Monday, May 7, 2012


 Irises are always so attractive.
 This isn't my camellia, it's my friend S's but I luff it.

 Went to tennis today.
This was Me in ye olde Rag and Bone jeans: 

 The Baby wore a lovely French jumper from my sister.

 You know, there was a time when Things used to stay in the places In Which They Were Left.
Those days are Well and Truly Over.
 I was thinking about my last trip to London. It was such a good time.
I miss it.
This is Harley St.
Deadset handy if you need a Specialist or a Superior Waitrose.
 And walking distance to the Park. This was my sister:
 And this was a pregnant Me:
Wasn't Clive Palmer Interesting on Australian Story?


  1. Love all the photos. All so pretty. I didn't catch Australian Story but I already find Clive 'interesting'. And I find him entertaining too. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

  2. FF, you never cease to amuse. Now that you're down with the coloured jeans, what's your take on the skinny-leg cargo look?

  3. Those succulents, I'm in love! Can I pot some in winter? I'm not much of a greenthumb.
    I missed Australian Story was it re Clive marrying a girl he walked down the aisle in short? Will try to catch it on iQ Foxtel.
    Received OPI Chocolate Moose today and I'm loving it as my first winter colour.

  4. London is awesome. I was a regular visitor and stayed in Pimlico with my brother. Did you know Target (the US version) did a Liberty of London kids range a couple of years ago? It was divine but I was too scared of the mail forwarding services to ship it to my hot little hands. I haven't been to London since 2009 and miss it dearly.

  5. That baby is dead-set delish in his Continental Couture Knit . Has he a little *thing* for yarn? The sunset sky photo is beautiful. So important to notice these things, isn't it.

  6. What is that cake that appears to have dates on it? I am a date fiend and craving that cake even though I know it is miles away from UK! Details please x

  7. I love your Lily Brett portrait, very jealous as I'm a huge fan of hers.
    Lovely post as usual. Pork belly looks yum.
    Bubba is too cute!

  8. good morning ff. do you play tennis? come to california and we'll play! the weather is perfect. i can't tell you how much i love seeing baby ff wreak havoc (as only a baby can) - it is so Adorable! much love...xo

  9. Baby FF looks fab and deadset appropriate in that tennis sweater and YOU look amazing in those pink jeans. I am about to take the plunge on some colored denim of my own.

  10. Just watched Clive Palmer on Australian Story - Really interesting and he is definitely "Larger Than Life". I spent quite a few years of my childhood in the Pilbara in the 80s so the images of that were all very familiar.

  11. I love love love London. I am so looking forward to our next trip there in September. We have a flat just off High Street Kensington, within walking distance of another superior Waitrose. So excited. Plus my sister is getting hitched.

    I am not looking forward to that next phase of things moving, including the baby. She rolls about a lot but crawling is a whole different kettle of fish. At the moment she is loving sitting up like a big girl. I like that. Our house is totally not baby proof and it scares me.

    You would love Palm Springs. Lots of fabulous resorts, great food, sunny weather, superior shopping (with many bargains to be had). No beach though, but you can't have everything.

    K xxx

  12. I love that picture of the sky - it's just stunning, is there ever a more beautiful time of day than sunset?

    Gems x

    Australian Fashion Review Blog

  13. And to think that when we first saw that picture of you in London, we didn't have a clue that you were expecting. Now you have a little cutie in wonderful French outfits. Love your flower pictures and that purse with the pink trim, too. And all the rest!

  14. I still remember reading your announcement you were pregnant! I was very excited!

    Damn! I forgot to watch Australian Story. I read an article about it today and it sounded fascinating. Got sidetracked by The Voice haha!

  15. I missed Australian story, but did you see Q&A? Your London shots are gorgeous and soothed my homesick heart a little; thank you. Am loving this cool weather and would love to have that French jumper in my size. Your cushions are looking great. Have you considered having a FF online shop and selling them? Fifi

  16. Yes I was genuinely amazed and interested by ole Clive...and his wife. A really great episode. I too am keen to know what that date covered cake is!!

  17. Baby FF looks uberfab in his little French knit. Best-dressed baby ever. Also loving your perfect volume of cushioning. It makes me sad that Mr. BB staged a Cushion Intervention :/

  18. Oh I love your London shots, just over a month and I will be there! Baby FF is looking too cute for words.

  19. You have Michael Ware--the hunky Aussie journalist, whom I luff 11/10. And no worries about picking up after baby--that's how I stayed trim with 4 little ones. Allegra

  20. i NEED this sequin stripy top ASAP.
    Also I need wedding shoes ASAP.
    Seen anything at Jean Brown that might suit??

  21. You get some beautiful sunset skies up there in Brissy, nice pic. Interested to know what kind of cake that is, are those dates on it??

  22. Baby FF putting the wool in the bathtub is one of the cutest things I have seen in a long while. Brings a smile to my face/

  23. hahahaha, wool in the bathtub! I hope he didn't unravel it all. I am presuming crochet not knitting- otherwise beware the needles and tottering tots. I found the austar remote 3 years later in a cabinet in the dining room.

  24. Cake! Cake details required - are those dates?!

    And yes, nothing will ever be where you left it again!

    You look fab for the tennis, and so does the wee chap!

    Ali x

  25. FF,
    Love the look of that date cake, even though I've given up sugar treats (except for sugary cocktails). I'm still trying to figure out ways to lose this baby weight, even though my baby turns 20 next week. You, on the other hand, look fabulous in those pink skinny jeans. Bravo!

    I got an email from announcing a new nail color May 16. I love those fancy nail polish bottles, but it has been my experience you can find all those colors available in the el cheapo brands.

  26. The pic of wool tossed into the bath is terribly cute. I must show you the photo of my son when he discovered the large flour bin in the pantry. He was not much older than bub.
    Fun times ahead in the fushiadome.

  27. I love that the pavers at tennis are clean enough for a French clothing clad baby can play on, gorgeous. My sister-in-law had a 'procedure' on Harley Street, she got all dressed up with make up & was abhorred to be told to gown down & remove the makeup, what a waste!! Liberty, every trip to England my mummy buys me a few metres of fabric deliciousness, bless her, well before the Alzeheimer's, while my father still take her to her homeland, she doesn't remember this tradition for her youngest sewing child & my father has happily forgotten the experience but not the expense, ha!! Love Posie

  28. I just noticed that the blog is edging towards 3 million views. I'm dying to know how the blog will celebrate!

  29. FF, Do you play tennis? So fun. I try to play a few times a week and it's mostly for all the fun with friends.

    I feel like things are never where I like them in my house either and now with my babies being 13 & 10, it's worse since they add their socks, binders, comic books, etc to the pile. I have to put it all back at the end of the day or I go nuts. You won't want to hear this, but now they use my lovely cushions as their foot rests!!! Weasels!

    I also think a calm house is better for kids than living in a mess which happens when a lot of mom's just give up. Enjoy the small years. You will see it's quite interesting living with boys!

    Love Liberty! Wish I could teleport there now and have tea and shop.



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