Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Well One Thing's Certain

One thing's certain. I do not need another frock for a long long time. If anyone sees me buying one feel free to rip my wallet and the frock out of my paws. With Force if necessary. Thank you. I've got more stuff to take to a charity shoppe tomorrow.
I met Zsa Zsa and Baby ZZ for brunch today. This was me.

I never usually eat eggs but I lived on the edge and ordered them anyway.

The Garden looks neglected and I have a long list of admin that needs to be urgently actioned.

but you can see the evidence of Spring about the traps nevertheless

If I had more sun and space and less garden destroying Old testament Style varmints I'd love a vege patch.

I thought these day lilies were dead but they've sent up some green shoots. I love it when this type of Garden Magic happens.

and a few tough old stalwarts are fighting back with new growth

Diana died 14 years ago today. I was in a nursery buying plants when I found out. I burst into tears and called my friend J from the nursery office (no one had a mobile back in '97)

I always wonder what she'd look like now. Pretty good I think. Despite the media speculating that she'd be jealous of Kate, I think they'd be friends and that she'd be really happy for William.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fantasy Blogger Dinner Party and Other Things.

It's dark and stormy outside so I'm whipping up some baked beans. I use butter beans mixed with cannellini beans. Some people use ham, but I don't-bacon's what you want. Trust me. It's better. Really.
This morning I actioned some bread rolls.

And last night it was 1972 in my kitchen complete with lamb chops grilled tomatoes and mash.

Meanwhile remember this Old Malene Birger Stalwart?

well I threw it on again today

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love a Baby in white.

This outfit's from Galleries Lafayette in downtown Paris. The zebra's from my friend M. Who doesn't love a zebra?

Today we had a very soothing deli lunch complete with what can only be described as excellent People Watching

And in my continuing series on the Superior Hair of the European Royals I give you Dutch Princess Maxima. I think she might hail from Argentina, but I'm not sure.

Tomorrow'll be 14 years since Our Real Princess, Diana died. I know. I'm sad too and I can't believe how fast time's flown since then. I feel I was a different person back in August 1997.

Do you ever imagine who you'd invite to your Fantasy Blogger Dinner Party?

If you could invite say 6 bloggers, from anywhere in the world who would you ask? I know that Ole Janet from Gardeners Cottage would be top of my list. I'd whip up a special vegan treat just for her.

Behave. x

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hardcore Cleaning Frenzy

I don't know what the rest of you have been up to but I have been spring cleaning and decluttering like a Woman Possessed.
I started doing a bit of low impact dusting and then the next thing I was maniacally scrubbing cleaning and decluttering. Where the hell does all the dust come from? Is it because my neighbours are always renovating and re-renovating? The filters in the air conditioners were particularly dire. Anyway things are looking better now and I've had another soothing run to the Salvation Army. Yesterday was a beautiful day so we lived on the edge and went out for a steak.

Irish L gave the baby this stunning navy and grey get-up. I do luff a Baby in a Hat.

Navy and grey's always chic isn't it?

This lunch arrangement cost $31.oo I know. I thought I was buying lunch not shares in Rio Tinto or an Hermes scarf or something. Talk about 'spensive.

The cleaning frenzy continued long into the night. I was on what can only be described as a Roll.

Can you believe the amount of dust that accumulates on books and bookshelves? Me either.

This was the baby today. He's got the sort of figure that can pull off horizontal stripes.

People ask how I've still got stuff to declutter. I don't know. I just always find more things I don't really need. It's a journey and it'll never be over.

Cleaning requires Energy so I decided to whip up some sweet breakfast rolls. I had to plonk them on the heater to get them to rise, because Time was of the Essence.

Hello Gorgeous

Some people hate ironing. I'm not one of them.

I saw the Best Movie yesterday, called Senna. My friend Flower said it was brilliant and she was right. I give it 5 stars. Really. It's that good. I have no interest in formula 1 or cars but I loved it from the get go. It's a fascinating doco about the life of Ayrton Senna (who was divine to look at and had beautiful hair) and I was hooked from the 1st scene. A word of warning though- you'll cry. Run Don't Walk.

Can you believe the cost of veges? Me either.

Aren't the Morcombe parents brave? I got a bit teary watching them address the media today. They have behaved with such courage and strength.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wet Weekend.

I'm loving this rain. I'm not going to lie-it's playing hardcore havoc with my 'do, but the garden's rejoicing. After brunch at Anouk I saw The Trip with Steve Coogan. Has anyone else seen it? The food they eat and the scenery is beautiful.
Meanwhile, I'm counting the seconds til I see the lovely Joan and pondering the Big Question of What to Wear when I do. I'm thinking leopard print could be in order.

How gorgeous is she here-

And she's always looked good in a hat.

Today I said Yes to leopard print.

And yes to this Chanel lippy. Apparently it's the same shade ole Vanessa Paradis wears in the ad. So says Blighty. And she'd know.

This weather is conducive to Cosiness. One of my Favourite Things.

It's also conducive to soothing drinks

I wheeled this Old Bally stalwart out today. I used to be obsessed with Bally. Mr FF bought this for me for my birthday in 2006. I still luff it 11/10 and it was like catching up with an old friend- we must get together more often.

The Baby looked deadset cute in this top from my friend Lucinda. I will weep when he outgrows it.

Are you embracing single malts too? Well done. So cheering and Grown Up.

Wonder what old Joan'll wear for her show? I'm thinking sequins. Fingers and Toes.

Enjoy your weekends. I'm planning a serious declutter tomorrow. Wish me Decluttering Stamina.