Friday, September 30, 2011

Let's Talk Tomatoes People.

I don't know what the hell's going on but the Universe is directing me to purchase and roast these vine ripened tomatoes. I've been doing as I'm told. They're less than $5 a kilo too. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
I know.
Mr FF needs to wheel out that Moschino tie with tomatoes on it again.
I used to wear my red Shoshana frock with perspex whatsies when he wore that tie. For Matching Purposes. Those were the days.
Meanwhile I planted 2 bougainvilleas back in June 2005 and it has taken them to now to understand that they are required to flourish, flower and send out bracts (the colorful good bits- the small white bits are the flowers)
Nothing eats them and they are the perfect shade.
and they are dead set handy for whipping up posies with. I like to mix them with Joan Salvia flowers.
I'm still colour blocking. Are you? I wonder what Old Karl'd make of it all. And more to the point what would Amanda Harlech say? I'm thinking she'd scream "It's Visionary" and burst into spontaneous applause.
Handy hint- excess roast tomatoes work a treat on a home made pizza. Just make sure you use whole meal flour for your base. It tastes much better. Trust me.
And add rocket. You won't be sorry.
I don't know about the rest of you but I am in love with this sweet little brand new uneaten, unspoilt stag horn leaf.
And I got my mitts on a new camera! Hooray! It's just like the old one- a canon ixus- but it's flasher and has more options. I can now use my special beach setting or make photos black and white (amongst other things). 'Citing. But the main thing is, it's Pink.
Have a lovely weekend. Is anyone buying anything new for summer except coloured J Brand jeans? Is there any other Essential Piece that we all need?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beachy Keen.

Disclaimer: This is a very photo intensive post. If you're busy or have a low tolerance level for snaps of me Tripping the Light Fantastic in a Beach and Resort Setting just Look Away Right Now.
Gee that Mango frock I snapped up in Honkers in 2007's become a Stalwart.

The baby loves the beach because every night for the last 6 months he's fallen asleep to Sleep Sheep making the sound of waves breaking against a beach.

I actioned Matching at every turn.

I channeled Ivana Trump and wore this Moschino get up for the 1st time. Don't let the crazy 1980s carpet throw you.

Remember this leopard print scarf I bought in Honkers at the end of last year? Well it does double duty as a sarong! So handy during these tough economic times.

Hooray for fresh seafood.

The baby embraced Resort Wear. His preference is Fish motifs and Hawaiian print board shorts.

I also wheeled out this Day Birger et Mikkelson frock for its inaugural wearing.

I'm reading a book that my friend L has lent me called Blood Bones and Butter. It's a chef's memoir and I can't put it down.

Do you love salmon sashimi? Me too.

I luff my Escada beach bag. Irish L gave it to me and it has beautiful hot pink lining.

This was a virgin Mary. So refreshing.

And Forgive me Dr Atkins, because I ate fruit.

Doesn't the baby look sweet in his little hat? My Mum bought it for him from a shop in Primrose Hill in London.


Obligatory Feet in the Sand Shot

If you've been reading this blog since December 2009 you already know that I love love love the Beach and always post what can only be described as the Obligatory Feet in the sand Shot. Look:

Say what you will about me back in the day, I had a Serious Tan.

Well now the The Time has come to Pass the Torch to the Next Generation.

Prepare Yourselves Emotionally People.

I give you Baby FF at the water's edge with his Feet in the Sand. Look:

Say what you will about him, he's a Joiner. And he can really carry off a knee length checked madras cargo short. God Bless you Ralph Lauren and all who contribute to provide much of the Baby's attractive Resort Wardrobe.

I am literally praying for rain. Where is it? My seedlings are suffering.