Thursday, December 29, 2011

Butterfield 8

Mr FF gave me this frock in about 2006. Still luff it.

You can't really see but I'm wearing a Good Mandarin is Hard to Find by OPI. Screams summer.
Hello porcelain ginger and hello beehive ginger
Watched Butterfield 8 and LOVED IT SICK. And don't get me started on the clothes and furniture.

 Mint's gone crazy. When I skyped my sister I saw she has the same fairy on her tree that Grandma made me but her's was purple.

 What sort of resort wear are you favouring?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Random Stuff

Am I the only one who thinks that every night feels like a Sunday night at the moment? If you want to channel Barbie this New Year's Eve (and why wouldn't you, she's has a Killer Career, the Best Clothes and Superior Nylon Hair), this Temperley frock from the outnet could be the Business. Can't you just see it on Pippa or Kate? Meanwhile Last night I watched Four Weddings and a Funeral. I always cry at Gareth's funeral in that grim industrial setting. Anyway see this building: 
 I went there last year when I visited Blighty in London. Look:

 Did you watch Cat on a Hot Tin Roof tonight?
 Paul and Liz are so good looking it was hard to know who to stare at the most
 Today I drew what can only be described as a Line in the Festive Food Sand and actioned some non festive food stuffs, like home made baked beans, home made lemonade and a garlicky pasta. So comforting after all that cold turkey ham and pudding.

 You already know about my obsession with Laguiole. That stuff has a bee as its emblem. I love these juniper numbers:

 and this colourful stuff is gorgeous too

 My friend M is in Honkers as I type. I know Jealous. This was me with my nephew in the Midlevels last year. I've told her to go to all of my favourite places and to think of me when she does. Like Isola
 and Wagu Lounge, and Wagu, and Sevva, and Felix and Acqua and Hutong and Sogo.

I'm watching Liz Taylor in Butterfield 8 now. She was Luminous. Think she won the Oscar for this flick.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas- Let's Relive the Magic People

 I don't know how the rest of you feel about a Baby in a yellow paper hat purloined form a cracker, but I am a Hardcore Fan. And why are baby's necks so sweet? Must get the scientists at the Faux Fuchsia Institute onto it (they never sleep either)
 Just feast your little peepers on this divine mirrored bee brooch that I got for Christmas:
 It was a gift from my lovely friend L. We went to her gorgeous home on Christmas night. I luff her. She has beautiful taste and beautiful girls (Hi G B and M!). She actioned these fabulous treats (everything was sourced from the Magic of Black Pearl Epicure- Run Don't Walk). I wish I could have some NOW

 It was suggested that I give Old Mr FF a framed snap of me and the Baby. I do as I'm told. Look:
 He said it was his favourite present.
 We are still actioning and eating leftovers 24/7 round here. I subsist on smoked salmon, caviar, cold roast turkey, ham, plum pudding, champagne and chocolate. And that's just breakfast. I know. Fat Fat the Water Rat.
 People are still sending TREES! This one's from Linda in Chile (Chilean to the Stars). Apparently her daughters were wearing Big Apple Red and Chanel polish respectively the other day... I know. I was so proud too. Hello I and A!!! Come and visit me soon! This next one was sent to me by a reader whose father in law (I think I have that right?) is an architect and made this fancy arrangement:
 And on Christmas Day my brother in law had to fly to Kathmandu (As You Do). One of my favourite Christmas memories of all time was when Mr FF and I flew in to Hong Kong on Christmas day. We met my sister and her husband at the airport train, checked into our hotel and Went Out and Partied Like it was 1999...Those were the days. It was one of the best nights of my life. I don't think we will ever have another Christmas like it again. It was very very Special. Anyway, this is what the tree at the Hyatt in Kathmandu was looking like (thank you A for sending it to me- we miss you guys):
This is a snap that my friend Lucinda sent me on Christmas Day. Like me she was thinking of the Queen and Prince Philip- hope he'll be ok- and like me she was Hardcore Embracing champagne and caviar from Black Pearl Epicure. Hooray.
 Here's what the Danes were wearing: 
 And this was Our Kate:

Thinking about New year's Eve frocks? Me too. Run over to the outnet. Hurry.

This was me on NYE 2009.
Say what you will about me. I'm Dead Set Sentimental.
I'm watching Four Weddings and a Funeral. I went with Blighty to the fancy hotel where they did a bit of filming, so I feel In The Know. Just skyped Niece FF in London Town. She luffed her Barbie Head. The Tyranny of Distance is the Devil's Work.