Sunday, November 18, 2012


Does anyone know what the flower is? I think it's some sort of lily that grows from a bulb. The FF Garden has a couple springing forth.
Meanwhile does anyone else think that their blogger stats are bogus? I always think mine are inaccurate and inflated.

Zero else to report here. Except the Storm has rendered my Foxtel Broken. I know. Annoying.


  1. Dear FF,
    I'm no assistance on the flower but I'm loving the pictures.
    So pleased that you weathers the storm.
    We don't have foxtel as the men of the house would never move away from the television.
    B. x

  2. I've been known to get emotional about the internet not working.

    I was riding my bike to the bakery today to get some apricot swirl brioches for breakfast and I fell off TWICE. Wheels got stuck in the tramlines. Both of them were significantly painful and embarrassing.

    A lovely lady asked me if I would like a hug. I thanked her and said I would get one at home.

  3. FF
    I think that lily is a Easter Lily, or November Lily..which makes sense I suppose.
    Why do you think the stats are bogus, inflated, whatever, btw?

  4. if you had a dollar for every page view....

  5. Dear FF
    My mum calls that flower a "storm lily". Apt for Brisbane at the moment don't you think?

  6. Funny, my Mother calls them Autumn crocus! mine are flowering too at the moment- I forget that they are there until once every few years they flower. Mind you the storms have ruined them now!!

  7. Hi FF, they are hippeastrums (or amaryllis) I think. Lucky you!

  8. Blog stats - funny you should ask. I think mine are terribly inflated for how silly my blog is. I originally started it because I was moving to Tulsa and my niece thought it would be a good way for my family to know what I was doing. And, of course, my family never reads my blog, just some other lovely people do.
    But I actually think yours are genuine. Of course you've gotten more than 4 million page views - your blog is fantastic! Here's my math - almost 1000 posts times at least 3 views per post (once to read, once to comment, once more to read other comments, and maybe once again to be sure I haven't missed anything) = about 3500 views from just one average reader. So with 1000 reader, which you definitely do have, I think your stats might be a little low. (1000 X 3500 views = 3,000,000)


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