly detergent. Which I don't have. So I actioned some low impact decluttering instead. If you ever visit, Don't Panic- I would never ever knowingly run out of champgane flutes.
Here are some Fascinating Before and Afters:

And Behold the Magnificence of all this Soothing and Comforting Order
I got a postcard today from my friend S who is in Aspen. Jealous. It's going to be 34 degrees here tomorrow! someone said when you are pregnant you often feel 5 degrees hotter, so I'll be feeling 39 degrees. I know. Scary.
My dad stayed here last night and when I looked in the bedroom this morning, he had made the bed and re-cushioned it like this:
This is what it looked like before:
Either he has a photographic memory and a hidden talent for Never Ever Knowingly Under Cushioning, or he must've slept on the floor. I'm going with the latter.
Don't forget to watch Q and A- all the Big names are on tonight.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Shower

Amber and M threw me the most beautiful baby shower yesterday. It was Perfection. After weeks of planning and Hardcore Shower Prep and Admin, they got there hours before it started and set the whole thing up in a highly-organised-military-style-fashion. I am overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness and creativity and hard work. Those 2 could run a country. There was a sort of blue bird theme and to quote Zsa Zsa ("Hungarian to the Stars")-
"I just luff those fat birds!"
Me too.
Who doesn't luff a Fat Bird?
Reader, I'm not going to lie to you, I ate my body weight in Proustian madelaines, berry tarts, apple cake, lemon curd cake, hummingbird cake, chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, salmon sandwiches, baby quiches, macaroons, and lime sorbet hand made by highly trained sorbet artisans (so refreshing on a scorchingly hot day).

Zsa Zsa made the apple cake (11/10)

There were gorgeous party favours.
And even the fence was gussied up
And just look at this level of Attention to Detail:
The spoilt baby was showered with beautiful gifts like this exquisite cashmere baby wrap from my lovely friend Kate B and her daughter L (it's a cashmiracle!). It matches the bugaboo and everything. The baby'll have to fight me for this....
One of my favourite gifts was a toy bag that my Mum sewed and then embroidered with this blue elephant
which matches this blue elephant night light she gave me.
It's so cute and changes colour!

And Mum has also started painting me an alphabet frieze for the nursery. The elephant theme continues!

Amber organised a lovely leather bound book so everyone could write messages.It was such a great day. All the Big Names came-my Mum, my Godmother, people I've known since 1985....I am very lucky. I wish my sisters could have been in the country and come too.
Here's What I wore on my Last Day at the Coalface:
It's By Malene Birger.

You know I've Left the Building because my 3 intrays are what can only be described as Empty.
This has been such an emotional couple of days.
Thankyou to everyone who helped and supported me.
You know who you are!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vale Coalface.

Today was my 2nd last day at the Coalface before my maternity leave begins.
It was a really good day, but I am sad to be leaving. I wore the Chanel lipstick that the Blogger-Known-as-Blighty gave me. It's the one Vanessa Paradis wears and I luff it 11/10. I channeled a large lump of Coal (fitting really) and wore this black velvet smock arrangement by my Best Friend Malene Birger. From the outnet. Purchased when postage was Free (Those were the days).
I got my dyed blonde 'do cut and coloured last night because God only knows when I'll next have the chance to action this type of activity again.
Gee this Sportsgirl necklace has been Good to me.
On Wednesday I channeled a huge white iceberg and wore this Target frock:

Are you all actioning buns? Remember my Top Tip- they work best with heat damaged, bleached hair. If your hair is silky and in perfect condition, you may Struggle. So get cracking with heat abuse and start overusing your GHD for best results bun-wise.

I am super sad to be leaving ye Olde Coalface (even though it's only temporary). I work with a great bunch of people, we laugh a lot and I've always had a lot of fun. I've hauled myself in there for over 14 years and the longest I've ever had off work's been 5 weeks, so it's the End of an Era really. My Fellow Coalminers are a generous bunch and I have been literally showered with baby gifts. I actually needed Willow's help to lug everything home. The Chief Coalminer is my friend and mentor and has been incredibly supportive of me for which I will always be grateful. She has great taste- she gave me some gorgeous treats from one of my favourite shops Black and Spiro. I know. So lucky. People's generosity and kindness is overwhelming and I feel very spoilt.
And look at these divine booties that my colleague R gave me- her Mum Yvonne knitted them! The talent!
Tonight my friend M who is co-hosting a baby shower for me came round to set stuff up. We channeled Martha Stewart with every cell and fibre of our being and started sorting out tea party accoutrements.

I get so upset watching the news about the earthquake in Christchurch. I can't imagine how awful it would be to have lived through it. The police have released names of 98 people who've died including 2 little babies. It is just Heartbreaking.
What the hell is going on with all these natural disasters?
Thankyou to everyone who left such sweet and thoughtful comments yesterday.
Wish me luck for tomorrow when I say Vale Coalface.
We've had some good times.