Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Live Cattle Export to Indonesia

Still thinking about last night's episode of Four Corners about Live cattle export to Indonesia? Horrified by the cruel torture these animals underwent in Indonesian abattoirs? Well it's never been easier to contact a politician and tell them how you feel.

Julia Gillard can be contacted here.

The Minister for Agriculture can be contacted here.

The Shadow Minister for Agriculture can be contacted here.

And if you want to get in touch with Livecorp (who are spending your tax dollars, that's right People, your taxes have funded these horrific things called "Restraint Boxes" that are being used in these abattoirs) their email is livecorp@livecorp.com.au

Edited to Add:If you haven't watched the episode a brief synopsis is as follows: Beef Cattle are raised here in Australia. They are raised well, in good conditions. They are shipped to Indonesia, during which it also appears they are well treated. They arrive in Indonesian abattoirs. They are treated in a very cruel manner and suffer painful long deaths. I found it hard to watch. Animals had their limbs smashed, their eyes gouged, they had water shoved on them and up their noses before they were slaughtered. They died long painful deaths. The last scene showed a steer watching other cattle being slowly killed . The steer was trembling with fear. And this is still going on, tonight, as I type. Shameful.

Sometimes people comment and say I've inspired them to look after their nails or declutter their homes, or spend more time with their families or make more of an effort with their appearance. Maybe I can inspire them to let our politicians know that we think the Live Cattle Export to Indonesia needs to Stop.

Monday, May 30, 2011


The sky was amazing tonight.
Chouquette at New Farm is my new addiction. Run Don't Walk.

everyone's embracing knits

Both these gorgeous jumpers were hand knitted by people for me. I'll be sad when they no longer fit because they are so lovely.

Actioned some baking this morning. Hooray for yeast cookery. I always leave the dough on the heater to rise because it speeds up the process.

Look what Rachel Zoe's got-

I'm not in the mood to blog or to be amusing because I've just started watching the absolute Horror of the Australian Live Cattle Export Trade to Indonesia on Four Corners. Those Indonesia slaughterhouses are like something out of a horror film. The cruelty is unbelievable. Why must these cattle be tortured for so long before they are slaughtered? Is anyone else watching this?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cosy It Up

It's freezing here, so I'm cosying things up like no one's business by cooking casseroles, pulling out rugs, embracing cashmere and running the heater 24/7. I'd forgotten how much I liked winter. You know how I love orange? Well this month's Bazaars's onto it too. Look:
How are you all moth proofing your cashmere? If the baby's rug gets eaten it will be a Veritable Cash-Disaster and I'll be very cross.

I love the sky when it looks like this:

Are you embracing Pinot? Me too. So comforting in this weather.

I think this polish is Revlon's Cherries in the Snow. Winter Appropriate Really.

My ideal garden would have stone bridges and ponds and lots and lots of space and lots of sun. I'd also like a ride on lawn mower and minimal leaf eating varmints. This is my parent's garden:

It's big.

Does anyone know how Zsa Zsa is? I love this photo. Her hair and makeup are amazing.

I am preparing myself emotionally for the last episode of Oprah tonight. It's the end of an era.



Thursday, May 26, 2011

And now, a Word from our Sponsors

This blog post is sponsored by Our Ingredient, Butter and my Postage Stamp Sized Garden. Although Butter can sometimes be Divisive (I know, who knew?), if used wisely, it can create what can only be described as Hardcore Comfort Food. So necessary during life's challenging times. Where would cakes and pastry and mashed potato and bechamel and bearnaise be without it? If you choose not to eat it, because I am Hardcore into Choice I respect your decision, but if you are a Committed Butter Hater, this is probably not the blog for you.
Meanwhile the FF Garden and its resident Old Testament Varmints (possums, snakes, rats, bats, scrub turkeys, grasshoppers, slugs, snails, a plague of locusts etc ) send their love

A lot of people start thinking about decorating their holiday tree in December. I'm not one of them.

I'm already thinking I'll need to decrease the pink ornaments and increase the blue ones (Baby FF being a boy and all). I found these feather butterflies today. I think they'll be the business tree wise.

I've got my girlfriends coming round tonight to watch the second to last Oprah. I know. I'm sad too. I googled the pink frock. It's L'Wren Scott. Andre's actioned an attractive Jackie circa 1961 hair flip I see.

I cannot wait to read this:

Today I did something I'd never done before. I went to Aldi half an hour before it opened and stood in line with about 30 other like minded bargain shoppers to get my mitts on a $39 tailored mattress base cover thingamy. Lucky I got there when I did-they sold out in minutes. I must say the Aldi shoppers were a very nice bunch.

I oranged it up accessory wise and wore these accoutrement's

with Opi's a Good Mandarin is Hard to Find

Sleep Sheep, I love your soothing Ocean and Rain sounds. And so does the baby. Please never ever run out of batteries or stop working.

Consume Your Butter Responsibly.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My mother prefers Oprah's hair curly, but I kind of like it when she channels Jackie circa 1961 and makes her hairdresser Andre action a sort of hair flip. Anyway, I am hardcore suffering from Loss of Oprah Syndrome. I've grown up with that show and taped her every day for years. Back in the day on a VCR and these days with foxtel IQ. Without her I wouldn't know that my House should Rise Up to Greet Me (Peter the Declutterer), that I should be Getting Real (Dr Phil), that blueberries were key (Dr Oz), that I should Remember my Spirit (Marianne W), that I needed to exercise (Bob Greene), what Southern Cooking was (Art the chef) and that I should never ever in any circumstances let myself be taken to the second location if abducted (that episode is burned into my mind forever).
Can we just talk about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? I watched the 1st episode the other night. Dear God in Heaven. It was interesting seeing Camille and Kelsey Grammer knowing that the whole thing'd end in Tears. I think I'll become addicted to their spoilt shenanigans.

Did you watch the Kennedys? I enjoyed it, but I think this was (to quote my friend R) because I had what could only be decribed as Low Expectations.

Kate's skinny isn't she? That Reiss dress sold out after this photo was published

Meanwhile, everyone's embracing leopard, look at our Editor in this month's Australian Vogue

and here's our Leader on the same page wheeling out her coat from the Emperor of Ethiopia

No one likes my gardening posts but I don't care, it's my blog.

It's freezing here so I chucked some onion and ginger and garlic and a lime and some coriander into a food processor and made myself a soothing chicken curry.

why anyone cooks this type'o'thing with chicken breast is beyond me. Chicken thighs are what you want.

This weather demands that you clock lots of Couch Time

I got a very snarky anonymous message from an irate reader who accused me of being over focused on cushions (who Me?) and ruining my "children's" arteries with an excess of butter. For the record, I don't have children, I have a child. And I don't know what planet you're on but on my plant (That would be Earth) newborn infants subsist on a diet of milk and don't consume solids. But thanks for caring.

I've taken a bunch of old cushions to the Salvation Army and set them free into the universe to bring joy and comfort to someone who needs some Decent Cushioning.

are you running your heaters 24/7? Me too. Blighty was shocked that I didn't have central heating. No one I know round these here parts does.

are you whipping out your crocheted rugs for extra warmth?

I love handmade stuff. Look at what my friend-from-school made for my baby:

I know. So cute. Before I had a child a lot of people said to me "FF, You'll realise how meaningless your life was before you had a child". Speak for yourself. My life had tonnes of meaning prior to motherhood thank you very much. But there are lots of really good things about having a baby. You get to look at things like this, which make you very very very Happy indeed:

So lucky.

I'm off to say Vale to Oprah now.