Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Luff these photos of us on the Beach last year.
Today was one of those days when as soon as I got to the Coalface, the Bad News just kept coming. These are uncertain times. People are Fraught. Which doesn't exactly make for a Happy Work Environment. 
Bring on the Christmas Holidays.


  1. So sorry the coalface is fraught again/still :( The holiday break just can't come quick enough, but will it actually soothe people or will the anxiety remain? I really hope it is the former not the latter......

    Loving the prolific posting, but struggling to keep up! You are going to hit 1000 well ahead of target, which is of course to be expected from your blotastic self.

    x Megluvx4

  2. I agree, fraught times in many coalfaces. Quite frankly we are over it re Mr's coalface.
    The beach is soothing and healing and right now I wish I was there.

  3. FF,
    Our beaches are a mess due to the Frankenstorm. Lots of homes and businesses destroyed. The sand has to be plowed like we plow snow! But we are a resilient bunch, and we will fix it all.

    Yeah for the approaching holidays! First up in NJ = Thanksgiving. I'm cooking - I invited lots of people. Already actioning menu and preparation plan.

  4. Perfect beach weather today in SEQ. And the bad news re the coalface is no where near over.

  5. All coalfaces are facing difficult times. So many people at my office are taking sick leave.....looks like retrenchments are starting.

  6. I am sorry to hear that your workplace is once again Fraught. Our state government employed bread winner escaped the cuts (their workplace morale has been shattered though so he wants out asap) but I've been completely unable to find a job in Brisbane that utilises my sparkling new degree. An interstate move seems likely in the new year which breaks my heart as I luff Brisbane.

    Fingers crossed that things improve around these parts soon!

  7. Dear FF,
    I'm so very sorry for the challenges at the coal face. Seriously unfair to people's lives. This needs to be sorted and quick smart. I'm sending my best wishes to you and your work mates.
    I'm longing for the holidays, days spent with little agenda and glorious weather - bring it on.
    B. x

  8. Your pics from the beach always look so serene and perfect. Its a special place and I cheer at how Baby FF has grown to love it as much as you.

    Sorry to hear your coalface continues to face challenging and fraught times. I can't begin to tell you how fraught things have become for me whilst on maternity leave. I think of you actually (being a lawyer and all that) as its come to legality round these parts.

    Some places really don't know how to treat working mothers.

  9. Coalface = fraught, that is why the world need FF thank you!

  10. Soothing beach pictures. We need something to balance an uncertain work situation.


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