Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I went to the Chanel Cruise Collection last night. I'm not going to lie to You- It was Fabulous in Every Respect People. This was Me:

Wondering why these snaps above look more Professional than the Usual FF Photo Fodder? That's because they were taken by a Real Photographer. That's right People. The lovely Amanda. She blogs and has her own website too. Go and have a look-see. Thank you Amanda! For a brief moment in time I felt like one of those people snapped on an ancient  European cobblestone street in dappled shade by that guy from The Sartorialist!
The Hair Gods Smiled, and I actioned an updo with the help of about 3 kilos of super hold hairspray. Here's a visual:
Do not try this at home if your hair is in a silky healthy condition. It works best on hair familiar with heat abuse and bleach.
This Tibi frock's been good to Me.

When we got to Old Government House, there were golf carts to transfer you to the drinks venue. I know. Fancy.
There were Glamorous People as far as the Eye could see.

This is Anna Spiro's bag. She'd better have it stored in a bomb proof safe because I'm thinking about stealing it for myself.
All the Big Names were there. Hi Josh!
The clothes were, as expected, stunning. And worn by lithe young whippersnappers in the First Cusp of Youth. Wispy hair seemed to be a Trend. There's nothing in that for me, but I can see it would suit a lot of people.
A lot of people had followed the Editor of Australian Vogue's recommendation (given to me via Twitter) that they wear what can only be described as Praline Tones.
The setting was beautiful and the People Watching was 11/10.
And don't think we were drinking Australian sparkling either. No siree. Chanel put on Perrier Jouet for us. I know. No rubbish. I wish I'd taken photos of the food because that was high end and delicious too. There wasn't a swag bag. I know. I was a bit sad too, but you can't have Everything.
Afterwards we went out to dinner with Anna Spiro and Brad. We had Japanese. What's not to love?

A massive Thank you goes out to Lotus (Whippersnapper and Social Media Expert to the Stars) who styled me up and Actioned lots of other Important Things like amusing the Baby during Witching Hour while I slapped on my makeup. Thank you Lotus. You are a Treasure.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Organising Stuff.

 I've been Actioning Organising and Decluttering in what can only be described as a Frenzied Fashion. I know. So soothing and cathartic. I sorted out my accessories for Chanel too. There'll be sparkle as far as the eye can see. And I thought about some of the other Work Frocks that are currently redundant and incompatible with my lifestyle. 3.1 Philip Lim frock I miss you.
And DVF colourfful number with kimono sleeves, I miss you too. Don't worry. We'll all be back together again Tripping the Light Fantastic at the Coalface soon. Tonight I think I'll action a bun.

Sorted out my frocks.
And was sad to find a huge tear in my favourite kaftan. I know. I'm sad too. We had some Good Times together. I'll have to send it up to the Big Resort in the Sky. Vale Kaftan. I'll miss you. 
Prepare yourselves Emotionally for the Utter Gorgeousness of this Decluttered Drawer. I know. It's stunning. Fingers and Toes I can keep it that way for longer than say 5 minutes.
Turns out my wardrobe does in fact have a Praline Section.
Sorted out my brooches. Those guys were a mess before I dealt with them
Garden is entirely shameful and filled with dead or dying plants except these guys:

Hello unknown bulb whatsies. Keep up the good work.
Might go and forage for lunch.
PS as you can see I am still struggling with new blogger interface. What the hell are these box thingies that keep appearing???

Monday, November 28, 2011


 There's a large portion of my wardrobe I don't wear anymore. Fancy Work Clothes, I miss you.
 This DVF purple and pink frock was the Bomb.
 And Pucci was always so cheering
 And so was Malene
Remember I trecked to Ikea yesterday to buy ginerbread pre-fab pieces to construct a house? Well I also bought these pink chair cushion thingies. They were dead set cheap.

And in our fascinating on going Series, Decorations of the Day, I give you this: 
 Linda in Chile's beautiful daughters made me 2 lovely orange glittery baubles last year with their own bare paws and I LUFF THEM 11/10! And there'll always be a place in my heart for this pink marabou tipped mule decoration. My friend T gave it to me maybe 5 years ago. It always guarantees a laugh. I'm trying out blogger's new uploading whatsy and struggling.
I'd just got used to the Old One. Don't forget to watch The Hour tonight.
Meanwhile 1 more sleep to Chanel. I'm not wearing Praline after all. The Universe and Karl Spoke to me and told me that Black's What I Need.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I don't know about the rest of you, but I wish agapanthus flowered all year round.

Today I went to Ikea. Apparently Australians pay 3, yes 3 times more for Ikea clobber than our friends in the USA and Europe. Why am I not surprised? I'm sick of paying hand over fist for everything in this country. Anyway, this was me:

Everyone wore blue. Or shades thereof.

I bought some of those pre- fab-assemble-yourself gingerbread houses and some food snacks. Has anyone ever tried this?

Or these? They look nice in the picture.

To recover from the Crowds, I had to action an early Cocktail Hour. Don't worry- these drinks are choc full of lemon juice and vitamin C. So they're healthy. Really.

Have you put your Christmas trees up? Our Leader went Large Scale to the Max during her time in the White House

I love this fuchsia silk Givenchy number. Say what you will about her she loved her French couture.

I'm not sure about the Blue Ribbon but maybe it was the Last Word in Tree Glamour back in the early 60s.

Meanwhile ever since the editor of vogue tweeted me about what to wear to Chanel on Tuesday, I am still thinking Non Stop about Praline.

I did some googling and found this praline-esque Chanel frock

And this too

I notice he's not wearing Praline.

And do you know how hard it is to find a picture of Amanda Harlech wearing Praline Tones? That woman is not only Karl's biggest cheer leader, but she is Hardcore addicted to Black. But I did find her carrying this praline toned accessory:

"This basket is Visionary!"

I had a bit of a search on the outnet for praline stuff and found this Chloe t-shirt. Guess how much it is.

$600. That's not a typo. $600. I know. 'Spensive. Found this attractive long line Missoni cardy. It's heavily discounted if you're in the market for one.

And if you're planning on attending a fancy dress party as Barbie (and why wouldn't you, she has a superior wardrobe, high end nylon hair, an enviable career and is an Inspiration to Us All), I have found the perfect outfit for you from the outnet. Prepare Yourselves Emotionally People.

I know. It screams Barbie with every cell and fibre of its little frock-being.

So excited re Brideshead Revisited tonight on the ABC. It isn't a patch on the 1980s series and Emma Thompson is a bit irritating as Lady Marchmain, but I'm going to watch anyway.