Friday, July 29, 2011

Knitwear Twins.

This is Tabitha. She has a blog, long brown curly hair, lives in Scotland and likes to bake.

At 1st glance, you might not think she'd have that much in common with my Baby.

He doesn't blog, is practically bald, lives in Australia and doesn't know how to bake (yet).

But they do by Spooky Coincidence have exactly the same taste in Knitwear.


I know. They are what can only be described as Knitwear Twins. And don't think the similarity ends there either. They both share a deep and abiding love for the wonder that is cashmere too!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've lost the urge to blog. But don't panic, because maybe it'll come back. Meanwhile Baby FF is still maintaining his status as Best Dressed Kid in the 'Hood. Which isn't as hard as you think because a parcel of high end baby clobber arrives pretty much every day. I know. Spoilt. Look:
Zsa Zsa gave him the jumper. She got it in Austria. Blighty gave him his long strides. They're from Bonpoint. And you already know the suede shoes are from Ole Buphee in Vancouver.
Aren't these gerberas nice? They're from my friend Greg. He has excellent taste.
Feel free to chat amongst yourselves.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Yesterday I followed a link and found a blog about an American couple whose 8 month old baby son James has a brain tumour. The prognosis is very poor and they have brought him home from hospital to be surrounded by the people and things he loves for the time he has left. I just cannot stop thinking about this little boy. Here's the link.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Martha and Missoni.

If you're bored senseless by my Missoni Knitwear Obsession just click away right this second. You've been warned.
That red YSL clutch arrangement was the 1st thing I ever bought from Jean Brown....I hate to introduce a sad note, but we are all missing Amber round these here parts. She and my sister have been Tripping the Light Fantastic in Honkers. I wish I could click my heels and be there too. Anyway. Don't lose sleep wondering what lippie this is. Mac's Russian Red.

I luff that red elephant brooch 11/10. The baby gave it to me. He's genetically programmed to love shopping for accessories.

I hemmed the curtains. Look:

And sorted out the Undercushioning on this chair

And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, the Universe Spoke to Me, directed me to Channel Martha (minus the stint in Camp Cupcake for share trading fraud) and told me to paint these wooden curtain rings in my dinng room blue. I know. I was as shocked as you are.

I did as I was told

Which resulted in this arrangement:

And then I got busy with my iron on hemming tape and my glue gun and finalised these curtains.

The ceilings are low so I decided against the puddling/puddings effect.

But I can see that the whole puddling shebang would work a treat with a ceiling as high as this-

Are you making pea and ham soup? Me too.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Missoni-tasticness and Other Stuff

If you've been reading this blog, you already know my views on The Wonder and Magnificence that is Missoni. I think it's the Official Knit of the Blog actually. Which reminds me. I'd better make the Normans the Official Conquerors of the Blog before I forget.
If Willow and Lotus are reading this, I'll be needing a second Missoni-esque necklace to match this cardy. I'm thinking Tiffany blue, green, white and mauve. With maybe some crystal whatsies thrown in for Good Measure. Can you get Your People to Talk to My People?
Here's my whippersnapper friend R from Cotton Socks in a Missoni cape tripping the Light Fantastic in Paris a few years ago. I know. It's beyond stunning. I hope she has it locked in a bomb proof safe because I am dead set tempted to pinch it for myself.
Rachel Zoe's little kid Skyler has his own Missoni cardy.

My Baby doesn't need a Missoni cardy, because he has this:

Willow and Lotus's Mother Sandra hand knitted this for him before he was born. She even chose the colours to match his nursery! I am going to get it framed when he outgrows it.

He is 9 million/10 adorable and entertaining. Every mother thinks her kid is beautiful but I am getting stopped on the street these days by strangers commenting on his gorgeousness. Really. But let's face it, those shoes would make anyone look Good.

Meanwhile I'd like to thank everyone for their well considered advice and input in relation to the important issue of the length of my new curtains (look I never said this was a blog about World Peace). Although there are rooms in this house with super high double height ceilings, I don't think this particular room can take the pudding or puddling effect, so as soon as I get my mitts onto some iron on hemming tape (thanks Beanie), they are going to be shortened.

Since it's Arctic, I actioned a sort of spicy seafood stew arrangement. I got the idea from a re-run of a South American Food Safari show. You know. The one with Maeve O'Mara. Apparently Coriander (that you might know as cilantro. Or maybe you don't) is Key.

Nothing is happening in the garden. There are maybe 2 blooms tops.

Thank God for Interesting Foliage.

Someone asked what I thought about Kate's wardrobe for her Canadian tour. I loved it. But I'd like to see more brooches. And some nail polish. But apart form that she looked fab. In less happy news, apparently Princess Charlene didn't stay in the same hotel as Prince Albert during their South African honeymoon. What's going to become of them? And is anyone else fascinated by Rebecca Brooks or is it just me?


Sunday, July 10, 2011


This weekend was freezing. I liked it. It made the sky super blue and gave everyone the chance to Hardcore Cosy It Up.
I don't know about the rest of you but I Love a baby in a vest. Don't ask me why. I just do. My sister bought this vest and shirt for him. If it was bigger I'd wear it myself.
Here's the whole ensemble:

The cord pants are from Irish L and loafers are from Buphee (not her Real Name). I know. The whole thing is Stunning.

I don't know what the cutest age is but I think I might be experiencing it now.

Meanwhile my girlfriends and I went to Il Posto the other night. We embraced Amaretto Sours ("Cocktail of the Gods") with a Vengeance. Can I just say that I love catching up with my girlfriends 11/10? We never ever run out of things to workshop.

And because we're joiners we all ate the same thing. The duck pasta. Always a winner. Unless you're on some sort of low carb diet. In which case ordering this would be a veritable duck-disaster.

I made another hummingbird cake. This time I added crushed tinned pineapple and half a packet of that Bundaberg crystallised ginger. It was good. Please don't ask me for a recipe-I made the whole thing up. Just make sure you use cream cheese icing (The Queen of Icing)

I went to the art gallery. It's nice over there. There's an interesting Surrealist exhibition if Margritte's your thing.

And strangely the gallery has a vege patch. Here are some zucchini flowers. I like them stuffed with cheese, dipped in bread crumbs and deep fried.

Here's my soothing drink of choice at the moment.

And in other news I got sick of staring at my horrible old calico curtains and sourced some heavily discounted el cheapo neutral coloured curtains from my friends at Spotlight with high tech thermo lining for only $84. I know. I thought they were a bargain too. Haven't hemmed them yet though.

They were a bit plain so I channeled Martha (minus the share trading fraud) and whipped out my glue gun and stuck some orange pom pom trim to the top of them. As you do.

'Spose I'll have to iron them at some juncture.

This is what Anouk was producing breakfast wise.

Why the hell isn't Downton Abbey on tonight? Stay warm.