Thursday, November 22, 2012


This is my 970th post. I feel relieved that I only have to bash out another 30 before the Blog's 3rd Birthday on 5 December. I luff this photo of my little boy on the beach with Old Mr FF. 
Last night I chose the 2 photos of him to go on my Christmas cards. The one on the front cover will be him next to the Christmas tree laughing, and then there's going to be a smaller one of him on the back. Hopefully they'll work out. I did this last year too. On that card he was kind of lying under the tree. And I didn't need a fence around it either.
I use Vista print. Feel free to steal the idea for your own family.


  1. I used Zazzle for our cards this year. Hopefully they turn out well!

    K xx

  2. Brilliant idea, Kitty and FF! I will steal the idea for next Christmas.

    SSG xxx

  3. Lovely idea! Congratulations on reaching your third birthday! That's quite a feat in blogging terms, I think. Yours is a blog that I always love to come and read; you've got a unique 'voice' and style and I'm very glad to be a follower :-)

    Ali x

  4. That is a gorgeous photo! Only 30 posts left....keep up the good work as you are almost there! Rx

  5. Dear FF,
    I love a pic on a Chrissy card. I'm sure baby FF is the bear of Christmas cheer.
    I'm thrilled to be part of seeing the blog reach a birthday. I thoroughly enjoy every single post.
    B. x

  6. WooHoo only 30 more! We will all have withdrawal when you go back to regular broadcasting!

  7. We just got our cards back from Tiny Print...a lovely picture of a laughing Toddler C on the front and a small picture of the dog on the back...can't leave the dog out!
    Now I just have to write notes and address all the envelopes!

  8. You are doing amazing stuff with all these posts! Can't keep up. Love the beach photo, just beautiful xx

  9. I'm loving the daily flurry of bog posts and retrospectives! JaneS

  10. I can't keep up with the posts. Are you getting any sleep these days?
    Loving them all. I get a bit nostalgic when I think the blog is almost 3. I've read every post. And comment. Say what you will about us stalwarts. We are loyal.


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