Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 Low Carb Dieters Avert your Little Eyes!
You've Been Warned!
Because this is a post dedicated to that most Comforting of Food Groups, Carbs.

Start them Young I say.
I can't help it. Forgive me Dr Atkins, but I just like them. And don't even get me started on the Magic of Pastry and Cake. Not to mention Potatoes.
I'm Unafraid. And let's face it, Life can be Hard. So Carb Up I say. 
Who's with Me?


  1. Let everyone eat cake, I say! Rx

  2. Oh yes, count me in. I loves good carb or two or twenty!

  3. I love carbs, but carbs don't like me :( However, I have found a lovely gluten free pasta that I do love. My kids adore pasta, meat on the bone (french lamb cutlets) so they can gnaw it off themselves and duck fat potatoes - the best potatoes! Pork Belly is also a favourite.

    V x

  4. Yay for Potatoes! I like em any way, but best of all baked with cream and cheese. And I've always said Cake truly makes me happy.

  5. Yet to meet a potato dish that I did not like! Pasta? Don't mind if I do. Let's have a cake chaser.

  6. R is away for the night so I had home grown chops and some baguette. with butter.

  7. Following a Fuchsiaism - carbs are key. I laugh in the face of Dr Atkins, Mr Dukan and that Paleo crowd. I come from firm irish potato picking stock and there is nothing better than those tasty tubers!

    x Megluvx4

  8. Love carbs on The Farm. Just love them.

  9. FF,
    Carbs are my favorite food group, with my favorite sub group being sugar. But for me they are The Devil's Work. I cannot resist!

  10. Dear FF,
    As you know I don't partake in that exercise thing and I do action carbs like nobody's business and it's done me no harm. What could possibly be wrong with something that tastes so good. The mini men's favourite is a prawn Sundried tomato whole grain mustard pasta combo - it's the bomb, and as the silly season approaches I will have my body weight in potato salad.
    B. x

  11. Have been forced to follow the 'Divorce Diet' of late...which, fortunately and sadly, does work. It doesn't include carbs; in fact, it doesn't include much food at all...

    Still, it has worked, which makes me feel much better! I haven't felt like carbs or alcohol - who'd have thunk it? Might indulge a little this weekend...maybe.

    Your pasta dishes, as always, look absolutely delish. And don't start me on the pizzas!

  12. I do love me a carb. Roast potatoes will be happening tonight, followed by a crumble - lots of fruit but a carb filled topping!

  13. I have actioned a pistacio crusted slow cooked lamb shoulder for dinner. So, I am thinking I should whip up a sticky date pudding to balance the protein.

  14. When my husband makes lightly whipped mashed potatoes, it's as good as him bringing me flowers. Better, maybe!


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