Monday, November 19, 2012

61 Posts for the month of November.

I think this is my 61st post for November! Ha! Maybe I will make it to 1000 posts in time for my 3 year Blog Birthday on 5 December. Meanwhile if you are as addicted to Instagram as I am, you'll be thrilled to know that you no longer need ask iPhone app to see what photos people are taking because Instagram is now on the 'net. Hooray. I only have a few followers if we could get to say 1000 by the start of December, I think the Blog would be Happy. 
I'm fauxfuchsia on Instagram. 
You can see my page online here


  1. I'm trying to be as prolific in my commenting as you are in posting! I'll follow you on instagram just as soon as I retrieve my password from my never used account 'cause I'm a follower through and through.

  2. Sheesh - 61 posts in 19 days!
    I have managed exactly 0.

  3. Dear FF,
    You post, we read, we comment. It's as easy as that.
    Loving all the posts and as a stalwart I'm here to support you meeting the goal.
    There's nothing better than more FF so I've been over to Instagram and will be a follower before we know it.
    Go FF.
    B. x


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