Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Swaddle. Therefore I Am.

Mr FF's colleagues sent me these flowers. Aren't they nice? I love it how flowers these days arrive in vases. So much better than having to arrange them yourself.
They're from Phoebe. Of course. Apparently she used to action the flowers at Buckingham Palace.
Here's a soothing vignette from the Fuschiadome. Not to be confused with a vinaigrette that you'd douse a salad with.
Do you love Liberty fabric as much as I do? It's so pretty.
My Mum's whipping up a Liberty smock dress arrangement for Niece FF who arrives from yonder shortly. I wish I could sew things.
Last night a cast of thousands descended for dinner. Luckily I'd never ever knowingly undercater and had made enough retrolicious Bolognaise circa 1977 with tinned champignions to feed the 8th Regiment.
Up until recently I'd never turned my mind to Swaddling or Muslins. ( Not to be confused with Muslims.) These days you can hardly move without hitting a muslin wrap round these here parts and I can action a muslin swaddle arrangement like No One's Business. Even in the middle of the night. While Half Asleep. Doesn't my baby's nose look cute?
Meanwhile I'm still actioning polish when I can

But some things have been neglected. Like these cushions.
My sister and her family arrive from Honkers tomorrow so Nephew FF can meet his new cousin. You can imagine my Mother's excitement. And mine too- I can't wait!!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Is everyone actioning tasty 1 Pan Cooking Solutions with cheap cuts of meat like I told you to? Baked chicken with lemon and potato requires Minimal Washing Up. A necessity in my life these days. Must think of more 1 Pan Wonders. I thought about lamb chops but then I remembered they are up there with BHP shares at about $40 a kilo dammit. It's a bit cold and rainy here so home made baked beans and Pseudo Italian meatballs were in order. And you can eat this with 1 paw. Handy. don't even bother eating this without liberal amounts of lemon juice. Don't ask me why-it's just Better. My friend J gave me these amazing native flowers. Aren't they beautiful? Not to mention long lasting.
And my uncle and cousins sent these really really long lasting "flowers" with baby accessories! Love this too.
Meanwhile, remember Ole Mr FF and I used to match outfits? Well we aren't so much these days but he has been wearing a lot of Blue For Boys Accessory-wise.
Look at what Mr FF's twin is wearing:
Tie Twins!

My sister gave me this cute outfit. Our little boy looks exactly like Mr FF. As my Mum says, put a pair of spectacles on him and they'd be difficult to tell apart!

I am finding it challenging to complete all the paperwork necessary for a new baby without an Office, a Photocopier a Fax machine and most importantly H Super Secretary (Hi H!!).There should be a checklist that they give you BEFORE you have a baby about all the copies of documents you will need. All those books about pregnancy and not a whisper about the proof of ID you'll need to access your baby's birth certificate and the cost of same. Why I wonder?


Monday, March 28, 2011

Flowers. French Fashion. Vale Liz.

One of the lovely things about having a baby is that you literally get showered with flowers. These hyacinths are pretty special aren't they? They came out of a beautiful bouquet from my Fellow Coalminers (Thank you!). Phoebe Stephens actioned them. She never gets it wrong. It seems fitting that they're resting on my Liz Love Affair with Jewellery book. Poor Liz. Edited to Add all stamens and pollen were removed from the lillies by me because I know they are dangerous for babies, plus I hate the stains, but thank you for the people who emailed me to warn me- the photos were taken a while back now. x

Must get cracking with my thank you notes.
On the advice of my friend T, I assembled a Fancy Pants Special Outfit for the baby to Come Home in. I like a bit of French Fashion Action and he's a Joiner so he does too. The gorgeous sailor suit arrangement direct from Paris was a gift from M and I love it! The socks and wrap are French too. They're from my sisters.

and Amber's been tripping the Light Fantastic in Paris at the Collections sourcing clobber for Jean Brown AND the baby- she picked up this adorable French getup for him in my 2nd favourite colour ORANGE. Hooray.
Don't tell anyone but I like to dress him up in cute outfits during the day. He's pretty compliant. So far.
This was the view from my hospital room on my last night. Can I just say I loved my hospital stay 11/10? The room was lovely, I had my own bathroom, the food was good (we got such superior choices!), there was a bed for Mr FF to stay over, the nurses, doctors and staff were so nice, anyone who was with me for meals got one too.... If they'd told me I could've stayed another week I would've been thrilled. I was actually sad to leave. I can't for the life of me imagine why anyone would be in a hurry to get home.
But just in case the food wasn't any good, my friends bought me lots of treats. Like this lemon tart. 11/10.
And I have been gorging myself on Maggie Beer pate. Gee I missed this.
Yesterday was a big day for us- the baby met his Grandma and the Hungarian to the Stars. Love at First Sight All Round.
There are so many Liz documentaries on at the moment. She really lived life to the full.
I'd forgotten she experimented with blonde.
That Face. Unbelievable.
and Rachel Zoe's copied me and had herself a baby boy too! Hers is called Skyler. Mine is not.
Haven't got tired of staring at him yet.

