Monday, April 30, 2012


 It's 1 year on since Kate and Wills got married. She hasn't put a foot wrong, she's worn some lovely frocks and her hair is always 11/10. So Far So Good.
 Speaking of Superior Hair, it was Queen Beatrix's Birthday today. She has wonderful hair. It reminds me a bit of my late Grandmother's. All that height!
 Which reminds me, I must start planning my Jubilee party.
 Don't lose sleep wondering about my nails. I'm wearing Essie's Lovie Dovie.
 Carly sent me this and I luff it!
 The weather has turned cooler, so I've focused on the 3 Cs- Cosiness, Carbs and Crochet.
As you do.
I'm actioning a rug for the Bebe.
 He's involved. On a Certain Level.

 My parents were here on the weekend.
You can tell because the Fuchsiadome played host to what can only be described as a large pony sized 30 kilo dalmatian. With a flicky tail.
 Black and white's always so chic isn't it?
 Took my new Rag and Bones pink jeans out for a spin. I luff them 11/10.
I missed out on this DVF top from Gilt but I really want something similar- any ideas about where to source same?

Are you sad about the Allison Baden-Clay Powell's murder? Me too. Those poor children. And don't get me started on all those bikie shootings on the Gold Coast.
The World has gone Stark Raving Mad.


  1. I love Carly's ecard. And also stand in awe of Kate's hair.

    I agree re the world going mad. Not sure where all the violence comes from? Has it always been this bad and with the internet we are all more exposed to it? Or is it drugs?? I don't know.

    Take care. Am off to do the dishes. Oh, the glamour.

    1. I've just washed up too. After I decluttered the tupperware cupboard and did the ironing! Glamour here too. The violence beggars belief.

  2. I am loving my pink jeans sick too - I wish coloured jeans could stay fashionable FOREVER!
    I know...awful about Allison Baden-Clay, and SO SCARY about the shooting - we are at Robina Town Centre ALL THE TIME. I keep imagining what I would have done if I had been there with the kids in the pram...Stark Raving Mad indeed.

    1. so scary. It is very very terrible. So many are traumatised...

    2. I kept checking the internet hoping that she had just gone away for a few days to breath. So very sad. Her poor children and the parents? How do you bury a child. My biggest fear ever. As for the guns??? Ridiculous! I am sick of watching the news. The violence is getting out of control. We need tougher penalties. Happy for them to spend our tax dollars to build more jails so that they can do that!

    3. I kept checking the internet hoping that Alison had just gone away for a few days to breath. So very sad. Her poor children and the parents? How do you bury a child. My biggest fear ever. As for the guns??? Ridiculous! I am sick of watching the news. The violence is getting out of control. We need tougher penalties. Happy for them to spend our tax dollars to build more jails so that they can do that!

  3. You had me at the post title. Kate. Perfect! Love love loving those pink jeans, FF. And don't get me started on Dalmatians, we had Hannah Banana Girl growing up, she lived to a ripe old 15. Gorgeous stylish thing that she was. Liver spots though. Don't hold it against her x

  4. Kate mum's previous damaltion had liver spots- he was GORGEOUS!!!

  5. Loving the new pink jeans. I'm afraid I can't do superior hair. I have fine soft hair (difficult).

    I have been taking a leaf from your book. I have bought a coffee table book (now I have an actual coffee table!)about Jackie O (Life: Remembering Jackie) and I bought a large Forchid. Such is your influence.

    My local Oxfam book shop had an influx of Jackie related merchandise, so if there is anything you are missing from your collection, I'll look for it. :

    Sally. x

    1. Dear Sally
      how fabulous re the forchid- I own remembering Jackie- what else do they have at this OXFAM??? I require it ALL!!!!

    2. They had "Jackie 1929-1994" (picture book); America's Queen, A woman called Jackie, Ethel Joan and Jackie, Jack & Jackie by Christopher Anderson, Jacqueline by Ron Gabrella, JFK & Jackie by Tim Hill, Moments with Jackie (Picture Book).

      I bought In Her Sister's Shadow Biog of Lee Radziwill.

      Bonanza Eh?

    3. There was:
      Jackie Kennedy 1929-1994 (Picture Book)
      Moments with Jackie by Jean Mills (Picture Book)
      Jacqueline by Ron Galella (Pictures)
      JFK and Jackie by Tim Hill
      Jack and Jackie by Christopher Andersen
      Ethel Joan and Jackie: women of Camelot by J Randy Tarabrelli
      America's Queen by Sarah Bradford
      A Woman named Jackie by David C Heymann

      Loads of books on JFK and the Kennedy's in general.

