Friday, April 29, 2011

I Love it All

Sobbing so much can barely type. Love the the dress. Love Carole's frock. The Queen never gets it wrong. Camilla looks good. Feel sad Diana not there. Viscount Spencer's girls are stunning. Very emotional. Pippa looks amazing. We are having the best fun here. xxxx

Let the Celebrations Begin!

Ok people are here and the celebrations have begun! I've actioned a very subtle flower arrangement thingamy on my 'do. M bought me this stunning tiara:
She's wearing one too

we are Tiara Twins!

Mark and Greg have actioned some stunning canapes

Greg brought these vintage flags- 1937 and 1952 respectively. We'll wave these with the sparklers at the appropriate juncture.

Cucumber canapes. Of course.

and roast beef

I'm wearing this Old Stalwart:

The baby is kitted out in patriotic red white and blue

I've polished it up in Chanel's peche nacre

and in a Homage to the 1980s I've sprayed on some Paris.

So exciting! How are your parties going?


The Anticipation is Building!

My sister just called me from London. People are camped out in front of the Abbey ready for action. She took photos to send me. She's watching it on telly. It's only 5am there now. Wonder if Kate's awake yet? She's buying me a newspaper to send over (Sister not Kate) Meanwhile I've actioned my faux Coronation chook (Forination Chicken). It doesn't photograph well. I use Greek Yogurt instead of cream and mayo and I go in hard with the lime juice, lime zest and mango puree. I do not add apricots. You can tell the whole original recipe thing was dreamt up by Ole Constance Spry to scream luxe-high-end-food-treat circa 1950s. The orginal recipe has not aged that well....
Table Centre Piece at the Ready

Will Camilla wear a Philip Treacy hat? Will the Queen wear blue? Will Princess Anne action her regular 1970s high hair?

Time will tell...


The Dress-Is it vintage McQueen?

My friend Kate just told me that Maggie Alderson tweeted that Sarah Burton says the bride will wear vintage McQueen. Plus it looks like old Sarah has just checked into the hotel Kate's at. Look. I cannot find a tiara for love or money dammit. Oh well. I'll be quite sad when it's all over. xxxx

The Big Day is Here!

Who's super excited? I've set the table, made most of the food and got the tv at the ready. I remember Di's wedding like it was yesterday and could still tell you what anyone wore. Last night I had my own celeb moment when I met the lovely and friendly Carly from Tune into Radio Carly (see my blog list) in real life. We were at the Tribune for the Red Phoenix launch. I channeled a giant velvet grape and wore Nanette Lepore from the Olden Days.
This morning I coudn't take the 2nd drawer anymore and decluttered it. This was the Shocking "before" snap.

Meanwhile not to be outdone my close personal friend Karl ( "if I cut you, a curtain drops, an IRON curtain"-Damn Straight Karl) has actioned a Visionary chocolate suite in some hotel. Really. Everything's made of chocolate. You can just hear Amanda Harlech cheering and swooning. Maybe I'll action a room made of chocs in the Fuschiadome. Maybe not.

Mark and Greg are huge Royalists and they're bringing some chic canapes tonight. mark tells me that at the official reception they've allowed 16 per person....let's take a moment to ponder that. Ok so here's a sort of coleslaw thing with an English mustard dressing I've whipped up.

and I've actioned a sort of English style green bean salad

and I've got my roast chicken ready to be dressed in a pseudo Coronation Chicken dressing (mine's got a modern twist, there's a recipe on the blog somewhere). I'll action my Eton Mess later (Janet- it's crushed meringue, cream and raspberries- sort of a squashed pavlova arrangement)

Keep the comments coming tonight-Christina- I have changed my comments to a pop up box- thanks for the advice! I'll be live blogging with my entourage from about 5pm to midnight.



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

I am so excited! Everyone I know is watching the wedding with their friends. 'Citing! What are you all doing and more importantly what will you be wearing? My sister and niece are actually in London. Wish I was too.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Decluttering at Half Speed

You just cannot do a speed declutter with a newborn baby in tow. They slow you down. But at least I got a carboot full of stuff to the Salvation Army. My friend L was here as I was about to leave so she got a frock and some fur gilet thingamies and a bunch of magazines. So happy they're off to a good home. How organised and empty does the cupboard look? So Thrilling. In the photo declutter stakes I've come across the following snaps:
My parents Back in the Day, and me in my Youth

It's a good thing you can't see my polish as it is Well and Truly Chipped. But Don't Panic. I'll sort something tonight. In keeping with my Stay at Home Mother Status and because the weather has turned a bit chilly, I went to Target today and bought a tracksuit and some pink ugg boots. Look:

It really is non stop Glamour round here. Tomorrow Willow and Lotus are having a launch party for their new Collection at the Tribune. All the Big Names are going. The Baby appears to be learning how to smile. It's about time.

How's everyone's Royal Wedding dinner plans panning out? I'm thinking Coronation chicken, salad, a rice dish and Eton Mess. Maybe. Might set the table tomorrow to save time.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Decluttering. The Urge has Struck.

I have just had an urge to give my home a serious hardcore declutter. What with all the baby paraphernalia, things are getting a bit messy round these here parts. I've actioned the linen press (to those not in the know this is a hall cupboard where I store my manchester ie sheets, towels, that type'o'thing) but on my hit list are clothes, shoes, accessories, the bathroom cupboard, makeup, nail polish, books, magazines, baby clothes that are too small, my tall boy (not a real boy, a chest of drawers) the buffet cabinet in the dining room and the entire kitchen. I also need to sort the garden which has become an overgrown tangled mess while my pregnant and new born-mother back was turned. Who's with me? It is also scary to see how much of my hard earned cash has been wasted on stuff that doesn't get used or contribute meaningfully to my life. Maybe this'll inspire me to budget more carefully. Or never shop mindlessly again. Fingers and toes. I hate being surrounded by the evidence of my past purchasing mistakes. I've already got a car boot of stuff ready to go to the Salvation Army Depot tomorrow. Thank God it's nearby and you can drive right up to its dock. Yours in Decluttering Solidarity, FF x

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pavlovatastic. The Beach. Wedding Fever.

I usually have an Easter Sunday lunch at the Fuchsiadome but this year, we all decamped to Mark and Greg's. I actioned the pav. For some strange reason the supermarket wasn't selling strawberries so I had to use raspberries. No matter. They worked a veritable treat.
Mark and Greg's new kitchen was stunning.
and there was a treasure trove of highly attractive Spode products where ever you looked

Vegetarians Look Away Now! Because roast pork was on the menu.

My sister left me these:

They are from Seville and taste like Heaven

Today I went to a very nice lunch. We embraced shades of Brown.
I went with velvet Sonia Rykiel. The baby opted for a Bonpoint cardy.

Because Matching Tone-wise is Key. Mr FF wore brown too.

The Blogger known as Blighty gave me the cardigan. I luff it 11 million/10. That baby has more French Fashion than I do. Jealous.

My sister gave me this adorable rabbit arrangement-

The rest of this post involves what can only be described as Miscellanious beach snaps, so if you're in a hurry, or anti the beach or beach holidays or don't feel inclined to view food pictures just click away now.

Blighty Blog followers will recognise this pink possum thinagamy, because she actually gave it to niece FF when they hooked up in London recently (Niece FF is kitted out in a Liberty smock. Made by my Mum. I know. It's divine.)

I am loving all the Royal Wedding Documentaries and build up, are you? Hope you've got your Royal Wedding Parties all sorted. Buy some crowns to wear. Nothing else to report.