I was worried that the hospital had no night nursery and made everyone "room in" with their baby, but I shouldn't have been. I liked him right next to me in his mobile perspex cot thing so I could see him at any given moment.

Such a good night for tv what with Australian Story, 4 corners and Q and A.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fingers and Toes

It's a cliche but one I couldn't resist!
In hospital the baby gets swaddled so I haven't really had much chance to look at his adorable feet.
I feel sad that Liz Taylor died. If you've been reading this blog for a while you know I was a big fan. I've got Elizabeth Taylor, The E True Hollywood Story on in the background. She was so so beautiful and such a survivor-an amazing combination. Not to mention super glamorous. I think her daughter was only 2 months old when Mike Todd was killed in that plane crash. Can you imagine? One of my favourite quotes is by her-"Now is the time for Guts". It can be applied to any situation. I 'spose I'll be drawing on those words in the next few months if this baby decides he's going to trip the light fantastic all night long and refuse to sleep....
Thank you for all of your lovely messages on my last post. Some of them made me downright teary they were so kind. My family and friends are always 11/10 but they have been amazing during this special time- so kind, so generous and so supportive and so loving. Tomorrow the Baby gets to meet his Number One Fan in the flesh, My Mum. She is a Superior Grandma in all respects and has loved getting daily photos and updates. I for one cannot wait.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Our beautiful son arrived earlier this week. He is absolutely perfect in every way and we are madly in love with him. He looks exactly like Mr FF except for his lips which look like mine. He has brown curly hair, blue eyes and superior skin. His fingers and toes are pretty cute too. Everyone who sees him tells me he is gorgeous. I think he is too.
He weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces in the old money.
The joy and relief I feel is indescribable.
The day he was born was the happiest day of my life. And I can't stop staring at him.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Quince. Rhubarb. Family. Waiting.

If you've been reading this blog, you know that I absolutely love quince. I can't for the life of me fathom why it's not more popular. Maybe the long cooking time and grainy texture isolate the masses? anyway, Finally FINALLY I found some at the farmer's market yesterday. Hooray. I threw them in my slow cooker with some cinnamon cloves lemons and sugar. Look:
Meanwhile it's Bromeliad Heaven round these here parts
I've been having lots of Last Pre Baby Hurrahs. I went to Il Posto on Saturday night.
Forgive me Dr Atkins but at the moment, for me, Carbs are King.
Here's a Market snap. The rain kept everyone away. But on the upside there was Quince.
Are you all loving avocado on toast? Me too.
Yesterday the Australian news channels had 5 second snippets about the situation in Libya. Thank God for foxtel and CNN. The world is in such a crazy state what with the insane weather, the situation in Japan and now this.
And all of it makes me want to really hunker down and action some mindless repetitive cooking. At the markets I also got my mitts on some rhubarb.
If you're afraid of large amounts of that coarsely ground brown sugar you'd better look away now.
See what I'm Talking About?
I bake it covered at 180 degrees for as long as I feel like.
and then I like to eat it hot, in a crumble, or cold cold cold in a Fool. With toasted almonds.

There's nothing like a baby's imminent arrival to bring out the very best in people. The phone runs hot with lovely people calling me to chat and tell me that they are thinking of me. I know. So kind. In the last few hours I've spoken to my uncle, my aunts, my parents, my sister, my Grandfather and my girlfriends. I feel very lucky, and very supported.
But a bit nervous too.

This is me on the way to a blood test. Glamorous it wasn't. I am so sick of needles.
I got this top in Sydney last year but I can't remember the brand. I like the big black silk cuffs.
I saw the last in the Dragon Tattoo Movie Franchise, the Hornet's Nest one. (I've got a big tattoo. I've been Betrayed. I'll seek revenge. Justice will Prevail) 3 stars.
The Domestic Comforts of Home are very soothing aren't they? Especially when you're actioning a lot of WAITING.

I am so looking forward to meeting this baby.