Friday, November 16, 2012


Speaking of things I haven't made lately, maybe I should whip up some borscht. 
Although it does make the kitchen look a bit like a crime scene.
Apparently there are going to be huge storms this weekend like the ones in 2008. I hated those storms. My fence fell down and there were tree branches everywhere. Plus I lost foxtel and internet for days. I know. All Round Dreaders.


  1. Dear Ms FF, My eldest lived on Borscht and buckwheat porridge when she was a baby in Moscow - we had a very proper Russian nanny who knew that she was dealing with amateurs and needed to take charge. Nothing like a smiley baby covered in purple. love Lindaxxx

  2. I hadn't heard that the storms were going to be bad. I lived at Ashgrove at that time and was pretty close to the action when The Gap and Paddington were badly hit but I was lucky not to suffer any damage. I can easily remember how shocking it all was and the constant stream of SES vehicles going past my home for days.

  3. I struggle to do anything with beetroot other than grate it raw in a salad as I love that so, so much! Looks so pretty with the double plating!
    I just heard about the potential storms from my Brisbane collegues, stay safe!
    P xx

  4. Maybe you should pre-schedule some posts in case of loss of internet. We wouldn't want the FF posting avalanche to come to a sudden halt. We would all go into shock!

  5. Dear FF,
    Never made or had Borscht, I know where have I been living, a hole, lol.
    Batten down the hatches for the storm, I'm not a joiner when it comes to bad weather. We had floods here in 2008 and it was the worst. I'm sending best wishes for facing the badness.
    B. x

  6. Dear FF,

    I hope you're all feeling much better today. Would you mind sharing your borscht recipe at some point? I'm Ukrainian and while I practically have the stuff flowing through my veins, I'm always interested to try a new recipe. When my Grandparents were fleeing Europe at the end of the war, my Grandfather was dead set on going to Australia, while my Grandmother held out for America. Grandma won that particular disagreement, but it's really just by chance how things worked out. Hoping you get through the storms without any problems. We're all still recovering from Sandy here!

    Lisa S.

  7. It's my daughter's christening this weekend on sunday!! So i bloody hope the storms stay away!

  8. Love Borscht, but never made it myself. You inspired me to give it a try! Stay safe x


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