Friday, November 23, 2012

A Boy and His Tree.

 These photos are going to be very boring for anyone who is not Me. So if you're not Me just click away now!
You've been warned!

I know. They are both Perfection.
Neither give me a Moment's worth of Trouble.


  1. Oh FF he is such a big boy now I can't believe it. They are indeed perfection.

  2. Nothing better than a beautiful little boy. x

  3. Oh your tree and your little man are divine! My little fellow is also perfection... but unfortunately he gives me plenty of trouble. That said, for every ounce of trouble there's at least twice as much joy so I find myself easily able to forgive the chaos and mayhem he leaves in his wake!

  4. He is so gorgeous and the tree is stunning!

  5. Look au him peeping over the fence, so cute!

  6. FF,
    Love this post. Very special.

  7. Thanks for making me smile. Your Tree is Divine, and sweet little Master FF is too. Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Dear FF,
    I can see Boy FF is being very gentle and only looking
    Kate Bx

  9. This year my youngest is 5 and I will have a huge whopping tree with breakable ornaments.... it has been tooooooo long. He will be big b4 you know it and is going to take much pride and pleasure in helping you decorate your tree each year....

  10. Georgous, just beautiful.
    Turn your back on the boy inside the tree gates & you may have a challenging moment or two!
    P xx

  11. Dear FF,
    I tried to click away but couldn't. Baby FF in all his loveliness and the Tree, it's a match made at the Fuschiadome. Boy babies as I only know are wonderful and trees well they ask nothing and give so much. Loving the pics sick.
    B. x

  12. I love your tree! Gorgeous!
    And your boy is pretty great too!

  13. Boring?! No way no how! Both are perfection, especially that beautiful boy of yours

  14. Gorgeous pics. The fence cracks me up. Is it so big to allow all the pressies to fit underneath??

    Your tree is stunning. Always is. I have tree envy.


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