      There was also The Onassis Women by Kiki Feroudi Moutsastos

      I bought In Her Sister's Shadow: An Intimate Biography of Lee Radziwill by Diana DuBois

      [I'm exhausted typing that!]

  6. Great post, as usual, thou my favourite pics were Baby FF administering wool distribution. Love it!

    Susan x

  7. I know, how sweet is he? He just luffed it and thought he was so clever. x

  8. Kate just gets better and better.

    I bet the baby loved that pony. G gets so excited when she sees the cats, so I'd imagine she'd love a dog too. Although we have a real pony that lives up the road from us and she's not all that interested at the moment.

    I'm so glad the baby is helping you out with your craft. He is very talented.

    K xx

    1. Baby LOVED the dog, but he loves all dogs. I was a bit nervous because the dog is HUGE and leaps about and has a loud loud bark but my dad just held the baby and controlled the dog and it worked out well.

  9. FF - Any tips on how to learn to crochet? I am keen to partake in such activity this winter.. ;)

    1. nothing beats real life- can you get someone to show you? I learnt as a kid and my aunt re-taught me in about2003. But Lincraft has brochures by Patons that are good, or else youtube? x

  10. Aah. Another dose of cuteness. I loved the crocheting skills he's developed. Gorgeous & hilarious. Beats the gloomy news. Happy week,

  11. Look out for massive unravelable knots in your crochet from now on - almost as bad as playful pussycat! Does he have the climbing gene? Crosses oneself fervently if not so.

  12. no climbing-yet- but very Spirited!

  13. Oh I love the spotted dog with the swishy tail. I have my own Dalmatian - Ruby the wonder dog - but she was born with a little tail so she can't swish it. I remember when we went to the breeder to choose a puppy the breeder told us that she had a lovely personality but he was worried that no one would buy her because of her little tail (they had nick named her Stumpy) so of course we had to have her then. She has ruled the roost at the white house ever since. Anytime your parents are visiting I'd be delighted to dog sit - one can never have too many Dalmatians! Agree with you that the news is so terribly sad at the moment. Those poor girls Fx

  14. FF, two important comments:
    1) similar yellow blouse available from J.crew online, can't remember if it is silk /cotton.
    2) do you have any details on the Black & Spiro sale? (I'm unable to leave a comment on ABT).

  15. Love the pink jeans. I recently bought green ones and am now wanting pink after seeing yours. I am so sad about the Alison Baden Clay situation ... I live just near where she was found and have never felt so vulnerable in my own home as I do tonight. I know I shouldn't be thinking of myself at the moment and trust me those three little girls are at the forefront of my mind, but this community is the area where people still leave their doors unlocked when they go out ... we've even gone on holidays for three weeks and left the house unlocked for the neighbours to come and go while looking after our animals. It is so sad. Who would do such a terrible thing? I hope for everyone's sake they find out soon. I wish I could do something to help mend the hearts of those little girls. Her Mum and Dad must be devastated. God please bless them all.
    N xx

  16. good morning!

    yes the world has gone mad.
    but saturday was volunteer day here in redlands. larry and i were volunteering in the park across the street from us and 2 young missionaries were there to help us. one was from australia! he was so sweet, funny and kind and i told him i had a friend in brisbane. he told me brisbane was lovely but HOT! so cute. xo janet

  17. Love a spotty dog - they always look so on trend! They can be a bit crazy though...

    Not sure what the world is coming to in these parts. Hope the ill-wind passes soon.

    And thank you for popping in to my little blog. It was a thrill to see you there.

  18. The Brookfield mother story chills me to the core - just horrible for those children.
    On a lighter note, jeans look fab, dog is stunning, baby is as always super cute and Kate is pretty perfect!

  19. So awful about that poor mother, just devastating for their little girls. And the gun situation is out of Control.
    You would LOVE Queen's Day in The Neths FF, the whole country turns ORANGE to celebrate Queen Bea. And parties big time.
    My poor husband had a read of a newspaper article yesterday where they were doling out "how to get Kate's locks" advice, and asked me if I'd like to turn my hair into hers. Ten years of marital bliss and the poor man is now trying to change me. Hard not to get bitten by the Kate bug, she is beautiful.

