Monday, November 19, 2012

Artistic Genius.

Look at the fruits of the Baby's Artistic Out- Pourings. Say what you will about those Orphanage teachers- they know how to Foster Creativity. like No One's Business. I don't keep everything he makes, because we live in a postage stamp sized environment, but I do always take a photo for posterity.


  1. A friend of mine has an arrangement of frames in her house. They are the kind like photo frames where you can change the picture. She has a rotating display of children developed artwork and it looks fab. I definitely plan to do this when the time comes.

  2. His creations are gorgeous FF. My baby made a very beautiful fascinator on Melbourne Cup Day which will be archived. It's lovely to look back at them all. Can't wait to see what he creates for the Tree! Loving your yellow pix and happy b/day to your mum! Have a great week x

  3. Lovely creations. What a great plan - to take pictures of the art you don't have room to keep.

  4. he is a genius. just like his mommy who knows to snap a pic instead of saving boxes and boxes of artwork.

    i've been studying up on highgrove estate. omg, can't believe i'll see it in person. xo

  5. I actually thought what a great painting before I opened your blog..see baby FF'S artistic genius reaches us all

  6. Wise old you. I srsly struggle for storage solutions for the loin fruits' artistic ourworkings. Howards Storage World loves me.

    That clever baby has his mother's eye for colour.


  7. Baby FF certainly has an eye for superior colour co-ordinating!!! love them!!!

  8. I bought a display folder for all of Bubby's artwork. I just love rummaging through his bag at the end of the day to see if there's any painting or collage.

  9. Hi FF, there is a site called printstagram and they turn instagram photos into books stickers etc. they can also make posters with lots of little photos combined. I've been taking photos of my little boys artwork all year and am having tthem combined into one big poster which I will frame. Cheap as chips too!

  10. Great idea to take photos of the artwork - I shed a tear when I "disposed" of some artwork as Sophie was being slightly prolific in its output - 5 years down and we have a very nice, albeit a little reduced, collection!

  11. Dear FF,
    As you already be aware you may need to give up your profession because baby FF is talented beyond his age.
    With four mini men here it would be challenging to keep all the school work so I've had to be tough when sorting through their work. I've kept one folder per child per school year and so far it's working. Reviewing them does bring tears to the eyes though.
    Love the taking photograph idea, that's new to me and I'm stealing it, ta.
    B. x


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