Monday, March 19, 2012

Think Pink. Or Else.

 Remember when ozesale was flogging Essie polish for $5 each (down from $20) with free postage? Well they turned up today. Goody. My favourite is Think Pink a la the Fashion Editor's Mantra in that Audrey Hepburn flick Funny Face.
 My polish is chipped but don't panic, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse aren't riding into my suburb to kill all the bush turkeys or anything. I've fixed it since then.

 Behold the Magnificence of this sweet little pink Chloe frock I've bought for Amber's baby!!
 If it was bigger I'd wear it myself

 I love Mondays because I don't have to haul myself into Ye Olde Coalface. Today I tripped the light Fantastic with my lovely friend Y round about Paddington. I know. So soothing. This was Me:
 And this is OPI's Shorts Story ( Luff it)
 The Baby got in on the Pink Bandwagon too.
 Check out those chompers. Teething is the pitts but the end product is Highly Desirable.
 It's my Dad's Birthday Today. Happy Birthday Dad!!!
 Your present can be collected on the weekend.

 I kept looking at this picture of the Queen wondering what gave it that something special then I realised that the flower pot thing contains 2 flowering bromeliads!
Did you go to Happiness Place like I ordered you to? I popped in today (S was wearing green sequins. GREEN SEQUINS!! On a kaftan!!) and bought something Special. I'll show you tomorrow.
I am 100% obsessed with all the Clothes on Gossip Girl. Are You?
What about how the string quartet they kept playing INXS's Never tear us apart at the reception for Blair's wedding?


  1. Aish I'm so behind on Gossip Girl! I didn't think Blair's wedding would actually happen!

    Love this post and that Chloe dress is beyond adorable!


  2. Have you tried the Essie yet? Mine are still in transit. Can't wait for them to arrive, but am now wondering if I should have bought more. Thought I was being so good resisting!

    I have never used Essie before, I hope the formula is nice.

    You all look stunning in pink.

  3. Your blog is the happiness place FF!The nail polish is lovely and your house looks so cheerful with baby FF and all the color around!!

  4. Love all the pink! Baby is adorable!
    You do have a very stylish abode.. a question on the FF mane.. Have you ever curled it?

    Watched gossip girl first time ever last night in the wee small hours haha...addictive.

    Happy Monday!

  5. I was excited to get my Essie polishes today too. Yours look lovely and I agree that Think Pink looks particularly great, especially on your lovely superior nails. Which other colours did you get?

  6. *grumble* i missed out on the essie polishes, but then they had china glaze the next week and I snapped them up (however they did not come with free postage- harumph)

  7. I got my order today too! I know. You can shoot me now after my vow to never buy another nail polish again.

    That baby of yours is too cute.

    TDM xx

  8. Hi FF, Those pink shades of Essie Nail POlish are superb. Is the polish hard wearing? Could you please let us know when they are on sale again. I could kick myself for not buying some. Hope all is well in the Fuschiadome.

  9. The sisters were at Paddington this morning, ending with Lunch at Anouk.

    Bummed we didn't have a sighting of our Style Icon.

  10. Is Minimalist March to be thrown out? Just say The Word, FF, and it shall be done. Actually, I've transgressed badly already. New lip gloss, nail polish, makeup brushes and a hot pair of leopard print stilettos.

    Please don't hate me! Just give me your blessing...

    The only thing more gorgeous than those polishes are those pearly, little teethy-pegs!

  11. Minimalist March has been dreadfyl failure.

    Too many birthdays and too many sales I'm afraid.

    Will embrace Austere April.

    Those toothy pegs are HEAVEN!!!!!!


  12. Wow baby ff is all grown up! Happy first birthday to him- I'm sure he will be spoilt !! Without sounding too stalker ish but I really think I was seated a couple of tables away from your own nephew ff on Sunday plus entourage !!! At the RBay slsc...only so many kids have platinum blonde hair with matching RL polls right? Mai

  13. That baby has your dads teeth. Lucky boy!

  14. Your Blog, as ever, has brightened my day!

    Have just come across a Licence at work given to Rio Tinto! It made me laugh because I thought of you and your "shares in Rio Tinto" comments! The Licence itself is a bit dry so the memory was very welcome.

    Sally. x

  15. Your Blog, as ever, has brightened my day!

    Have just come across a Licence at work given to Rio Tinto. It made me laugh as I remembered your "shares in Rio Tinto" comments. The Licence itself was a bit of a dry read so the memory was very welcome.

    Sally. x

  16. How nice of you to indulge your plants with some pink nailpolish. They must love you!

  17. Aw! Look at those wittle teeth!

  18. Oooh I'm loving this post its like a little variegated homage to the official colour of the blog. Cute Chloe frock, baby girls are spoilt for choice in the clothing department aren't they? But still at least baby FF rocks in pink. Can't wait to see what's in the happiness place bag.

  19. Baby looks positively adorable! can't wait to see what you have in that bag, gorgeous shop,overwhelmingly beautiful my 10 year old daughter says and I agree! Have a beautiful week xx

  20. So much pink! Funny Face is one of my favourite movies. You should have heard me squeal when I saw the winged victory at the Louvre and could picture Audrey Hepburn running down the stairs in that fantastic red Givancy frock. Fantastic!

  21. Yes, also obsessed with the Gossip Girl fashions! It makes me sad I don't live on the Upper East Side with means/access to that kind of clobber.

  22. FF, you'll be pleased to hear I've procured a little pink Missoni cardy for one of my daughters. I'm not sure if she'll wear it, it's always hit and miss!
    Make the most of dressing your little man in whatever you want before he starts putting up a fight and insisting on wearing Broncos shorts down to Anouk - you'd think the apple wouldn't fall far from the tree, but in the children's wardrobe department, apparently it does!!

  23. Oh em geeeee FF, I missed GG but have been searching for a string quartet for my upcoming trip down the aisle.. and I think that might be it!!!! Thank you!!!


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