  20. Kate is the perfect royal!

    The world has gone mad...I think children no longer get their emotional needs met and grow up to be maniacs.

  21. I took a page out of the FF baby style guide and rocked an adult onesie tonight (ultimate comfort) whilst practising crocheting! Some carbs would have been glorious xxx

  22. Yes, the world has gone completely mad. I did think of you when I saw Kate's dress the other day - the embellishments scream FF. She may be reading your blog.
    Her hair is gorgeous, but don't you think she has extensions? Her hair was never this thick pre-engagement. No judgement on extensions, if they weren't so uncomfortable, I'd get them in a nano second.

  23. Had to go off and read up on the crime references - awful!But to take my mind off it, Baby FF in his cute onesie is adorable. I love your pink jeans/polish combo!x

  24. Love the new jeans! And the styling you chose was so attractive!

  25. I'm going to have to do a Jubilee party too. What does one serve? I remember you talking about making Coronation chicken for Kate and Will's wedding. What is that?

    Le bebe is adorbs. and love the pink jeans.

  26. Faux

    You could probably source the DVF clothes you like at Shopbop, Nordstrom, Barneys, Netaporter, Matches, Bloomingdales. Not at the price they were offering at Gilt though athough Barneys do have a sale on her stuff atm!

    Love Kate's hair too, but always think it could be helped with a touch more shaping/styling and she would look even better, IMHO, with your penchant for accessorising her outfits Faux.

  27. Hi FF, saw so many coloured jeans in the US and was also inspired by your blog. Back home in SG now and found some 7/8 jeggings at M&S yesterday. Choices were faded neon pink or orange. Wanted orange but they only had pink in my size. Everything OS was neon (fluro) bags and shoes galore of the stuff. Now the big question I too old for faded neon pink 7/8 jeggings and what do I wear them with (if they are keepers)? Love Clare xx

  28. I like the collar on her dress, but as usual, she has plain and boring hair. She's had a personal hairdresser for years and yet always looks like she's rolled out of bed and ran a brush through it. There's no style, no design, she rarely does anything with it except let it hang there. The amount of hairstyles she could be doing and using are almost boundless, and yet she has crappy hair.

  29. How adorable baby FF is he looks like he is doing Yoga.
    I struggle with the sitting position and he is such a natural!

  30. Kate is gorgeous isn't she and has the most amazing legs, not to mention the tine-tiniest waist. Like you I'm crocheting like a trooper still working on the blanket. Could use a little helper like yours, unraveling the wool is the most tedious part.
    The pink jeans with that cardi look awesome. Please let me know if that cardi ever ends up in a Salvos bag. I'll be on the next plane.

  31. The world has indeed lost its marbles. So much sadness in the news right now. Blech.

    Those jeans are the uberfab. As for bebe, he looks cute just based on his bubba tummy. Love!

  32. On a bright note, Jenny Adin-Christie's is one of the professional embroiderers who worked on Kate's dress and she's talking at the Embroiderers' Guild, Brunswick St Fortitude Valley, this Sat 5 May at 4pm, I know the Brother's just out of its box - but you've got to keep aiming high! Not that you need encouragement! I wonder where the talk will go - with Sarah Burton'design and all? Excited. Love your 'granny square' rug, a nice mix between neutrals and colours on-trend!

  33. Agree 100% re Kate - perfect seems to be a dirty word these days, but who cares - she is! Could also use said adjective to describe your pink jeans styling (11/10!) and baby FF's posture. I guess we'd all sit that beautifully if we sat on the floor, but without chairs where would you park your cushions? xxx

  34. Me thinks you need to get yourself a Dalmation. He looks sensational with your decor!

  35. Love your pink jeans! I have not seen that color here! It's so pretty. Love the nail color too. I just found my new favorite color for toes, Essie's silk cord. It's a pinky red.

    Can't believe it's been a year already since the wedding. Kate looks great in everything. Love her.

    How nice it's getting cozy weather. Always love when that happens and you can start making comfort foods!

    Enjoy. :)


  36. And I know I don't always comment on your blog, but I do in my head. Totally. On every post.

  37. When I was in high school (in the early eighties) I bought a pair of skinny cotton jeans in that colour! I was so excited. I bought myself a white T-Shirt with the coloured Sports girl logo on the front along with some trendy shoes. Oh it was all bright back then! Jeans look fab FF x


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